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Welcome to the SCHS On-Line Photo Library. This web site is the source of information for Photography A and B students at SCHS. Students in these courses will find their assignments and information they need to study on these pages. This site was developed to replace the textbook used for over 20 years in this class. This site is a mirror of the LAN version in the lab and may not have all of the same information found at school.

Picture Picture

Gears allow us to increase the power of a machine to do work. The different sections of this web site are designed to give viewers the tools and technology needed to produce a great photograph that tells a story or communicates better than without using the tool or gears. It is up to the viewer to put these gears  together to make them work. The projects along with the technical help are all part of the machine. New photo students are encouraged to read and look at the samples and then take that information to the field with their camera and try to duplicate the results. These are challenges for you to use to increase your skills. Just like the gears in a fine watch, you need each gear to do its share of the work, but first they must be assembled together.  Each skill displayed on this site is needed to build you photo skills.

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Table of Contents

Technical Help
Tips and techniques to help make your photographs communicate better. Learn about cameras, film and how to make prints.


Challenging hands-on work to test and improve your skills - with samples of other students work for each.


Student  Gallery
Photographs turned in by SCHS students for class and web critique - these are beginning photo students projects done in the 18 week Photo class.

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On-Line Academy - Find out about this special program that integrates academic study with technical "real world" applications


Something we don't want to waste. This web site has been set up to save time for photo students in their search for knowledge by providing answers to questions given in class.



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