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New Scalable Multiprocessor Architecture Drives High-Resolution, Workstation-Class 3D Rendering and Texture Mapping

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (November 4, 1996) - Dynamic Pictures, Inc., the leading developer of 2D and 3D graphics acceleration technologies, today unveiled the Oxygen(TM) 202 and Oxygen 402 graphics accelerator cards. These high-performance OpenGL(R) and Heidi(TM) accelerators round out an entire product family based on Dynamic Pictures' revolutionary new Oxygen chip, a highly scalable, pipelined rendering and texture mapping processor.

Today's announcement follows the August introduction of Oxygen 102, the company's entry-level accelerator card targeted at the Windows NT workstation and high-end PC marketplace. The powerful new Oxygen product line provides maximum 3D graphics rendering and texture mapping performance while offering true-color, double buffered displays at resolutions up to 1,280 x 1,024 pixels, and maximum display resolution of 1,600 x 1,200.

As the world's only 3D graphics accelerator card company to design and manufacture its own custom graphics chips and to develop its own software drivers, Dynamic Pictures' delivers PC and workstation acceleration technology with unequaled levels of integration and optimization. This highly parallelized and pipelined architecture eliminates the need for additional co-processors found on other graphics cards. The result is unmatched graphics performance for the millions of designers, engineers and animators who work on personal computers and workstations. In October, the Oxygen 102 card was named the 3D graphics industry's price-performance leader based on OpenGL Performance Characterization tests that benchmarked nearly 50 graphics products from the world's leading graphics system vendors.

"In developing the Oxygen graphics architecture, Dynamic Pictures created the industry's most scalable graphics acceleration technology for PCs and NT workstations," said Brian Kelleher, President and CEO of Dynamic Pictures. "The proof is in today's unveiling of the complete Oxygen family of 3D graphics accelerators that feature one, two or four graphics engines on a single card."


Delivering nearly twice the performance of the Oxygen 102 accelerator, Dynamic Pictures' new Oxygen 202 card is targeted at users seeking performance comparable to today's mid-range workstations. Driven by two Oxygen graphics processors operating in parallel, Oxygen 202 is equipped with 16 MB of synchronous DRAM. Its target resolution is 1,280 x 1,024 pixels with 24-bit true color, double-buffered display and a 24-bit Z buffer.

Dynamic Pictures' Oxygen 402 card utilizes four Oxygen processors operating in parallel to deliver four times the raw performance of the Oxygen 102. This powerful new graphics accelerator card features 32 MB of synchronous DRAM. Its target resolution is 1,280 x 1,024 pixels with 24-bit true color, double-buffered display and a 24-bit Z buffer.

With the new Oxygen 3D family, professional animation and CAD users now have a variety of options that deliver industry leading performance at prices that will fit any budget or application. The Oxygen 102 card is targeted at the low-cost animation and CAD applications, such as LightWave(R) 3D, 3D Studio MAX(TM) and SolidWorks(TM). The Oxygen 202 card is aimed at high-performance, demanding PC applications such as Softimage(R) 3D, Pro/ENGINEER(R), SDRC(R) I-DEAS(R), and Unigraphics. The Oxygen 402 card is targeted at the most demanding users of these professional 3D applications running on PCs and workstations.


The Oxygen family is driven by Dynamic Pictures' powerful new Oxygen chip, the company's next-generation, integrated 3D graphics rendering and texturing processor. This scalable, advanced technology graphics engine accelerates a host of high-end graphics capabilities, including Gouraud shading, Z-buffering, perspective-correct texture mapping, anti-aliasing, image scaling, atmospheric effects, transparency and alpha buffering.

"The combination of Microsoft Windows NT Workstation and the latest generation of graphics acceleration technology has had a dramatic impact on the raw graphics power of Windows-based PCs and workstations," said Korhan Tekin, Principal at Avatar Concepts, a product development firm in Sunnyvale, Calif. "Graphics acceleration architectures such as Oxygen allow Windows NT systems to effectively compete with far more expensive UNIX workstations."

The Oxygen chip enables parallel processing of 3D data. As a result, Oxygen accelerator cards offer workstation performance for PC users in the 3D design, animation and CAD/CAM markets. By adding multiple Oxygen chips, users can now experience extremely high levels of interactive graphics performance at prices never before seen by this industry.

"The Oxygen graphics accelerator family provides SolidWorks customers with powerful, scalable solutions," states John McEleney, Vice President of Product Marketing at SolidWorks. "SolidWorks is delighted to partner with Dynamic Pictures to provide affordable mainstream solutions to mechanical engineers."

The Oxygen control panel applet, included with the card, enables users to select monitor resolutions from 640 x 480 to 1,600 x 1,200, refresh rates from 60Hz to 75Hz, color depths of 8, 16 or 32 bits per pixel, and Z-buffer depths of 16 bits or 24 bits. This unified frame buffer architecture gives users the flexibility they desire. In addition, optimized software drivers from Dynamic Pictures enable the new cards to deliver industry-leading acceleration for all OpenGL and Heidi-based applications in the animation, visualization and CAD/CAM markets. Supported platforms include Pentium¨, Pentium Pro, Alpha AXPª based systems running Microsoft¨ Windows NT or Windows¨ 95.


The Oxygen 102 card is available today, the Oxygen 202 card will be available in December, and the Oxygen 402 card will be available in first quarter 1997. The Oxygen family is marketed and sold by Dynamic Pictures' distributors, value added resellers and OEM partners. Manufacturer's suggested retail prices for the Oxygen 3D graphics accelerator family start at $995. Pricing for specific Oxygen cards is as follows:
  • Oxygen 102, with 8 MB of SDRAM and powered by a single Oxygen chip, has a US list price of $995.
  • Oxygen 202, with 16 MB of SDRAM and powered by two Oxygen chips, has a US list priced of $2,095.
  • Oxygen 402, with 32 MB of SDRAM and powered by four Oxygen chips, has a US list priced of $3,695.
Dynamic Pictures designs, develops and manufactures 3D graphics accelerators for desktop workstations and personal computers, targeting customers in the MCAD, AEC, animation, and visual computing fields. The company markets and sells its products through technical OEMs, distributors and value added resellers. Dynamic Pictures is a privately-held corporation with headquarters at 5225 Betsy Ross Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054. Phone: 408-327-9000. Fax: (408) 327-9010. Email: For toll-free customer information, call 800-464-3348.

Dynamic Pictures is a privately held corporation with headquarters at 5225 Betsy Ross Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054. Phone: 408-327-9000. Fax: (408) 327-9010. Toll-free: 800-464-3348.

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