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Leather Jacket says:
(Mon Feb 2 7:41:24 PST 1998
Julie Julie Julie Julie Julie
-------- ObSeparator --------
Kenya Kenya Kenya Kenya Kenya
-------- ObSeparator --------

Well, Phil saw his shadow. I realize some people can't relate to this, but I'd like one week of winter before I worry about six more.

Finally saw Scream2 (yeah, I know). I will never go to the bathroom in a movie theater again.

DGH : The problem with asking why something is false is because often there are several reasons, esp. when one falsehood builds on others. We'll know what Joss was doing with Xander when he does it, but he's done the same thing with other characters.

deadguy : Happy belated birthday. Go ahead and shout-out to yourself. Yay, deadguy! Cordelia got her first "meow" when she was two. Her second sentence was "Diaper rash much?"

Happy birthday Dale Murph.

LadyJack : Hey, little sis. IMNSHO, "fate" is associated with God because it's used to explain things God does by people who don't believe there's a God. That should cause a ruckus.

Ginny, Lindsey and Peaches : This is not a chat room. Please honor 3-posts per hour. To chat, use the "Bronze" link above, and follow the link to Chat.

Elfgiva : LOL
11) Every Tuesday, you order a Buffy Cheesestake.
12) You run screaming out of Incan Display at the museum of Natural History instead of the Dinosaur Exhibit.

Slay On Buffy
Leather Jacket
Proud to be a Buffyatric
Veteran of FAMe


fenric says:
(Mon Feb 2 7:39:06 PST 1998
Send me the e-mail at work, please!

Yeah, I saw the AA thing a few days ago! What are you getting on your inscription... I am getting him to mention the HOTH! Are we only 3 days away from Benoit, new US champ???

What is Sarah-S.O.T.A.? Have you looked around the Bronze and said to yourself, "Why aren't there any clubs devoted to Sarah? Well, if you want a club devoted to the star of the show, Buffy herself, head to Sarah-S.O.T.A., the Sarah Society Of True Adoration! To join, post to me, fenric, telling me why you ADORE Sarah and/or Buffy! I'll give you a member number, and, as an extra special added plus, you will get a personalized membership card designed by the incredibly-talented IMMORTAL!! So post those reasons today, and come to Sarah-S.O.T.A.!

fenric - Proud Buffyatric; Resident of Room 411, BAH (Sarah/Buffy floor); Sarah-S.O.T.A. Founder; XDC, WACC, CAXS, WPWP, BWGDC, PBA, Information Squad; Keeper of Buffy, Willow, and Cordy stuff; Big Brother to Red Rose and Sita;


Adelin says:
(Mon Feb 2 7:37:03 PST 1998
I am watching every show you make desperately hoping that Angel goes good again.
You screen writers like to play with our minds don't you?


Darkwind says:
(Mon Feb 2 7:31:59 PST 1998
Silently weeping over the fact the Mondays once again suck due to Buffy moving to Tuesdays...

Hey all! Only one more day till Buffy! It may be a repeat, but it's Halloween I think! It's Alyson as the leader, it's great!!!

I hope school starts soon. That's when the girls who think this is a chatroom will go away...

Bright Good Mornings to: RedThunder, fenric, Sita, angeluv, TouroGal, Angela, Chrystal, deadguy, Little Willow, LadyJack, Dukessa, Contessa, -mere-, Roanna, Nessa, Rissa, greengirl, gypsyrat, Karrde, Holly, Muffy tva, belmont, Calliope, hilary tdc, Vampyreska, Lenya, Silver Star, RTBS, IMMORTAL, Ras, and stormtrooper.

Are you addicted to the posting board? Then we are the club for you!! Join the Posting Board Addicts (PBA)! Just post to RedThunder and e-mail her at redthunder@mailexcite.com saying what the PB is better than. Like, "it's better than breathing! gasp". Join today!!


Check you later gators,
PBA #5, Director of Public Affairs
Keeper of Willow's Watcher Potential
SDA Trainer
XDC #(Pharaoh) 90 (A Sailor Moon reference!!)
BAH Roofer #7
BAH Resident, Room #421, Sarah/Buffy floor
Buffyist Anonymous #12
WACCer #8
WoW #10
Sarah-S.O.T.A. #33
Owner and trainer of Warrl, the lost dingo


Seay says:
(Mon Feb 2 7:28:14 PST 1998
You need to make Angel into a good vampire again.i.e. give him a soul.
I think it is totally evil that you make him out to be like any other "MAN",you know gets sex then becomes a jerk.


