Movie Gallery

Welcome to The VALIS Group's Digital Animation Gallery. Scroll down and Click on an image to download the animation. These were all created with Flo', Metaflo', or Movieflo' software. Look for more animations coming soon! Now you can also create these images and animations optimized for WEB pages with enhanced versions of Flo'. Click here for WEB versions and WEB animations!

Thumbnail Description

Quicktime™ movie created in MetaFlo'™. Shows several objects flying around and warping.

File Size: 3001k

Video for Windows™ .AVI file of warping clock. Created in Flo'™

File Size: 737k

FloGirl. Girl eats distorted flower. This movie is in the Quicktime™ format.

File Size: 2195k

MetaFlo™ movie of the statue of liberty twisting into a knot. Shows off MetaFlo's layers capabilities. Quicktime™ movie format.

File Size: 1845k

MovieFlo™ animation of a woman eating a car. Quicktime™ movie format.

File Size: 2436k

MetaFlo™ Quicktime™ movie of a pen flying into a man's ear and out his nose.

File Size: 1800k

MetaFlo™ Quicktime™ movie of several objects warping and flying.

File Size: 2132k

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