Oak Technology Announces First Integrated 64-bit Graphics Controller
With PCI Bus Mastering Capabilities

Integrated Chip Combines High-Performance with Multimedia Video Features

SUNNYVALE, Calif., October 30, 1995—Oak Technology (NASDAQ: OAKT), a leading provider of high-performance multimedia semiconductors and related software, today announced its newest 64-bit graphics controller for multimedia add-in board and motherboard OEMs. The OTI-64111 is the first highly integrated graphics controller to feature PCI bus-mastering capabilities.

The PCI bus-mastering capabilities of the OTI-64111 allow products based on the chip to capture and transfer video without the intervention of the system's CPU. A complete multimedia subsystem can be integrated into a single PCI slot, resulting in higher digital video frame rates, lower CPU utilization and overall faster system performance.

"Oak has taken an important step in multimedia semiconductor development with its new graphics controller," said Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Associates. "The OTI-64111’s PCI bus mastering capabilities which enable system throughput, and its multiple windows for digital video applications now position Oak as a major player in the integrated VGC (Video-Graphics Controller) arena."

The OTI-64111 supports up to four simultaneous hardware video windows. This multimedia enhancement allows the controller to display two live video windows and two pre-recorded source windows simultaneously—a feature important for video teleconferencing and digital video editing applications. These windows can be independently sized, scaled and displayed in true-color, even if the rest of the display is in another color mode, for example 256 colors.

A unique Media BusTM architecture enables this controller to easily interface with other Oak and industry standard multimedia components, including MPEG decoders and audio controllers. This bus provides complete access to video memory and the OTI-64111’s graphics engine for high-speed digital video data transfers. Other features of the OTI-64111 include complete support for the DDC2 specification, a 64-bit graphics engine, a 135Mhz integrated triple 8-bit RAMDAC, and support for both DRAM and fast EDO (Extended Data Out) memory. The OTI-64111 is also the first in Oak’s line of pin-compatible graphics accelerators, which will include 2-D and 3-D controllers, as well as other performance enhanced products in the future.

"The OTI-64111 provides better video performance and expandability than any other chip on the market today," said David Kocsis, director of Oak’s graphics business unit. "With its PCI bus mastering and multiple hardware video windows, the OTI-64111 is the perfect solution for next generation digital video applications, such as video production and video teleconferencing."

Microsoft’s Windows 95 operating environment is supported by the OTI-64111 including support for Microsoft’s DirectDraw and Plug-and-Play specifications. Providing support for DirectDraw accelerates the performance of Windows 95 applications.

The OTI-64111 is sampling now and will be in production during the fourth quarter of 1995. It is priced at $26 in quantities of 1,000.

Oak Technology, Inc. supplies high-performance multimedia semiconductors and related software to rapidly growing segments of the personal computer, PC peripheral and consumer electronics industries.


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