Elfgiva says:
(Mon Feb 2 7:18:53 PST 1998
Okay, people. I have compiled a list that many might find stupid, but I don't. So there!!!


10) You lock your little cousin out of the house after their field trip to the zoo.
9) You refuse to take care of an egg baby for Parenting class.
8) You stop club hopping.
7) You stop letting the make-up lady in the house.
6) You melt all of the barbeque forks in the house.
5) You run from every Catholic schoolgirl you see.
4) You check that new teacher for insect antennaes and claws.
3) You stalk every new student.
2) You start to carry stakes with you to school.
1) When you are in church and you hear the mention of an angel, your heart skips a beat.


Tasha says:
(Mon Feb 2 7:17:17 PST 1998
Buffy is a wicked show.
I think they should get a new person to do the show! Not.


greengirl says:
(Mon Feb 2 7:13:20 PST 1998
good morning bronzers...

MCat-you have mail

fenric-you have mail, and don't you ever sleep? ;)

Happy Birthday Deadguy!!!

much more later



Muffy, The Vampire Annoyer says:
(Mon Feb 2 7:12:25 PST 1998
Howdy. 60. Rain. (Wet!) Diet Coke. (Wet) Teal Turtleneck.

Yep, I'm in at 7AM as I am dealing with perhaps the board's first case of International Whup @$$, or in this case as in involves London, Whup @r$e.

Niall: I know you're a Mank, but if I give you an address would you go to London and rub someone out? Use a gum eraser.

RTBS: Would you by any chance be a medium? Long sleeve shirt-wise?

Off to yadda.

Muffy, TVA

Hey Shannah!


-mere- says:
(Mon Feb 2 7:07:19 PST 1998
gypsyrat: it was brian thompson.

and no, i'm not going to kill whoever it was you want me to kill. [was that a sentence?]

um, so.... who was it you wanted me to kill?

i didn't jump. i took a tiny step and there conclusions were.
non-slavish Joss devotee


Kyle says:
(Mon Feb 2 7:06:08 PST 1998
Has anyone thought of a Buffy-(something) crossover? "Buffy meets X-Files" or "Buffy kicks @$$ with Gabriel Knight" would be awesome. Also, does anyone appreciate the actors like I do? I mean, I hadn't seen any of them before watching BtVS and now I know that the people in charge REALLY did a great job at choosing the actors for the show. Sarah, Alyson, Nicholas, Anthony, Charisma, David, Joss, and everyone else, I SALUTE YOU! (Well, not literally, I dont know how BUT if I did know how I'd be doing it.)


gypsyrat says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:52:35 PST 1998
gypsyrat enters the bronze, one eye open, half awake. she stumbles up to the bar. mountain dew, and could you make that a double.

Happy Birthday Deadguy
cordy's first meow would be prior to birth. hey, mom could you do something about the temperature down here. its ruining my complextion, not to mention what it is doing to my hair. do you have any idea what kind of appearance i have to make?

-mere- i gladly accept certain amounts of humilation for friends. and the safety of the bronze.

oh and i did see the x-files last night. ya know that guy did look familiar. his name escapes me but i'm sure he has played two characters on buffy.

ROANNA glad to you are starting to feel better.

i-have-a-suggestion-who-you-should-kill-first-shout outs: the above and banshee lover, belmont, shadowslayer, gazoo, Red Rose, Calliope, fenric, strigio, angeluv, kate, fangboy, ~sara~, and TouroGal and dingaling

whats his problem? he's a guy. yeah him and oz. guys. who do they think they are? a couple of guys.

XDC#120: the dance shall set you free
SDA: living with aeon, the monican spy dingo
WPWP#74 i said date
room 121 angel/David floor in the BAH


TouroGal says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:48:18 PST 1998
Happy Birthday deadguy. Yay. Wanna cookie?

Today's remaining shout-outs go to: (for those of you in the NY metro area this is from 777-FILM)belmont and Danger, fizzgig and Bingo the dingo, fenric, -mere-, Siver Star and Gnimsh, ~sara~ and Simon, Calli and Chase, Dukessa and Nicky, greengirl (I stiil haven't gotten tickets to Titanic. It has been sold out for 3 weeks!), Not a Normal Girl and Little Whoop, Chrystal and Beck, PatheticMuch?, Buff13 and Freebie the dingo pup, LadyJack and Atremis, Psyche, Pagan, angeluv, Angela (mother of the BAH), deadguy, Rogue, Leather Jacket, Blade the Vampire Hunter, RTBS, gazoo (the genderless one) and Bowie and Glutton, gypsyrat and aeon, banshee lover and Loogie, Gandalf and Molly, KAM (mother of the XDC), Muffy TVA, AKA BECKER and:

Kenya's mention: KenyaKenyaKenyaKenyaKENYA!

