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Online Editor:
Scott Kelton Jones

Online Design Director:
Daren Lunsford

Director of Web Technology:
Tony Rossignol

Systems Engineer:

Larra Robertson

Houston Press Staff


Editor Jim Simmon
Managing Editor Mitchell J. Shields
Associate Editor Lisa Gray
Music Editor Hobart Rowland
Staff Writers Michael Berryhill, Bob Burtman, Richard Connelly, Shaila Dewan, Tim Fleck, Steve McVicker, Randall Patterson, Brian Wallstin
Copy Editor Julie Carter
Thrills Editor Lee Williams
Editorial Administrator Anne Harding
Contributors Scott A. Gilbert, Andy Klein, Craig D. Lindsey, Peter Rainer, Michael Sragow
Music Listings Melissa Moseley
Proofreaders Lisa Hwang, Meredith L. Patterson

Art Director Monica Fuentes

Production Manager Bobby Arthur
Assistant Production Manager Irene Kowal
Production Helen Hoagland, Nyrie Schneider
Production Assistant Bill Miller Jr
Layout Editor Alicia Gates

Circulation Director Brian Sides

Computer Systems
Systems Manager Ian Tallyn

Retail Advertising Director Stuart Folb
Senior Account Executives Joe Espelage, Gina Roberts, Wende Tuller, Cindy Turner
Account Executives Casey Brydson, Danna Davidson, Lilly Gyomlai, Serena Hinojosa, Karen Krail, Edward Mireles, Dana Poss, Jon Schultz, William Stallworth, David Tinson
Account Managers Christy Duggan, Kasey Kilgore,
Anthony Pass

Advertising Coordinator Heidi Fife
Sales Assistant Melanie Falls

National Advertising
The Ruxton Group
National Sales Director Susan Belair
Midwest National Sales Director Stephen M. Lee
Southwest National Sales Director Terri Smith
Account Manager Claudia McNaughton

Classified Advertising Director Jeff Moore
Senior Real Estate Account Executive Jean Lee
Classified Account Representatives Ray Anderson, Sylvia Bueno, Brian Lees, Damon Lewis, Nicole Martin, Melissa Nichols, Nancy Zalazar
Classified Coordinator Gina Rummy
Romance Director Linda Coomes
Romance Administrator Darcy Casavant
Romance Assistant Fermeen Fazal Business
Business Manager Dawn Smajstrla
Retail Accounting Carmen Thompson
Classified Accounting Jody Kridler
Administrative Assistant Melinda Lopez
Receptionist Trista Wood
Publisher Terry Coe

Houston Press mailing address:
2000 West Loop South
Suite 1900
Houston Texas 77027

For general information call: 624-1400

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For classified advertising call: 961-0300

For romance information call: 624-1414

For national advertising information call:
Chicago: (312) 828-0564

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