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Millstone Hill Observatory

The Millstone Hill Observatory, located in Westford Massachusetts, is a broad-based atmospheric sciences research facility owned and operated by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Atmospheric Sciences Group, which staffs and manages the observatory, is a part of M.I.T's Haystack Observatory, a basic research organization whose focus is radio wave and radar science, instrumentation and techniques.

For more information on the Millstone Hill Observatory and Atmospheric Sciences Group, proceed to Millstone Hill's Table of Contents Page which also includes real-time radar status and access to current data when the radar is operating.

The central instrument at the Millstone Hill Observatory is the large incoherent scatter radar pictured above. There are nine such radars in the world. Several, including EISCAT, have Web servers which offer useful data and information. For more information on the other stations, try this Interactive Map of Incoherent Scatter Radar Stations.

While the primary mission of the Observatory is basic research, the Atmospheric Sciences Group and the Haystack Observatory are also active in education. In addition to training graduate students, there is the Haystack Research Experiences for Undergraduates, a summer program for college students, and the Haystack Young Scholars Program, our annual summer program for middle school students. These programs, as well as most of the research at the Observatory, are sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

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