Dark Omen

War never looked so good.

Dark Omen is a real-time 3D battle game based on Warhammer®, the World's best known Fantasy Battle system, by Games Workshop®. The battles are depicted in a true real-time 3D environment with freedom to move, rotate and zoom the viewpoint as desired. Command regiments of cavalry, infantry and archers as well as wizards, war machines and huge monsters in your role as a mercenary army captain, tasked with wiping the hordes of darkness from the face of the map.


Key Features
  • Dynamic campaign plot that develops based on the players decisions
  • Constantly varied and evolving army to be maintained and deployed at the player's discretion
  • Enhanced fantasy battle engine with superior A.I. and tactics
  • Immersive game play with realistic shadows and 3D lighting effects
  • A state of the art particle graphics system for special effects and explosions
  • Full 3D terrain which effects troop movement
  • True 3D line of sight system
  • True 3D targeting/projectile system
  • 2 Player Network play

Coming March 1998 !

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