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April 9, 1997 - Continuing in a long tradition of ground-breaking and well-received albums, Megadeth is back with their eighth powerhouse musical offering. Slated for June 17 release on Capitol, "Cryptic Writings," features the trademark blend of power, melody, intellect and raw emotion that made the band one of the significant leaders of a musical and cultural movement. It also reveals their desire to explore new musical territory. Megadeth, which Rolling Stone called "well oiled precision" and CMJ praised as " of the most highly respected metal bands around" features Dave Mustaine (vocals, guitar), Marty Friedman (lead guitar), Dave Ellefson (bass) and Nick Menza (drums). Their 15-year career has spawned 3 consecutive platinum-plus albums; the landmark Rust in Peace (which also earned them a Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance), Countdown to Extinction, and Youthanasia as well as the earlier gold so far, so what! With a massive base of die-hard fans worldwide, the conviction and tenacity to continue being themselves, and a new release on the way, Megadeth's stage is set once again.

Megadeth has always been known (and respected for) bucking the tide for the sake of its ideals, and Cryptic Writings is no exception. The 12 new tracks are musically venturous, as heard in the melodic "Trust" with its string arrangement, and "Almost Honest," or the acoustic "Use the Man." Yet the new album maintains the hard-edge quality that made Megadeth pioneers of the metal world and a major influence on many of today's leading artists. The monstrous thrash of "The Disintegrators" or "FFF" reflects the lightning-speed, chops-heavy style they are so widely recognized for. Lyrically, the songs deal with emotions ranging from love gone wrong, heard in the goodbye's of "Trust," to the lust of "She-wolf;" from the pain of "Vortex," to the anger in "I'll Get Even." Dave Mustaine explains the band's approach, "We made this record for not only our hard-core fans but did what we ourselves wanted as music fans. To thine own self be true."

"Cryptic Writings" was recorded in Nashville and produced by Dann Huff, the singer-guitarist of hard rock's Giant, and also a protege of famed producer Mutt Lange (AC/DC, Def Leppard). It captures Megadeth in a light of authenticity that is bound to satisfy hard-core fans, as well as attract a whole new legion of Megadeth followers.

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