These pages are part of the PortlandPatternRepository. They contain an incomplete and formally written history of programming ideas. It's a group project. (cool) It's an experiment. It's also fun. Please participate. Try it now!

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The second link leads to an input form that asks you to describe Princeton's Reflectory (don't, or you'll wreck this example.) You get the same form for an existing page when you follow EditText near its bottom. You can read MoreAboutMechanics if you have questions.

These pages are about PeopleProjectsAndPatterns. Please read this before you go on. Then have a look at various StartingPoints. Before you leave, try your hand at editing by adding your name to our list of RecentVisitors. For those of you infatuated with novelty, see what others have added recently by checking out http://c2.com/cgi/wikiChanges or RecentChanges.

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