A Super-Special Shout to Jeff Pruitt and George the Almost Wonder Dingo and Dingaling Trainee. Welcome to the Junior Dingo List. VIPs. Don't be left out. Get a dingo. They're better than the Tamaguchis. Ask me why.

If I forgot anyone or any dingo, ooops. Post to Dingaling or myself if you get a dingo and you are on the list or would like to be...

TouroGal approaches to stage, presumably to make some sort of annoucement. But, as she climbs the steps, a tentacle comes up from the ground and grabs her ankle....


RTBS says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:42:34 PST 1998
Immortal, fenric, Sam Hain Check out the info on Arn Anderson's book over at SCOOPS. I'm mailing my check today!



Ginny says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:39:31 PST 1998
HI! Bye!!


Lindsey says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:38:41 PST 1998
you can bite me Ginny.


ginny says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:37:41 PST 1998
i love a boy named brian and he is hot



Lindsey says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:37:23 PST 1998
I really didn't say that. One of my Stupid friends did!!


KAM says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:35:56 PST 1998
Hello everyone,

My best hopes go out to everyone in order to survive this Buffyless Monday. It is certainly born in Hell.

On a brighter note: I hear that Deadguy has a Birthday today. I don't think Ihave ever met Deadguy, but pleased to meet you and Happy Birthday!

Trigger: Well this is the lowly type of vicious and unwaranted attack I have come to expect from you, but No I am not any more worried due to the date--my luck is seemingly such that "special" bad luck events don't affect me any further. So HA! Oh and by the way....Jealous much? heheheheheheheheheheh My Friend Trigger Ladies and Gentlemen!

To all who have debated with me so vigorously on the Willow issues in Phases Thank you ever so much. I think I am now even more clear on my position thanks to you all. I hope to post it here in a clear form (If I can swing it). Thanks again!

Good Day to everyone,


Lindsey says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:35:39 PST 1998
At school, there is this guy I love named David Dewit!!


Ginny says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:34:21 PST 1998
Spike, Angle, and Xanders ROCK!!!!


Ginny says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:34:21 PST 1998
I am so cool. I am the best!!!!!!!!!!!! I am the hottest girl in the whole world!!!


peaches says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:34:15 PST 1998
spike is ugly!!!!!!!!!!


Ginny says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:33:18 PST 1998
Like. hello! Im one of your bestfriends!!!!!! HAHAHA!


Lindsey says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:32:39 PST 1998
I think Angel is so hot, but I don't think Xander is cute at all. I don't really like the show either. I watch it because of Angel.


peaches says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:32:26 PST 1998
how do you know that i just started watching buffy.


Ginny says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:31:50 PST 1998
Give it up PJ. You just started watching the show, and I got you hooked!!


melissa says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:29:56 PST 1998
I hate this show. i hate buffy she is ugly.


melissa says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:29:53 PST 1998
I hate this show. i hate buffy she is ugly.


stormtrooper says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:29:42 PST 1998
A frosty good morning to all.

Shout-outs to entire Buffy cast and crew: finally my life has purpose, but not until Tuesday night sob.

Arctic Lurker: actually the correct answer is 'chocolate,' but am willing to concede *anything* to the Quote Goddess;

Special so to deadguy: Happy belated birthday! Here, I got you something - wrestles purse from innocent bystander this lovely container of tampax falls to the ground - um, never mind...

Buffy fan since WttH, no other sigs worth mentioning


Rae says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:27:23 PST 1998
Tiya, are you here?
And does anyone talk the new people?



Happiness says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:26:24 PST 1998
I love the show!


LadyJack says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:26:11 PST 1998
LadyJack is reading her post and says, "oops forgot the Rhetorical" so she types it quickly and relurks

Ok here's a question from my paper I just finished:

Rhetorical Question of the Day

Why is it that the word fate is associated with God, when in actuality the definition of fate does not consist of or refer to God?? Hmmm...

Rhetorical Question of the Day

This is an actual thought that was brought up in my paper just interested in what you think....

