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INTRODUCTION Securing Our Future Together
CHAPTER 1 Charting a Clear Path for a Changing Country
The Changing Role of the Federal Government
Constitutional Change
The Need for Clarity
PORTFOLIO Equality and Diversity: The Record
Advancing Equality
Promoting Diversity
Breaking Down Barriers
Leading the Way
CHAPTER 2 Stable Economic Foundations
A New Confidence and Optimism
Reducing the Deficit
Creating the Conditions for Jobs and Growth
Responsible Tax Policies
Reaping the Rewards of Sound Fiscal Management
CHAPTER 3 An Economy That Creates Jobs
Jobs Through Trade
Attracting Foreign Direct Investment
A Knowledge-Based Economy
Commercializing Government Research
Private-Sector Innovation
Environmental Efficiency and Innovation
Community Access Program
Young People
Supporting Small Business
Investing in Infrastructure
Developing the Tourism Sector
PORTFOLIO Rural Canada
Improving Access in Rural Communities
Agriculture and Agri-Food
Access to Capital
Fostering Innovation
Opportunities for Tourism
PORTFOLIO Environmental Stewardship
Custodians of Wilderness and Wildlife
Shifting to Sustainable Development
Science and Technology for Sustainable Development
Strengthening Environmental and Health Science
Pollution Prevention
International Leadership
Climate Change
Working Cooperatively on Environmental Solutions
CHAPTER 4 A Supportive Society
Ensuring Fairness, Stability, and Security
A Healthy Start for Children
Supporting Youth in Transition
Building an Active Employment Insurance System
Security for Seniors
Equal Participation for Canadians with Disabilities
Engaging the Voluntary Sector
CHAPTER 5 Good Health and Quality Care
Quality Care for All Canadians
Primary Care
Home Care
Prescription Drugs
Promoting Good Health
Developing a Health Information Infrastructure
Meeting Urgent Health Needs
PORTFOLIO Expanding Opportunity for Aboriginal Peoples
The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
Faster Resolution of Land Claims
Fostering Economic Development
Investing in Aboriginal Children and Youth
A Healthier Aboriginal Population
Alternative Justice Systems
Sustaining Aboriginal Languages
PORTFOLIO Safe Communities
New Sentencing and Parole Measures
Protecting Canadians Through Gun Control
Wiser Management of Young Offenders
Dealing with Violent, High-Risk Offenders
Protecting Women and Children from Violent Crime
Fighting Organized Crime
Sharing Information Across the Justice System
Focus on Prevention
Crime Prevention at the Community Level
PORTFOLIO Voicing Our Identity
Building Support for Creativity
Broadcasting, Multimedia, and Publishing
Canada on the International Stage
Funding for Amateur Athletes
CHAPTER 6 Canada: Looking Outward
Partnerships for a Secure and Stable World
Playing to Canadian Strengths
A World of Canadian Culture
Protecting Human Rights
A Democratic Foreign Policy

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