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What users are saying about KDE 
These quotes are all unsolicited and quoted here with permission. Most are from the KDE mailing lists or public mailing lists. Note that all the quoted persons speak for themselves, not for their organizations
Jim Martino: (

Thanks for the terrific work on kde - I am running it on a linux AMD PC, and it is the best windowing environment I have ever used - indeed, the only one I have found really usable!

Jens Gohrke: (

Great work... I'm trying to convince my colleagues to dump their Windows machines, but so far I have had no reasonable _opponent_ to offer. Now I do !!!

Martin K. Duncan: (

I found KDE a few days ago and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am. Over the last year I have played with many window managers (afterstep, fvwm, fvwm-95, etc), filemanagers (xfm, explorer, etc.) and various other utilities. However, KDE blows them all away! The ease of install (with the Redhat rpm) and the attractiveness, simplicity and completeness of the interface and utilities is astounding! If you, Redhat (or Caldera or S.U.S.E), and Linuxconf could get together, Linux could really give Windows a run for its money!

Chris Jezovnik: (

When I first began tinkering with Linux a few years ago, and soon after with X, I felt like I had lost three of my five senses. I found it cumbersome to navigate through Linux space and to get things done, so I stuck with my old OS for most regular chores. But KDE looks like it will be changing all that. Even in its beta release I feel like I have all my faculties back in working order again. A big "thank you!" to the KDE development team and the creators of Qt. This is definetly the way forward.

Conrad Sanderson: (

Many thanks for the KDE. It's what I have been looking for ever since I started using UNIX. You guys did a really great job. Congratulations!

Miguel de Icaza:

Have I mentioned that some of the KDE code is very well done? I really hope we can use as much code as possible from KDE. The GNOME project definetly would like to be interoperable with KDE, so in every aspect where we can stay compatible, we will try to be compatible with them. Both KDE and GNOME are good for pushing Linux into the desktop. Right now KDE is the best tool we have to increase the Linux market share, and thus it is very important.

Ian Pilcher: (

Just a note to say that KDE is absolutely awesome! (It really puts the time I spent getting fvwm usable into perspective!) I'm especially amazed at how functional and easy to install (via rpm) it is; Microsoft certainly wouldn't call this alphaware

Ruediger Spilka: (

Great work! I read about KDE in the german computer magazine c´t, downloaded it immediately, installed it -- and it worked AT ONCE! keep up the good work!

John Heemstra: (

I must say that KDE is awesome (especially for beta/alpha code). I just switched to KDE after using Afterstep and then Windowmaker. There's no comparison.

Russell Coker: (

That meeting (Linux Users Victoria) was the only time that I have considered switching away from OS/2 for my primary desktop use at home (I access Linux servers from my OS/2 workstation).

Jim Burnes: (

I have been using KDE since the early alpha releases and its already friendly and stable enough to put the other UNIX window environments to shame.

When the beta versions come out I suspect that there will be so many features that KDE will not only outshine UNIX window environments but the mighty Win95 itself (and maybe the Mac -- I just love those init's that popup in the bottom of the screen).

Keep up the excellent work! This is THE bright light in the OS world. Maybe Bill won't take over after all.

Lars Gusewski: (

My first contact with Linux was in 1995, but I had many problems with the kernel... So, I used Windows, and later OS/2. A few weeks ago I read about KDE and I installed Linux only to test KDE. Linux with KDE is a great system, and after a few days, I removed the other window manager and use only KDE... I am very interested in the future of KDE!

Daniel Knauth: (

Initially, I set up a KDE test account on my Linux box; matter of 15 minutes plus compile time. Now I'm using it as my standard desktop since it has the right blend of features and managability and (July 15, 1997) is surprisingly stable even in alpha stage (actually, some commercial GUI/OS combinations were __much__worse__ for years ;-)

Prasanth Kumar: (

Actually KDE is stable enough right now that it is the only window manager that I have installed and use now!

Iban Cardona Ceballos: (

Yesterday, I loaded a Ultrapenguin 1.0 (RedHat Linux for arhitecture's of 64 bits) in my Ultrasparc 1. Immediately I compiled and linked the KDE version (in theory for 32bits), and woala !!! Kde run in a Ultrasparc 1 very well and fast!!!

Jordan: (

First off, I just want to say nice work to all of you and your programmers that build KDE. It is very nice. I set it up with no problems what so ever. I run it on a Cyrix 150+ using RedHat 4.2. Keep up the good work.

Oliver Muck: (

Best project since starting Linux (or even UNIX). You are doing good work.

Kalman Feher: (

And this at such an early stage... WOW!! That's one mailing list I'm going to stick to like glue. This thing swings like chopper-blades but is crispy clean to let one think about what one is doing... looks like a nice integration in the oven. Lotsa stuff don't work yet but them's small details on a big ship at this point.

Brett Kosinski: (

Overall though, I'd say, if you are looking for a stable desktop with nice integrated applications, a moderate level of configurability (on the range of Win95's configurability, with a bit extra thrown in), and a nice look-and-feel, I'd say KDE is definitely THE way to go right now.

Jim King: (

This thing is FAST! It is WAY faster than fvwm95 or any other window manager I've tried on X. It is even faster than Windows 95 on my machine, something that unfortunately had not been true in X before on my machine.

Jose Gabriel J Marcelino: (

Thank you for the KDE project. It has seen great success in making new Linux and other Free Unixes (like FreeBSD) users here at IST, Lisbon Portugal.

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