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July 1997

Jul. 31, 1997
Publish is impressed with Adobe PageMaker for Web authoring
Adobe PageMaker's free and built-in HTML export features are compared with the competition in Publish, rating four stars for interface integration with other Adobe products, the Hyperlinks palette, image processing, the Adjust Layout option, and export to Adobe PDF.

Jul. 28, 1997
Adobe Dimensions 3.0 earns three stars from MacWEEK
MacWEEK praises Adobe Dimensions 3.0's "new Object Browser, its powerful PostScript rendering engine and its impressive effects via raster image-mapping."

Jul. 24, 1997
Adobe and HP create one-step scan-to-Web solution
Document Imaging Report reports that Adobe and Hewlett Packard have created a system, involving Adobe Capture 2.0, which allows a user to scan a document and convert it for use on the Web with the "click of a single button."

Jul. 23, 1997
Adobe teams up with Infowave to develop PrintGear drivers
Adobe will be collaborating with Infowave Wireless Messaging Inc. to develop Macintosh printer drivers for Adobe PrintGear, the new printing architecture that brings powerful Adobe imaging technology to low-priced laser and color inkjet printers.

Jul. 21, 1997
Adobe ships Premiere 4.2 for SGI O2 workstations
Adobe announced that Adobe Premiere 4.2, the leading desktop nonlinear video editing software application, is now available for Silicon Graphics O2 workstations. This unique combination of the O2 workstation and Adobe Premiere provides customers with a complete, integrated solution for nonlinear editing on the desktop," said Todd Johnson, vice president of Application Marketing for Silicon Graphics.

Jul. 17, 1997
MacWEEK likes Adobe Streamline 4.0
Adobe Streamline 4.0's new tools for editing traced images, new color controls and preconversion settings for art styles "give it a leg up on the competition," said MacWEEK.

Jul. 15, 1997
Adobe helps Quark users make the switch to PageMaker
Adobe has introduced a program to help QuarkXPress users and other desktop publishing products switch to Adobe PageMaker, the world's leading professional page layout software. Adobe is offering discount pricing for users of competitive products, free technical support, and a free CD-ROM that includes a wealth of product and technical information as well as a tryout versions of PageMaker 6.5 for Macintosh and Windows.

Jul. 11, 1997
Adobe Acrobat Reader top pick from ZD Internet Magazine
ZD Internet Magazine chooses the Adobe Acrobat Reader as one of the best plug-ins available. The free Acrobat Reader allows you to view Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

Jul. 10, 1997
ZD Internet Magazine likes Adobe PageMill 2.0
Adobe PageMill 2.0 was chosen as one of the "best Mac HTML authoring tools" by ZD Internet Magazine.

Jul. 9, 1997
Adobe After Effects is an "amazing program"
PC Graphics & Video Magazine loves Adobe After Effects's practical interface, its virtually unlimited number of layers, its resolution-independence, and its outstanding rendering quality. Adobe After Effects is "not only an extremely powerful tool, but also a lot of fun to use."

Jul. 8, 1997
Adobe products on Mars?
Check out the Mars Pathfinder Exhibition on the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Web site (SGI mirror, Sun mirror), which was built using Adobe PageMill 2.0 and includes Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) files. You can also view Adobe's PDF of the site.

Adobe PhotoDeluxe is a "force to be reckoned with"
Adobe announced that shipments of its award-winning Adobe PhotoDeluxe now total over three million copies. Based on the world standard for professional photo editing, Adobe Photoshop software, Adobe PhotoDeluxe brings powerful technology to consumers in an easy-to-use package.

Jul. 7, 1997
Adobe PageMill 2.0 provides intuitive Web design
Windows magazine calls Adobe PageMill 2.0's WYSIWYG feature "stellar" because it makes creating Web pages dramatically easier for users unfamiliar with HTML. PageMill 2.0 also offers a broad range of page-creation tools and masterfully handles tables.

Jul. 3, 1997
Acrobat 3.0 forms technology integrated with HAHTsite
Adobe is working with HAHT Software to integrate Adobe Acrobat 3.0 forms technology with the HAHTsite Integrated Internet Development System. This partnership now gives developers the ability to easily create dynamic, visually-rich web applications with high-quality forms-based interfaces using HAHTsite and Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF).

Jul. 2, 1997
Adobe-sponsored Salon chosen as top literature site
In PC Computing's second annual Internet directory, Salon was chosen as a "high-culture hangout to learn about the best books of all time."

Jul. 1, 1997
Macworld gives Adobe Illustrator 7.0 four stars
Adobe Illustrator 7.0 takes a big step forward with its shared elements and shortcuts with Adobe Photoshop, its new RGB capabilities, and its image linking feature, said Macworld.

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