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Warping/morphing products overview:
is a one layer program which lets the user place one image (any resolution) at a time that can be subtley or radically reshaped without destroying the original image quality. Any portion of the image can be selected and any portion can be prevented from changes using a core and boundary outline interface. Also the entire image canvas can be warped, reshaped, and animated because the program lets the user create keyframes and performs the inbetweening automatically.

Metaflo' (Mac only) includes the flo' tools (local and global) but offers a lot more functionality such as: unlimited floating image layers so more that one image can be composited; morphing using the reshaping tool; import of Photoshop layered files, CMYK, TIFF and PICT. The reshaping tools permits the user to outline a source and redraw the outline to map the original into the new shape. A catalog feature and keyframe viewer for animations is also included for navigation and editing even after the native file is saved.

Movieflo' includes flo' and metaflo' tools and adds the import and mixing on different layers of movies and images which can be reshaped, morphed and animated to create new movies or still images.

Movieflo' also includes chroma key detection for blue screen source material.

All three Mac products include a Photoshop plug-in so the programs can directly communicate with Photoshop. Another option only for the Mac versions is a browser plug-in called Animaflex and an Animaflex WEB animation engine for creating optimized animations for the WEB.

Flo' Lite (Windows only -without in-betweening/ animation is $59) and Flo' regular (Mac or Windows) is $99 directly from VALIS.


MovieFlo'™ 2.04 (new!)
MovieFlo'w/WEB™ 2.04 (new!)
MetaFlo'™ 2.03 (new!)
MetaFlo'w/WEB™ 2.03 (new!)
Flo'™ 2.63 (with plug-in)
Flo'w/WEB™ 2.63 (with plug-in)
Materia Prima™ Textures


Flo'™ Lite (no animation)
Materia Prima™ Textures


 Kitchen Appliances
  (for Electric Image™)
 VG Shaders™
  (for MacRenderman™)
  VG Looks™ (for Typestry™
  and Showplace™)
  (for VALIS PixelPutty Solo 1.5.2™
  VIDI, Photo 3D from Silvercreek Software™)
  Valis Toolkit™
  (for MacRenderman™)
  VALIS PixelPutty Solo 1.5.2 and 2.0 Upgrade™


  VG Shaders™ (for Renderman™)
  VG Looks™ (for Typestry™)

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