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Opera Software, based in Kjeller, Norway, develops an Internet web browser and client of the same name for the Microsoft Windows® environment.

Opera is very small (a little more than 1MB to download), extremely fast on slow (386/8MB), as well as fast machines.

Opera stands out from the rest in that it actually adheres to the HTML standard, making it the ideal reference browser for web designers tired of adapting their pages to either of the competitive browsers.

Opera is a superb choice for users with a handicap; it can be navigated with the keyboard only.

Despite its small footprint, it boasts a number of extremely powerful features, making it the No.1 browser for the serious Web user. Multiple windows, a powerful hotlist, online graphics toggling, and various other customization features will find their way into your heart very soon.

Lastly, Opera isn't for free - and never will. In fact, our users are paying for it with the greatest pleasure. Development costs money, and it is our goal to provide you with the best browser on the Net, regardless of market share, browser war or competitive domination strategies.

Welcome to Opera Software - a rather friendly and hospitable place on the Net.

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NEWSFLASH! "breathtakingly fast, flexible, and fun" - Opera in Web Review -- HotWired's Paul Boutin won't part with Opera -- Opera Newsgroup popular place for friends and followers -- Zeus Technology supporting partner.

A very warm 'Welcome' from Opera Software!

Just when you almost got used to 10MB+ downloads, megabytes of updates, sluggish performance, desktop domination, instability, the seductive word 'free' and a browser war that left you as the only casualty, along comes 'Opera'!

Don't try this with a browser other than Opera Small, fast, customizable, powerful but user-friendly, it takes the wait out of the Internet, reduces your online charges and does what the others tried in vain: it puts a big smile on your face. It also is -- surprise, surprise -- well worth paying for.

So this is our website -- made for you. Lots of information is awaiting you; tips and tricks, feedback forms, a press kit, a user forum - you name it.

But this is also your website -- made for us. Opera is a product of hundreds of customer requests and suggestions. It exists for you, because of you.

But have a look around and -- if you don't know Opera -- download the latest version, which is yours for 30 full user days to evaluate. If you aren't sure and believe users rather than us, have a look at our guestbook -- it's sure to convince the most hesitant soul. <grin>
Project Magic
We have asked the Internet community on Mac, OS/2, X11 and BeOS platforms whether they'd be interested in Opera for their operating system. We've now also added Amiga to the quartet. Look what they have said - and how we have reacted.
Register Opera
The registration of Opera 3.0 costs $35 US. Educational institutions and students enjoy a 50% discount - a bargain compared to what you'll get and gain. If your browser supports SSL, you can make use of our secure server.
User Help
If you have problems or questions, have a look at our support page, but also visit our dedicated opera news server with a selection of groups. We've also made a page with all the keyboard shortcuts available to you -- in case you're too lazy to read the online help. <grin>
We'd love to get your feedback to make Opera even better. If you have a really innovative idea that you'd like us to implement, or just tell us what really matters to you, please do so here.
Opera 3.0 is now officially available! It includes the long-awaited hotlist and many other enhancements, particularly for handicapped users. As a first you can also download the competitors' offerings to get a better appreciation for Opera.
If you are an ISP, a distributor, reseller, content publisher or info kiosk developer, Opera could be your ideal choice. If you'd like to enquire about Opera, please make use of our enquiry form.
Error Reports
If you'd like to inform us of problems with Opera, or pages that don't show properly, please use this form. We will then check the site, but in most cases, it will be fixed in v3.0 anyway. <grin>
Button and Banner
Please help us spread the news about Opera! If you would like to place an Opera download button or banner on your home page, you can do so here. Hundreds have already done so, and this number is rising fast!
We would really appreciate if you could leave a message for us and other visitors about what you think of Opera, and perhaps this website, too. The page also lists previous guestbook entries.
Starting Points
Enjoy our page with links to various search engines, interesting links to our friends, and other beneficial software that works well with Opera.
Mailing List
We at Opera place great emphasis on excellent customer communication, and our mailing list is another way of staying in touch with you with tips and tricks about Opera.
Tips and Tricks
If you don't want to be added to our list, but rather retrieve some usefult tips and tricks, please send an empty mail to the address shown above.

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