OpenDOS Free for Non-Commercial and Educational Use

PROVO, Utah--February 3, 1997--Caldera Inc. today announced the electronic release of OpenDOS to the Internet. This release, which may be downloaded from Caldera’s web site, fulfills Caldera’s promise to make OpenDOS available by the end of first quarter 1997. The OpenDOS kernel source code will be made available during March.

OpenDOS is the first commercial DOS technology freely available via the Internet. Caldera OpenDOS is a complete operating system supporting all DOS-based applications including Microsoft Windows (3.1 and 3.11), and networking systems that include Novell NetWare, Windows for Workgroups and LANtastic. The OpenDOS binary is based on DOS 7 technology acquired from Novell in 1996 and provides a mainstream, no-cost OS for research and education. In the future, OpenDOS will also provide a low-cost DOS integration environment for OpenLinux users.

Caldera’s release of the OpenDOS binary and source to the Internet allows companies and individuals to use and develop OpenDOS for future use in their own products. OpenDOS also enhances the ability of embedded systems like Network Computers, NetPCs, kiosks, etc. by allowing OEMs and VARs to use well-known technology as a base for their own solutions.

"Caldera is working with the Internet community to make DOS and Linux commercial systems as open and available as possible so that end users have high-quality, low-cost choices," said Bryan Sparks, President and CEO of Caldera Inc. " Both OpenLinux and OpenDOS allow end users to extend their own networks by building on what they already have without the high cost of new software and retraining." The OpenDOS binary includes:
  • Full-featured DOS
  • Full Multitasking--Pentium, 486 and 386
  • Novell Personal NetWare (client/server)--easy peer-to-peer networking for the end user (SERVER.EXE)
  • Leading Memory Management--DPMS and DPMI
  • Stacker Disk Compression--safely and reliably doubles disk capacity
  • NetWars--new and improved version of the popular "arcade" game
  • Power management and ROMming

OEM Benefits
OpenDOS provides a complete DOS operating system for OEMs and System Integrators. It extends the familiar, single-tasking, real-mode DOS model by adding industry-leading memory management, plus a full multitasking feature set and API. The OpenDOS feature set also benefits OEMs by making embedded systems easier to design and integrate, plus the battery saving feature ensures exceptional battery life.

The OpenDOS binary may be downloaded from the Caldera web site by accessing the "products and solutions" link at For more information on OpenDOS or other Caldera products and technologies, please call (800) 850-7779 in the US, (801) 269-7012 internationally or by E-mail at

Caldera uses its own technological and marketing resources to leverage technologies including the Linux operating system created by independent developers worldwide, and the OpenDOS product range. Visit the Caldera web site at For orders and information call (800) 850-7779 in the US or +1 801 269 7012 internationally.


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