Officially Relurking, I promise!!


Gilena says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:25:25 PST 1998
There once was a reason I liked Mondays, but now I can't remember what that reason could have been...

Thanks, fenric, for the help. The HELP function in the chatroom is extreemly usless, and I plan on telling them so.
BTW, did you have a tape of the recent 2-aprter? I have a friend that missed it because she had to work, and she's dying to see it. Let me know via email if something could be arranged. Thanks!

GASPer-Keeper of Giles' Pen and Chain & Little Giles' flight wings


-mere- says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:20:17 PST 1998
good mornin' coffee clubbers and cocoa clatchers!

the sheer force of the above alliteration nearly made me change all those c's into k's. *shiver* note to self: america. scary.

you know, you're my very favorite corpse in all the world, decomposed and/or otherwise. and the answer to your question today? cordy had her first "meow" in utero, as follows: "mother! could you PLEASE do BOTH of us a favor and refrain from sucking down yet ANOTHER pint of haagen dazs? i've got to make an appearance in a few months, and i DON'T feel like showing up as Thunder Thighs, The Infant Rotundo!"

Joss: woo-hoo! you said hi to me! woo-hoo! have you gotten The Princeton Bronzers' fedex package yet?

RD: la danse du jour est la fox trot. i can do a passable imitation of this, but in case of emergency, just swing me around in the air a lot and wave your jazz hands. [and what's this i hear about a description being left on Joss' desk, hmmm?]

AKABECKER: hi, my little mouseboy. thanks for all the e's. AKABECKER=GOOD.

horizon: i love you this much...
< -------------------------------------------------------------- >
thank you! thank you! thank you!

fenric and gypsyrat: thank you for doing backup patrol for horizon. i love my buds!

Kim P.: "Josstling"? "Josstling"? [-mere- rolls her eyes and groans.] there will be no "Josstling", my pet. only, uh, an inordinate amount of ...nudging.

to everyone: did y'all see that "inside the x-files" show last night? did anybody notice a short clip of an interview with a certain actor who just happened to play two characters on btvs? wow. he's, uh, what's the word i'm looking for? "damn scary-looking"? yeah, i think that's it.

today's patented kirbyclause ritual sacrifice: my bitter luck at missing Joss ONCE AGAIN. hello? where's my good karma loop?

now-who-should-i-kill-off-first-in-my-screenplay? shouts out to: all of the above, plus banshee lover, belmont, strigoi (the seamonkey), ~sara~, Saraswati, Tech Zero, greengirl, KAM, scooter!, M&MCat, Sam Hain, Rogue, Fizzgig, TouroGal, Dreamscape205, Angela, SE, gazoo, Gatekeeper, Little Willow, Dukessa, tigger2, Captain Zot, Red Rose, Calli, PatheticMuch?, MelbaToast, Matt the Bruins fan, Sunnydale Sleuth, Original Jessica, Sable L., Whisper2AScream, Psyche, angeluv (hi sidekick!), IBM, Candace, Bridget aka scotlore, Minerva, Fangboy, Cornbread Showboat Truth (possibly THE coolest name EVER), Sita, Jabberglory, Silver Star, Lady Jack, Roanna, WillowBBF, Duffy, StGermain, Alias, Nightshade, WanderLost, kim!, Blade the Vampire Hunter (yoda2), NotQuiteHuman, Not a Normal Girl, JAAL, RTBS, Karent, Psychology Girl (roomie! where ARE you?), Niall, Muffy TVA, Shannah, Red Thunder, IMMORTAL, Occido, Leather Jacket (wherever did you find that hairdresser of yours?), 'stina, Anya, and, of course:


i've been waiting for you to jump my bones... -- The Pack
non-slavish Joss devotee
XDC #83, stand by your xan
keeper of the hop and willow's knit cap
MA #44, the tinfoil monkeypants chick
proud owner of giga, the virtual dingo
WPWP #8, does anybody else like those little powdered donuts?
Room 1013 of the BAH - Joss floor
certified village idiot of the Loose Tags club, with her sidekick, angeluv
Leather Goddess of the Bronze
Official Bodyguard of KAI, the REG's wife
Ardent Lobbyist for the AKA BECKER is a God Club


LadyJack says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:18:35 PST 1998
LadyJack flys in to the Bronze and with a smile on her face shouts, "My paper is finally done, Yahoo!!!!!" laughing she sits down to a booth with Artemis eyeing her curiously and takes a bagel out of the bag she brought for Belmont and shares it with Artemis.

