How many promo videos have Napalm Death made, and for which songs?

Here are all the Napalm Death promo videos: Mass Appeal Madness The World Keeps Turning Suffer the Children Plague Rages Greed Killing

Have Brutal Truth been dropped by Earache? If so, why?

Brutal Truth and Earache parted ways after the 'Need to Control' record, they then signed to Relapse and recently released the 'Kill Trend Suicide' mini-LP. It was just a mutual parting of the ways between the band and the label, no falling out or anything like that - right now they are touring the US.

Does Earache plan to release any boxsets this year?

There are no planned box set releases this year - you never know though.

When can the States expect the video comp?

The video comp. 'Earache MyEye' is out now in the States only.

Will Dub War tour the US in 1997?

Yes, Dub War will tour the US this year, details soon.

When is Napalm Death coming over the the states?

Napalm Death will be over to the States in the summer. Initial dates are currently listed on the tour page.

I saw Morbid Angel 'Abonimations of Desolation' in the Earache catalogue. Can you tell me the tracklisting and also is there any way of getting any videos?

The 'Abominations of Desolation' LP is in fact the legendary demo Morbid put out prior to the 'Altars of Madness' album. It contains different versions of the following tracks: The Invocation/Chapel of Ghouls/Unholy Blasphemies/Angel of Disease/Azagthoth/The Gate - Lord of All Fevers/Hell Spawn/ Abominations/Demon Seed/Welcome to Hell.

There is no Morbid Angel video comp, although you can get 'Rapture' on the 'Earplugged' comp and 'God of Emptiness' on the 'Rareache' comp.

Where can I find the track "Politics of Common Sense"? Is it in the Curses to Tour promo?

Yep, the Napalm Death track 'Politics of Common Sense' only featured on the US limited edition of 'Diatribes' which had a bonus CD with four Napalm tracks and four At the Gates tracks to promote their tour of last summer. The 'Cursed to Tour' promo was the same bonus CD issued on its own in a picture sleeve for radio and press in the US.

Is Cathedral's Supernatural Birth Machine ever going to be released on vinyl?

No plans for 'Supernatural Birth Machine' to be released on vinyl as yet - get in touch and complain!!

What happened to bands like Blood from the Soul, Meathook Seed and Confessor?

Blood from the Soul featured members of Napalm Death and Sick of It All - it appears to be a one off with no plans for a repeat. Meathook Seed was made up with members from Napalm and Obituary and despite talk of a follow up, nothing has happened yet and it remains a one-off. Confessor split a while ago after releasing just one LP and one EP on Earache.

Whatever happened to Mighty Force and is it still possible to get their EP? Also, what did the band Carnage become?

Mighty Force - they came, and they went away again. The EP is still available through Earache Mail Order. Members of Carnage ended up in Dismember - check their essential debut 'Like An Ever Flowing Stream' for a lesson in Swedish Death Metal!!

I know Carcass broke up but how can I get hold of the new Black Star material?

Black Star's debut will be out on Peaceville this summer - Peaceville does have a web page at

What's the matter with Phil Vane? Is he in ENT again or not?

No Phil hasn't joined ENT again after the Napalm Death turmoil. And before anyone asks, no Napalm material featuring Phil survived the recording sessions. No doubt the good 'ol boy will surface again soon to create a new holocaust for you lucky lot out there.

Please tell me more about Unseen Terror, the line-up, releases etc?

Unseen Terror released an early slice of influential grind in the form of 'Human Error.' Featuring Mitch Dickinson (also of Heresy) and Shane Embury (Napalm Death of course), they also released a cool Peel Sessions if you can find it. Beware the Garfield worship!

Why did Earache only release Vaders 'The Ultimate Incantation'? Why is Earache letting all the original acts fall by the wayside? Those first generation grind bands will never be replaced! Finally will Napaln Death support Machine Head when heading to the States and so you have a contact address for Napalm Death's management?

The main problem with Vader was essentially one of poor communication between East and West at that time. Earache isn't letting the original acts fall by the wayside, of course the first generation grincore scene will never be replaced - that's exactly the reason why Earache is finding new forms of extremity. It wouldn't be very exciting to just re-tread the same forms of music again and again. Also, the best bands have survived and progressed - Napalm Death and Morbid Angel being two prime examples. No, Napalm Death will headline their own US tour this summer. Any contact to the Napalm Death organisation should go to: Napalm Death, PO Box 13238, London SE5 0ZP, UK.

