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Weekend Edition, Jan 31-Feb 1, 1998

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Vicom IG 4.5 adds improved access controls
Windows users need not apply
QuickTime 3.0 wins Internet Showcase '98 award
Virtual stock market debuts on the 'Net
Apple gears up For NAMM
Future of Claris products unclear
MRJ SDK 2.0 final and 2.0.1 pre-release posted
WebServer 4D 1.7.4 fixes bugs
User tip: Apple menu phone books
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Friday, January 30, 1998

Don Direct - "It's The Strategy, Stupid!"
QuarkXPress 4.01r1 updater posted
MasterSpell 3.1 adds graphs, printing
Mac Users needed in the Great Browser War
FinderPop 1.5.6 posted
GX to PostScript Translation Code
Macworld Expo in New York now 'the Creative World'
Shakeup continues at computer stores
Crabb's Apple: "Filemaker Unleashed"
Rhapsody Roundup: January 30 edition
Conflict Catcher 4.1.1 fixes 8.1 OT damaged resources
Aladdin posts freeware StuffIt Expander 4.5
Mac Shareware: A labor of love
Spinfree releases Videofile 3.0
Binary Software offers free Conflict Catcher 4
User Tip: Find files and the Trash
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Mind Share at Best Buy - Insanely Great Mac

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