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The FrameGang Is Here -
and they're coming to get you!

Welcome to FrameGang, the Web design tool from Sausage Software that brings frames to your webpages.

"Some of us want to get down and dirty with HTML tags and some of us don't, and the lowest and dirtiest tags currently about would probably be those dealing with frames. To avoid the agony (or ecstasy if you enjoy this sort of thing), use FrameGang."
- Australian Net Guide

Not only are frames functional, but they can be fun and educational too! Check out the Mondrian Machine, a slightly different way that frames can brighten up your Web-pages.

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With some basic knowledge of HTML frames and your trusty mouse, you can point and click your way through frame generation for your Web page(s).

Frames allow you to display multiple HTML documents on one Web page, and allow hyperlinks in one frame to interact with another frame. This opens up exciting possibilities. Just look at our website!

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There's nothing to it! FrameGang's user-friendly interface takes the pain out of creating framed Web pages. With FrameGang's in-depth tutorials and Help features, you can build your first framed page in minutes - and never have to worry about HTML code!

Choose a basic row or column format for your frames, then just drag to resize individual frames, and add new rows and columns with one mouse-click. Make frames resizable, scrolling or fixed size.

When you're done, Framegang will create the necessary HTML code for you and all you have to do is paste the code into your favourite Web editor (HotDog, of course!)

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