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Each week OGR.COM will profile a new Half-Life Monster with exclusive screenshots, never-before-seen video clips and all-new information. This exclusive feature will run until the Half-Life playable demo is released. So, be sure to check back each week to see new shots, video clips and monster profiles. You might even want to check back more often than that -- there may be even more surprises here. For more information on Half-Life, be sure to check out our first look preview and our extensive interview with the designers of Half-Life. Half-Life is due to be released early next year from Valve Software and Sierra.
Week 1: Tentacle
Week 2: BullSquid
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Portal Project: Department of Xenotherian Husbandry
Excerpts from Non-Linnaean Taxonomic Classification Database

Alien Slave    [  Xenotherium subservilia]

Diet: X. subservilia has an alarmingly undiscriminating palate, and is accustomed to nourishing itself on battlefield leavings and such other scraps as may be thrown its way. Even chum-toads are considered too rich a fare for the pathetic slave, and these are always offered up warm and kicking to the master. In quiet moments, the slave alien has been observed carefully "grooming" its commonest master, x. myrmex (see listing for Alien Grunt). The ectoparasites harvested in this manner may well satisfy additional dietary requirements.

Range: The alien slave is equipped to follow or precede its masters into every conceivable inhospitable environment. They are commonly sent ahead as bait, gun-fodder, or simply to swarm opponents. It is impossible to imagine the slave "in the wild" or in its "native environment," as they are utterly incapable of independent thought and even their original survival instincts have been twisted to suit the needs of their superiors. The slave's existence appears to have no meaning apart from that which a master brings to it.

video clip

clip of alien slave in gameplay action
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While many of the alien species collected and studied by the Department of Xenotheric Husbandry exhibit a lifestyle that might be characterized as "undesirable" in human terms, the honors for most wretched existence must certainly be granted to the slave-class of alien, xenotherium subservilia. These pathetic creatures, bred for submissive behavior and unswerving loyalty, will attack and kill without mercy when so ordered by their superiors. In such instances they will wage war with an insect-like vigor, heedless of personal risk, fearing the wrath of their masters more than any possible harm an enemy may inflict. On the other hand, in the rare situations where the alien slaves are out of the direct protection and supervision of an overlord, they will flee without shame and may be considered harmless. The slave species is hardy, impervious to discomfort, and due to the requirements of its breeders, undoubtedly possessed of extremely low intelligence. It is all the more remarkable, therefore, given a breed incapable of conceiving the idea of revolt, that the alien overlords find it necessary to burden their slaves with a metallic torque or slave-collar, which torments and eventually executes any slave that unwisely attempts to remove its yoke.

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360 Rotation
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