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Cryptic Passage

Cryptic Passage is the title of the latest episode add-on from Sunstorm, following in the footsteps of the successful "Duke It Out In D.C." add-on for Duke Nukem 3D. "Cryptic Passage" will add an additional exciting episode to the full version of the hit game "Blood" from Monolith. The add-on episode will contain 9 regular levels, 1 secret level, and 4 all new Bloodbath levels. Development is now underway, check out some early screenshots below!

Helpful Files:

If you are having any problems with installation, no matter what they are, then grab CPPATCH.ZIP. It will correct all known problems that have been reported to us. Some include: Crashing on Pentium II, missing Windows directory, and installing to a version of Blood higher than 1.02. More instructions included in the README.TXT file. Simply unzip it into a temporary directory and run CPPATCH.EXE.

Having trouble getting multiplayer in Cryptic Passage working? Try downloading CPMULTI.ZIP, and unzip it in your Blood directory. Instructions on use are included as CPMULTI.TXT.


Travelling by boat through the Carpathian Mountains to recover an important item that was taken from you, a storm rages depositing your boat along a strange shore. You discover that malevolent forces have detoured your journey, the same forces which were responsible for taking what was rightfully yours -- an ancient scroll capable of upsetting the balance of power in the otherworld. You proceed to find the ones responsible for stealing your property, and disrupting your journey.

Levels include: Creepy Boat Docks, Old Opera House, Gothic Library, Lost Monastery, Steamboat, Graveyard, Abysmal Mine Shaft, Mountain Pass, Ancient Castle and Boggy Creek!

The teaser level 'Lost Monastery' is available for download now! (757k)

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