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  Greetings! has moved to a new internet service provider. Our previous ISP was so griveously incompetent this web site was down for over a month. Today's web site is a backup from last July. Some recent additions were unfortunately lost and are being rebuilt as time permits.

Welcome to the new home of the CoinOp Museum. We will tell the stories of classic arcade games, building a database of games including photographs, descriptions, and interactive simulations. Designers and developers will talk about making their games, collectors and players will discuss their favorites, and industry columnists will cover the latest advances in pinball and video game technology.

The inspiration for this site is the now closed National Coin-Op and Video Game Museum, located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. This virtual museum may be all that is left of a truly special place.

The original 1993 Classic Arcade Games web pages are temporarily housed here until its contents are icorporated into the virtual museum. There are now many other classic arcade game pages available all over the world!

Thanks for visiting!


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