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9-11 Jan 1998
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Web 101
Adam Powell explores the origins of the graphical user interface

Jeffrey Veen
Great Web sites are multidisciplinary by nature, so, even solo, think like a team
CSS solves the font problem, ending the pixel weenie-HTML Nazi feud
Standards aside, IE 4's ActiveX controls are too tempting to resist

HTML Teaching Tool
Brush up on all things HTML
Browser Kit
The lowdown on browsers and what they can do
HTML Reference
A streamlined guide to the tags of the trade
Get your browser running up to speed
Gadgets, geegaws, and really useful stuff

Dream Jobs
This week's jobs
NOVA Online - Intern
Glide Memorial Church - Volunteers
LinkExchange - Engineers
The Motley Fool - Production Fool
Open Systems AG - Project Manager
Reel - Software Engineers
The Greener Grass List
A database of companies we wish we worked for

Simson Garfinkel
To make desktop apps compete, bring file formats out of the closet
Brooke Shelby Biggs
Will advertisers' double standard on readership stats stifle Web media?
Paul Boutin
Microsoft "fixed" Java by breaking it, leaving programmers' dreams in the dust
David Shenk
Full, fast disclosure in campaign financing sounds good - but it's not enough
Jon Katz
Katz finds a blonde in a low-cut nightie where his benighted novel should be
HotSeat with John McChesney
Three leaders of Costa Rica's experiment with public online elections

Brain Tennis
Gerbner and Gitlin have it out over free speech and media violence

Net Surf
Anuff honors the season with a list of ways to bring joy to his world

Beta Lounge
Next Live Event
Women at the wheels of steel: DJ Star Eyes and DJ D-84
The Latest Remix
Uptempo breakbeat from DJ Toph 1, Bollweevil, and DJ Monkey

RGB Gallery
Yoshi Sodeoka's Prototype 19: An A/V pandemonium machine

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