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Oxygen 102 Graphics Accelerator Card Offers Real-Time Performance, Advanced Features and Affordable Pricing

NEW ORLEANS, La. (August 6, 1996) - Dynamic Pictures, Inc., a leading developer of 2D and 3D graphics acceleration technologies, today unveiled the Oxygen™ 102 graphics accelerator card for personal computers. Priced at $995, the Oxygen 102 card delivers 3D graphics performance previously found only on expensive, high-end workstations. Oxygen 102 is available this quarter through Dynamic Pictures' OEM partners, distributors and value added resellers.

Targeting the performance-hungry markets of animation, visualization and CAD/CAM, Oxygen 102 accelerates all OpenGL® and Heidi™-based applications. Optimized software drivers enable the new card to seamlessly operate on Pentium®, Pentium Pro, Alpha AXP™ and MIPS® platforms running Microsoft® Windows NT(R) or Windows® 95.

Oxygen 102 is driven by Dynamic Pictures' powerful new Oxygen chip, the company's next-generation, integrated 3D graphics rendering and texturing processor. This scalable, advanced technology graphics engine accelerates a host of high-end graphics capabilities, including Gouraud shading, texture mapping, anti-aliasing, image scaling, atmospheric effects, transparency and alpha buffering. The Oxygen 102 card is equipped with 8MB of graphics memory, enabling the support of hardware z-buffering, perspective-correct texture mapping, and a wide variety of display modes. Supported monitor resolutions range from 640 x 480 to 1,600 x 1,200, refresh rates from 60Hz to 75Hz, and color depths from 8 to 32 bits per pixel.

"With the arrival of Oxygen 102, we have more than doubled the price-performance value of Silicon Graphics' Indigo2™ Maximum IMPACT™," said Brian Kelleher, President and CEO of Dynamic Pictures. "Coupled with the introduction of inexpensive 3D animation and technical design applications, Oxygen 102 promises to fuel an important and fundamental change in the way people work with 3D graphics."

"With each new generation of hardware, Dynamic Pictures continues to deliver the fastest, most fully-featured 3D accelerator products on the market," said Grant Boucher of Digital Domain. "By utilizing Dynamic Pictures' cards throughout our production environment, we're able to place workstation-class 3D graphics in front of more artists and designers than ever before. The result is increased productivity at reduced cost."

Oxygen 102 is the affordable, high-performance foundation of a PCI-based 3D graphics system. Optimized software drivers from Dynamic Pictures enable Oxygen 102 to accelerate the most demanding PC and workstation applications, including animation software packages such as 3D Studio MAX™, Softimage® 3D and LightWave 3D™, and CAD/CAM solutions including SolidWorks™, Pro/ENGINEER®, SDRC® I-DEAS™ and Unigraphics®.

"With the release of Oxygen 102, Dynamic Pictures continues to demonstrate its leadership and commitment to Softimage's high-end requirements - and at an unexpectedly attractive price," said Daniel Small, Softimage Product Manager at Microsoft. "The card's outstanding performance, rich feature set and scalability make Oxygen 102 an excellent choice for Softimage 3D animators, regardless of the task."

"Oxygen 102 and LightWave 3D are leading the most exciting revolution in animation history by aggressively driving down the cost of high-performance 3D graphics," said Brad Peebler, LightWave 3D Product Manager at NewTek. "With the impressive list of workstation-class capabilities available with Oxygen 102, we expect this new accelerator will be a powerful and popular engine for NewTek's 3D animation solutions."

SIGGRAPH 96 exhibitors demonstrating Oxygen 102 include Dynamic Pictures, Kinetix, Softimage, NewTek, NEC, Digital Equipment, Intel, DeskStation Technology, Aspen Systems and Carrera Computer.

Dynamic Pictures designs, develops and manufactures 3D graphics accelerators for desktop workstations and personal computers, targeting customers in the MCAD, AEC, animation, and visual computing fields. The company markets and sells its products through technical OEMs, distributors and value added resellers. Dynamic Pictures is a privately held corporation with headquarters at 5225 Betsy Ross Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054. Phone: 408-327-9000. Fax: (408) 327-9010. Email: For toll-free customer information, call 800-464-3348.

To request 35mm slides of the Oxygen 102 card, or to inquire about an evaluation card for a planned product review, please contact Danny Shapiro 408-969-2107 or

Dynamic Pictures is a privately held corporation with headquarters at 5225 Betsy Ross Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054. Phone: 408-327-9000. Fax: (408) 327-9010. Toll-free: 800-464-3348.

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