Good morning All!!! I have finished my 10 page paper on Thomas hardy's The Return of the Native a whole day early!!! I am so psyched....hee hee anyway the ep tomorrow is a rerun but its a good one so I shall watch. I see I missed my sister Contessa aka Beth who delurked. Its been so long since I saw my twin Sigh or in fact any of my sisters. Hello to Angeluv and Dukessa as well.....

I went and saw Titanic very good but the theater I was in was very crappy and the screen was too small!!! arggg..(Note to self: find bigger screen the next time.) Anyway i see it is deadguy's birthday so here's a big Birthday shout out for him....


Anyway in answer to Ted's question I was up late due to the fact that I could not sleep, I was up early due to the facte that i could not sleep. Thanks for asking!!!

I have gotten some sleep as many here can tell, so some return Shoutouts are in order!! Fenric, ScottJ(keep on Bouncin'), angeluv, fenric(again), tchele, Contessa, Angeluv(again) and Rydini. have a wonderful day!!!!!!

Shoutouts to :Little Willow, IBM, PoizonIvy, VanHelsing, karebear, Belmont(brought you your Monday delivery of Salt bagels!!), greengirl, glitergrrl, ~mere~, RedRose, KAM, Shalazar, and all others I know I am forgetting many!!! All XDC, BAH, WPWP, LoXH, BA, AA, SDA, Sarah-S.O.T.A.-ians.....I am shoutin' at ya!!!!

Well as I have taken up much space i will not post again til late this evening, therefore i will attach my sig heehee I am evil!!!!

XDC#80-original Dance lady-Special Missions team #0080
WPWP#18-All hail the GoddessWillow
LoXH#1-Yes!!Xander's dancing Gives me a happy
BA#11-Lurkland Extraordinaire
Angel Avenger-Soul rescue Division
BAH Rm #110- Definitely time for my meds!!
SDA Integrity Division
Former BAH roofer#41
Keepr of Xander's Sarcastic Wit
CO Keeper of Xander's Plaid Pants
Twin of Contessa, Little Sis to Angeluv, Big Sis to Dukessa
Assistant bouncer Littlw Willow
Adopted Sis of Leather Jacket because we have the same initials!!

LJ sits back with a sigh of releif, "It feels so good to see it on the PB again, reminds me of the old days to have my sig back again, aaahhh" With a smile LJ sits back to lurk awhile


Tiya says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:18:21 PST 1998
I love your show, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". It is an energetic, and inspiring show that incorporates both action, humor, and romance. My friends and I have become religious watchers. Thanks for providing us with such outstanding entertainment.


Rae says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:08:45 PST 1998
Is anyone here? Probably not.


'Lasha says:
(Mon Feb 2 6:06:29 PST 1998
Hey every1!!! I'm dying in school....boredom....boredom...
I haven't done my french hw....ahhhhh!!!!


MCat says:
(Mon Feb 2 5:58:02 PST 1998
greengirl I'm a jerk
I've misplaced your real address
Please e-me? MCat


(Mon Feb 2 5:53:58 PST 1998
Just another manic Monday...

Anyone-see SMG with Cheri Oteri at the Blues Brothers 2000 premiere on VH1?

1) I'd like to see Angel vs. Xander
2) Definitely.

deadguy-Class picture day, 1st grade. Cordelia(to an unsuspecting classmate): "Nith pig-tailh Thindy Brady." MEE-OW


Psyche says:
(Mon Feb 2 5:44:38 PST 1998
Happy (belated) Birthday Dale Murph and deadguy!!!

Since most of you weren't around on sat. night when I posted this, here it is again...
Info. about upcoming SMG movie F.Y.I.
from www.eonline.com's The Dotted Line:
"Sexy screamer Sarah Michelle Gellar has agreed to use Cruel Inventions to further her career. It's an updated retelling of Dangerous Liaisons, the Restoration-era sex-and-wigs movie about the rising and falling fortunes of the French aristocracy. Gellar and Ryan Phillippe (who was with her in last year's I Know What You Did Last Summer) go before the cameras in L.A. and New York in March."



Sable L. says:
(Mon Feb 2 5:44:34 PST 1998
Non-Buffy Monday Shoutouts to everyone on the Big List (tm) in fenric's post (to save space)
The effects of a Monday w/o Buffy are already being felt this morning, and the whup@$$ is piling up. But I have a quick question before I'm off to the holy wars:
I have heard conflicting news. Whats the schedule as far as new episodes/repeats coming up? Somebody email me and let me know. Thanks
Sable L.