Are there any plans to release a Napalm Death live video?

No plans for a Napalm Death home video at the moment. You'll be able to check out the new LP on June 2. Lots of surprises mixed with a few blasts and some good old Discharge-style stormers. The LP features 12 tracks. The two extra on the digi are 'Time Will Come' and 'Bled Dry.' Two extra songs should appear on an EP in September, they are; 'Stranger Now' and 'All Intensive Purposes.' A few shows were recorded on video from the 'Diatribes' tour but none are planned to be released - there's probably a million bootlegs out there as well.

How can I get hold of rare Cathedral releases like 'Soul Sacrifice' and will they do a concert in Sweden any time soon?

The guys have just returned from Australia and Japan, so they'll take a bit of a rest before a new tour is announced. The 'Soul Sacrifice' EP is available through Earache Mail Order.

Is IDK on your record label?

IDK's 'Taking on the Monster' is so far a one-off single release on the New Chapter series, there are no plans for an album or any further collaboration. We'll keep you posted.

Who is Dub War? I keep hearing the name but have no idea what they sound like?

In the States Dub War will be a pretty unknown quantity. Over in Europe the band have already released two albums 'Pain' and 'Wrongside of Beautiful', and have had a number of singles and EP's make the Top 70 and upwards of the UK Singles charts. If you're into a mix of dub, rock, reggae and punk then this will be the band for you. Not easy to pigeonhole or categorise but well worth checking out. 'Pain' is out Stateside right now, we'll have details of a US tour soon.

Could you say when Misery Loves Co are releasing their album and EP outside the UK and the US? I have friends in Australia and Israel who want copies.

Both the self titled debut LP and the 'Happy?' EP are available worldwide, including Israel and Australia. Any difficulty in tracking them down can be solved by ordering direct from Earache Mail Order.

What happened to the Tampa-based band, Nocturnus?

After releasing two albums on Earache 'The Key' and 'Thresholds' Earache and the band parted ways. They did release a red vinyl 7" about two/three years ago (can't remember the title), and then reportedly split.

What bands are featured on the EaracheMyEye video?

The full tracklisting for the US 'Earache MyEye' compilation is: Godflesh - 'Crush My Soul'/Dub War - 'Strike It'/Entombed - 'Wolverine Blues'/Cathedral - 'Hopkins (Witchfinder General)'/Napalm Death - 'Greed Killing'/Misery Loves Co - 'My Mind Still Speaks'/ At the Gates - 'Blinded By Fear'/Carcass - 'No Love Lost'/Pitch Shifter - 'Underachiever'/ Sleep - 'Dragonaut'/Brutal Truth - 'Godplayer'/Fudge Tunnel - 'Rudge With A G'/Meathook Seed - 'Famine Sector.'

I noticed you have some of Zorn's Painkiller on your list. Do you actually have the CDs in stock?

Painkiller released two albums on Earache, namely 'Buried Secrets' and 'Guts of A Virgin.' Both are still available through Earache Mail Order.

What bands are going to come to Lithuania soon?

As with any country, we need good promoters to help our bands get to new countries. No Earache bands are planning gigs in Lithuania because no promoters have been in touch! If you know any good, reliable promoters in your country tell them to get in contact with us and maybe we can start things moving!

I've bought most of the Pitch Shifter back catalogue but can't get hold of either 'Remix Wars' or 'Industrialize'. I also want to know where I can buy PSi shirts. Also where can I get a T-shirt like the one worn on the Infotainment sleeve?

Remix Wars is available from (wait for it) Earache Mail Order. The other one was on MFN/Peaceville. You can get details about Pitch Shifter and also buy t-shirts by sending an SAE/2IRCs to : PSI, PO Box 59, Nottingham, NG2 4BQ, UK.

The 'TruST Me' T-shirt Jon wears on the sleeve is made by a skatewear company, based in Nottingham, called STM. You can phone Rollersnakes who stock their clothes on +44 115 941 6173.

As for OLD, we released a number of albums by them over the years: Old Lady Drivers The Musical Dimensions of Sleastak Hold onto Your Face Formula All releases differ in style from one another, so check 'em all out! Once again, these are available via mail order if you can't track them down.

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