Lower Hudson Valley Trail Ride
Lower Hudson Valley Trail
by Jim Guld Mr.ED's owner

Mr.ED lands on his head but gets up and finishs the trail...... That's right,I picked the wrong line on the first obstacle of the day at the Lower Hudson Valley Trail outing and ended up rolling Mr.ED. Thankfully, noone was hurt because the Smittybilt cage/rollbar did it's job along with the 3pt. shoulder belts. My passenger and I were hanging upside down when it came to rest, and after turning the motor off, we undid the belts told everyone over the cb that we went over and crawled out of the bronco.

You can see that there's quite a lot of large rock on these trails, and of course, proper tire placement can make a big difference. Though the rollover was the "highlight" of the day taking over 2 hours to get it uprighted, the rest of the trail ride was great with many obstacles providing both easier and harder options allowing for you the driver to make the choice.
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There are a number of good rock climbs along this trail and the best one is called the wall. It's a granite face that varies from about 20 degrees to about 40 degrees depending on where you attack it from. Glenn in the Bronco 2 walked right up the hardest part and only slipped a tire or two at the very begining. He did it the best of all those who made it. The others to make it where John in the green Explorer, and Evan in a CJ-7.

As we moved the scattered tools ect. out of the way and took a couple of pictures of the bronco, we then accessed how to upright the rig with the least amount of body damage. We had at one point 3 winches going to pull up on one end while keeping the other end stable. As far as body damage goes it has a few scrapes along the sides here and there and a dent on the drivers side rear by the taillight.

Everyone had a good trail ride - and of course, thanks to all that helped get Mr.ED back on it's hoofs! I think that I will be a bit leary of sidehills from now on, but it looked "doable" at the time. After getting the truck uprighted and running, I was able to walk the truck right through the the lower obstacle by putting my drivers side tires on a big rock on my left and letting the right side go into the crevace so it went right on through without any problem. After getting to the top of the hill at a flat spot I checked the fluids and filled all the missing juices up. The weirdest thing that broke was the gromot that goes into the power brake booster so I had to do my Fred Flintstone impression for the rest of the trail. I didn't attempt and more obstacles than I had to that required a lot of braking.

Other than screwing up at the begining, the trail is really good and I know I'll be back, just won't try that line again. It reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw on a truck, "God forgives, Rocks don't!" Ain't that the truth... Well this is wilbur signing off for a scared Mr.ED and in the process of finding all the stuff to fix him back up.

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