RedThunder says:
(Mon Feb 2 5:41:15 PST 1998
RedThunder walks in after a day without the board, and feeling a little silly about her outburst, she starts to make apologies.

Thanks for the support:)

Sam Hain:
You sent me a rather nasty e-mail threatening action if I ever e-mailed you again (which is why I'm putting this on the board). From this I assumed that you must in some way be angry with me.



RTBS says:
(Mon Feb 2 5:37:33 PST 1998
Morning everyone....anyone seen my box of Bigelows?

deadguy Happy Birthday! and to answer your questions, I agree with Nightshade in that Cordy's first MEOW was the day she was born. The doctor slapped her and she said. "Ouch! You oaf! Where'd you get your medical license? A box of loser jacks? If you so much as bruised me I swear to God my parents will sue you."

Blade 12 days and counting.

Muffy What's a good day/time to call you this week?

Kenya Morning cousin!

Occido Nice visiting with you again as always.

Shannah Will talk to my buddy Ed today and then you tomorrow.

Off to yadda (TM MUFFY TVA 1997 U.S. REG. PAT. OFF.)

RTBS - "You want a sandwich? Make it yourself."


Karent says:
(Mon Feb 2 5:37:07 PST 1998
Blade and Kim P: At least you'll have a doctor with you if there any injuries :)

Karent - Hey Nightshade!


Blade-The Vampire Hunter says:
(Mon Feb 2 5:26:22 PST 1998
KimP: I've already begun my training for the in-flight, roasted peanut wars (I can be pretty deadly with a loose peanut). :-)

Special shoutouts to Morbius, angeluv, KimP, & Loup-Garou



RedThunder says:
(Mon Feb 2 5:13:51 PST 1998

* * * Poll Question * * *
To view previous poll results, click here.

Everyone, today is your last chance to vote in this poll. I will post the results tomorrow, and the new question on Wed. Thank you.

Here is a poll (II) just begging for other answers. Feel free to choose choice C.

I) In a fight, who would win: Cordelia or Ms. Callander?

II) Why hasnít Angelus killed any of Buffyís best friends (i.e. Willow)?
a) Heís saving them until later for greater effect.
b) There is a bit of Angel left in him, holding Angelus back.
c) He keeps getting interrupted.
d) He wants to kill them all at the same time.
e) Heís too scared
f) other (please specify)

If you want to guarantee that I receive your vote, e-mail me at redthunder@mailexcite.com. If for some reason you canít do e-mail, post your answer along with either my name or the word "poll" in bold. (You might want to post a couple of times to make sure I get it.) Thanks to everyone who has already voted, and if you havenít yet, vote. BE HEARD!
Poll Question Above

To all people who love the posting board:
Do you post more than ten times a day? Do you lurk for hours on end? Do you suffer withdrawal symptoms when you canít get to the posting board? If so, you are a Posting Board Addict. Thereís hope, for you are not alone. Join the PBA (Posting Board Addicts) today. E-mail me at redthunder@mailexcite.com for details.

Shoutouts to: belmont, scottj, Ďstina, ~sara, contessa, Arctic Lurker, Imemerald, Leather Jacket, Calliope, Roxanne, Lucan, Alias, Chrystal, greengirl, Darkwind, ras, Rogue, IBM, BecauseICan, Red Rose, JsmashingG, Margot,Unearthly, the Princeton Bronzers, and KMFrye (Hello Sweetie-Darling:).

Founder PBA
WPWP #97
ICMB (Honorary Member)
Keeper of the Annoyance Rules
Unofficial Pollmaster


Kim P. says:
(Mon Feb 2 4:58:43 PST 1998
Mornin' Coffee Clubbers!

Hazelnut and warm grape nuts!

Birthday? Did I hear someone say that it was deadguy's birthday?!
That's what I thought.


And as for Queen C's first "meow," I'm going with as soon as she could talk.

Glad to hear the ankle's gettin' better. And ASH "Chess" tapes for me?! ASH singing Anthem? *sigh* I'm back...

