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July 7, 1995

I've never been one for civic engineering. [Pic of Simcity 2000] I took a little drafting in high school and I've doodled the odd building here and there but when it came time to construct my own city in Simcity 2000, I took to it like Gallileo took to stars.

Simcity 2000 was the first piece of software I purchased for my Mac. In fact for the first month or so, after I bought the machine, my girlfriend was thoroughly convinced my $2500 investment was just another game system. She was losing faith. She had lost me to the nutty world of city planning.

Well, that's only been partly true, because I have since discovered that you can do more then just play Simcity 2000 with a computer, although there are times when I feel like wiping everything off of my hard drive, just so I can start buildin'!

That's what you do in Simcity 2000, you build things. And, you knock things down. From sewer and water pipes all the way on up to skyscrapers. Along the way, you deal with your citizens' concerns about crime, polution, taxes, water shortages, even natural and not so natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and alien invasions.

It is a classic game, this Simcity. For the first little while, like umm, before you read the exquisitely well written manual, you'll probably find yourself floundering. You'll end up getting deeper and deeper in debt while you keep trying to build up your city too fast. You'll learn the hard way that you have to properly outfit your city with responsible transportation avenues, sufficient power and and abundant water supplies. You'll probably get frustrated and eventually end up right where you should have started in the first place. - The instruction book! -

[Pic of Simcity 2000] If you're like me, you hate reading the instructions for games. You want to sink into the game right away and figure things out as you go. Well, good luck with Simcity 2000! The book will give you a step by step tutorial on the construction of your little town and, before you know it, you'll find that your citizens' not only love you, they've built a statue in your honour. It's little things like this that make you smile when you turn on your Mac.

The coolest thing about Simcity 2000 is the changes that take place as your town passes through the ravages of time. You can build your little town in the year 1900 and watch it grow to a sprawling, out of control Metropolis by the year 2000.

[Pic of Simcity 2000] My town, Cheesetown, is in the year 2763 it has a population of over 5 million people and I've lost count of how many Arcologies I have. Arcologies are giant, vertically built, self-contained, mini-cities, each holding approximately 50,000 people. Cheesetown is crawling with them. I can't stop building them, because the city keeps earning so much money every year from all it's citizens. You see, I have a slight population problem in Cheesetown. Everyone wants to live here. I'm a good mayor.

Well, I guess I won the game!

Wait a second, don't walk away. That's not all there is to this. I built Cheesetown on a custom built valley floor, next to beautiful rivers and lakes and put in plenty of trees to cut down on pollution. Basically, I set out to make Cheesetown my template, for the absolute quickest way to build a big city. I switched off all of the disasters, so nothing can hurt my tranquil little burg. And, I placed all the roads in perfect little squares with power stations and water pumps on every block.

[Pic of Simcity 2000] Next, I built the biggest bloody airport I could afford and put in a nice sized shipping port. Suddenly I had enough dough from the rapid increase in my population's tax dollars to afford a Football Stadium and a Zoo and eventually a great big Nuclear Power Plant!!!!! And, Whamo, Instant city!

Now, things get a little trickier if you don't pre-set everything to be at it's optimum easiness. I'm too scared to try. Maybe someday I'll venture into new territory but for now I'm content just hangin' out in the suburbs I've created. In the year 2763. Cheesetown, my kind of town, Cheesetown is!
I'm giving Simcity 2000...................................................................9.5 out of 10
(I took 0.5 off for having to read the instruction book.)

Victor Lucas

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