Impact of Potential "Greenhouse Gas" Emission Limits on the People and Economy of Texas

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Purpose of this Study

Scope of Study and Content of Report

Background on Climate Change Concerns

Sources of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)

What will the Clinton-Gore Administration Propose or Accept in Kyoto?

Estimating the Costs of Potential Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Commitments

Contrasting this Analysis with Other Evaluations of the Impact of Greenhouse Gas Emission Limitations

Energy Use in Texas

Texas' Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Sources Other Than Energy

Texas' exports

Makeup of Texas' Gross State Product (GSP)

Calculation of the Potential Costs for Texans If Taxes Were Imposed to Force or Encourage Less Energy Use

The critical question: What Will Be the Effect of Increased Costs Due to GHG Emission Reduction Efforts on Individuals, Families, Organizations and Communities in Texas?




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