I start on Feb. 23. No party interference whatsoever and I even get two days to recoup. :)

Two weeks till the in-flight roasted peanut wars my friend!! ;) And if one more person raises their eyebrow at me when I tell them we're flying on Friday the 13th, I'm going to have to go postal on them. *laugh*

Sunnydale Sleuth
GXG wanted me to pass on that she did seriously consider becoming GoofyOzGrrl, but she decided she just didn't want to be constantly agog. *sNicker*

I just have one thing to say. If "da Man" shows up, there must be no Josstling of others in your enthusiam to reach him. ;D Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

Thanks everybody for the congrats on my new job! You guys are the best and I'm really looking forward to meeting or seeing again those folks (and FOKs) who are making the trek to LA.

Kim P.
GASPer/Keeper of the Mothballs
Proud Buffyatric!
BAH Room 601/Giles Ward


Loup-Garou says:
(Mon Feb 2 4:51:38 PST 1998
Morning Coffee Clubbers.

It looks like we are in for lots of rain here in Florida today, yuck.

DGH~Hey, I got the question right from last week, and for this week 1)Only Joss knows 2)could be possible.

Happy Birthday deadguy!~I think it would have been very early. Laying in the hospital nursery I can hear her telling the other babies, "Those diapers are so last year, my mom had these designed for me in Paris."

Shout-outs to everyone! I am counting the days to the PBP. Wahoo!



Morbius says:
(Mon Feb 2 4:48:14 PST 1998
Good Morning everyone!

DGH: Xander has only had a few opportunities to flex his muscles (so to speak) this season so I think Joss is just trying to spread the action around.

2. Whether Buffy turns to Xander remains to be seen. However, no matter what he will be their for her. Not a surprise considering he still loves her (IMHO). By the way, I predict that Xander's continued feelings for Buffy will lead to his break up with Cordelia.

I have to disagree that Xander is Angel's true enemy. The quote you cite in support is only half right. The full quote is "Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril." (The Art of War - Sun Tzu).

The show has made it pretty clear that Xander doesn't really know himself (actually, the show portrays all of the characters as learning about their trueselves) and he certainly doesn't know Angel. Yes, in the last two episodes he managed to save Buffy and the rest of the gang but that's a far cry from organizing a long term strategy to defeat Angel. If anyone is going to do that it will be Buffy.


ROANNA: I would be happy to sponser you for the Buffyatrics. (Now, I just have to find those sponsorship rules. Just kidding Dreamscape205).

SHOUTOUT OUT TO: Anya, Roxanne, Aug, Roanna, Hilary, Elizabeth, Scotlore, Phoenix, Karent, Blade, Occido, Shannah, KimP, JAAL, Dreamscape 205, RTBS, NTMT, Aka Becker & Anime Nut.

See Ya!


WGN Hater, TCI Hater, Willow the Wacker club member, proud member of the Buffyatrics.


angeluv says:
(Mon Feb 2 4:44:13 PST 1998
Good Monday Morning Bronzers!

Happy Birthday Deadguy!!!

Quick Shouts to: fenric, LadyJack, contessa, and dukessa (Hey Sisters!!!), Dreamscape205, Scooter, IBM, LostAngels, Sita, StuartMW, Red Rose, JAAL, greengirl, farce, moviechick, Callista, Van Helsing, Keri, -mere-, gazoo, tchele, Slayed Soul, and all of my other friends...*hugs*




Nightshade says:
(Mon Feb 2 4:38:17 PST 1998
Happy birthday deadguy!

deadguy: Cordy's first meow--the day she was born. :-)

Hellos to JAAL (hi sis!), tchele, Karent, Blade and Ted.



Blade-The Vampire Hunter says:
(Mon Feb 2 4:36:43 PST 1998

I'll have to buy you a drink when we're in CA.



Blade-The Vampir Hunter says:
(Mon Feb 2 4:35:23 PST 1998
Happy Monday gang...

Special Early morning shoutouts to JustAnotherAngelLover, fenric, deadguy, Karent, the DC Bronzers, Florida Bronzers, NYC Bronzers, Chicago Bronzers, Buffyatrics, PBP Planners & Attendees...12 days till party time, Kenya, ~sara~ & her entire list, Ted & his entire list, & the rest of the gang.

deadguy: Cordy's first meow was when she was in the 6th grade and was asked on her first date. Her line "As if, on what planet were you exiled from?"

PBP Planners & Attendees: 12 days till the 1st Annual PBP!!!!

Back when the whup @$$ dies down...

