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      NEW!"PixelPutty to mold its own renderer" 2.0 product mention in MacWEEK!

      by Rebecca Gulick--MacWEEK, July `97

      Swedish Press

      Mac Planet / Media: Pixel Putty Solo bliver 2 En vigtig del af Mac RenderMan er blevet voksen. Det amerikanske firma Pixels, som udvikler Pixel Putty Solo for The Valis Group (dem med MovieFlo™ og MetaFlo™) har endeligt løftet sløret for version 2.0 af deres 3D program, Pixel Putty Solo (PPS).

      by Martin Stender -- Mac Planet 14/10/96

      “MovieFlo’ from The VALIS Group remains the last word on image distortion and warping.”

      ---New Media, Aug 95’

      NEW! See the Metaflo' review and tutorial in the June issue of PEI (Photo>Electronic Imaging Magazine)

      ---PEI, June 97’ 

      MovieFlo' 2.0.2 warps video with fluid Kennedy Grey, JULY 8, 1996 / VOLUME 10 NUMBER 26. CLICK HERE for the entire review.

      “Sophisticated and intuitive digital video tool produces stunning output. Since 1994, The Valis Group's MovieFlo' has been one of the best-kept secrets of Macintosh digital video creators. Rating high on the "How'd they do that?" scale, MovieFlo' is the best solution for creating warp deformations in static or dynamic Mac images, especially if you want to maintain the original file's quality.If you have ever wondered how you could stretch moving legs into stilts, bulge eyes into bowling balls or make a skyscraper do the twist, MovieFlo' is the answer. ”

       ---Kennedy Grey - MacUser, July, 1996’ 

      “If you’re looking for a professional distortion program for the Mac that will give you results to be proud of, MovieFlo’ is for you.”

      ---Mark Christiansen - MacWorld, Jan. 1997’


      “The VALIS Group's MovieFlo’ has emerged as the definitive product for these types of effects on the Macintosh...Thumbs Up”

      ---David Biedney, New Media, Aug `95

      October 21, 1995. Valis Morphs Movieflo' and Metaflo' By Michael Lynch. The Valis Group has introduced for the Mac and Power Mac version 2.0 of the image.. (size 1342 bytes) ---Michael Lynch, New Media, Oct `95

      “...the software [MovieFlo] itself is powerful, smooth, and sophisticated...”

      ---David Pogue, MacWorld, June 95’


      “Flo’ is an extremely easy and fun-to-use animation program...”

      ---Kirby Carmichael, Camcorder

      “ won't find a more powerful warping tool [MetaFlo’] on the Mac or PC.”

      ---David Biedney, New Media, Dec 93’

      PixelPutty Solo: Good overview of 3D for general info!

      Comparison Chart of 3D Products/features/prices

      PixelPutty 1.5 Beta Review

      ---MacUser, November 1995

MovieFlo' 1.1
4 Mice - MacUser




MovieFlo 2.02
4 Stars MacWorld
January 1997


PixelPutty Solo 1.5.2
MacUser Finalist

MacUser Finalist


1994, 1995, & 1996
MacUser Eddy Award


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