Blade-The Vampire Hunter


Ted says:
(Mon Feb 2 4:34:26 PST 1998
ok first !: Happy Birthday to DEADGUY !
JAAL ! what's wrong ,? You Missed a B'day ! .that aint like you !. hey deadguiy ,it is all JAAL's fault ,Not ours! ok? j/k
Hello to :UN-dead , Shi'Tan, Startec, NTMT, kirbyclause, deadguy, Sentinal, AKA BECKER, Leather Jacket, Ripley, Little Willow, Willow Watcher, JustAnotherAngelLover, Dreamscape205, AllUNeedIsLove, KiNeTiC, Vlad TI, Occido, Blade, Kenya, Bishop, Meteor, Nightshade, Oompah, Viashino, Niall, ~*Dalia*~, h y p h e m a, Angelic, Gretchen, Jen tp1, Big Al, *Starr*, Girl Capital, Buff1f, Sax Man, Violator, IMMORTAL, RTBS, SWMF, DocRoc, Sage, Momma Sage, FYI, Rissa, Nessa, Shannah, Muffy tVA, Slayde, Loup-Garou, Micheal7770, Watcher, Shalazar, Skulkraker, Savage Sheena, Medalion TE, Lawless, Wish, Sonja Marie, Parallax Q, Enik1138, Morbius, The TigGA, kimmy, kim!, Kim P., all Kims everywhere, D. Troi, Gia, Aug, Lex, DGH, Arctic Lurker, Ted, Lord Beav, Buffyluvr, Slayerette TPG, Thad, Aislinn, NiteRise, Anya, Kandy, Tall Angel, Xanadu, x-philer, KitCat, belmont, AleXander, DarkAngel/BrightAngel, Peter, Bruddah Max, Mrobius, Keri, Courtney, CLN, Celestial Demon, WEDJAT, PoizonIvy: Vampire Kisser, Pixieca, Claudia, Sunnydoll, Wires, BITEme, McLeod, Miss Dainty, Akira, Isaac, Dark Lady, aardwolf, Prowler, Sunnydale Sleuth, Slayed Soul, Julie, The Avatar, Elizabeth, Mephisto, Killabong, Glitergrrl, Angel Forever, Patty R., Briar Rose, Akela, regina, karent, bfylvr9 FOS, TomP, Calliope, scottj, nate, Queenie, Zombie, JSReed, Laverlock, MCat =^.^=, shadowvamp, Gatekeeper, Not a Normal Girl, Roxanne, Saraswati, 'stina, Erestor, Mina, Nabrima, Bethy, slain, Siobhan, Kam, Karen, TV James, TV Greg, TV Camille, Joss, Lost Boy, Alyson, Nick, Sarah, David, Scout, Jeff Pruitt, GASPers, NOSFERATUers, Buffatrics, The Posting Board Defenders, The Posting Party Crew, CPHPIFETWWNTVers, FOKers, KIMs, Coffee Clubbers, Buffy, Eh?, all the members of XDC and SARA ! if I left someone out, I am sorry!!! (copyright sara)she does a awsome job and so I admit this is her list.

Must be going now!
"KEEPER OF NOTHING!" For the things of true Value can't be taken, they must be given. (the love and friendship of Sarah and Alyson)



Karent says:
(Mon Feb 2 4:19:38 PST 1998
deadguy: Happy belated Birthday! And Kindergarten when dissing the choice of coloring books of a fellow 5 year old.


deadguy says:
(Mon Feb 2 4:14:10 PST 1998
let's have a great big warm posting board shoutout for Blade the Vampire Hunter! yay Blade!

today's question is sponsored by sunnydale sporting goods. visit our newly expanded big game hunting department!

willow gets her first "meow" with the "1-800-i'm-dating-a-skanky-ho" line. is there any speculation how old cordelia was when she got her first "meow"? what do you think cordelia's line would've been?

buffyatric, BAH room 501, cordelia floor


fenric says:
(Mon Feb 2 4:11:16 PST 1998
Good Morning!

Happy belated Birthday, deadguy!!

Happy Birthday, Dale Murph

Xander is stepping up to the plate... how he juggles the 3 ladies, while maturing (hopefully!) should be interesting... over the course of this season, Buffy has thrown him 2 looks that would peel paint (I M G, Phases)... will she soon take the next step? How will the X-Man, and others, react...

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JustAnotherAngelLover says:
(Mon Feb 2 4:07:20 PST 1998
You slipped in and out without buzzing me. Hmph.

Nothing like starting out my day with a talk with you! *grin*

How was the weekend?

Ack! Oh no, did I miss your birthday?! Ack!

scottj offering treats to pet dingos? Hmm, that sounds suspicious.


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