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What is the Cichlid Homepage (CHOP)?

The Cichlid Home Page is a database for cichlids, a popular freshwater fish amongst aquarium hobbyist. Information available often centers around the raising and breeding of all types of cichlids. Images, movies, links to other places on the web and a moderated archive of newsgroup posts are also available.

Although all the information on this website has been entered in by me over time, I am starting to introduce a series of forms which will allow you, the user, to change the content of the site. It is my hope that the Cichlid Homepage will become a reservoir of a type of information not found anywhere else, 'owner experience'. This is commonly called a knowledge base.

How does one navigate through the CHOP?

Most all of your navigation can be done from the menu bar commonly found at the top and/or bottom of just about every page on the site:

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The three menu items you will use most are the Genus item, which is a listing of cichlids by scientific name. Common item, which is a listing of cichlids by common or English name. Origin item, which is a listing of cichlids by point of origin. The News item brings you to a slightly moderated archive of the rec.aquaria.freshwater.cichlids newsgroup. Other menu items bring you to lists of movies, images, references, links, mailing lists, disease remedies and a whole bunch more.

There are a series of icons which you see frequently on the site. These icons are explained on the Help page. These icons simply advertise the presence of further information about the species of fish you are looking at. For example, if you see the camera icon on the Oscar page, you know that there is at least one image of an Oscar available for you to view.

Who is the site maintainer?

My name is Eric Gracyalny a nuclear engineer and system admin who at one time had a lot of free time and always had an interest in cichlids. It was inevitable that the two would collide! Information present on these pages is also provided by you! Anything that you care to share with the world about your cichlid experiences is eagerly accepted and appreciated. Also let it be known that, I am not a cichlid expert. I'm just a hobbyist who is learning things much as you are.

The Cichlid Homepage got started back in the summer of 1994 when I was looking for a job and had a lot of free time. I now have a job as the Webmaster for the College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and thus it has taken away much of the ambition I used to start the site with.

To make up for my apathy, I'm introducing some interactive features which will place maintenance of site content in the hands of the users. Users will be able to add material to the site automatically, without going through me. Hopefully, the Cichlid Homepage will become a 'must have' resource of owner experiences and wisdom which we can all share with one another.


As you browse through the site you will realize the material has come from a variety of sources: books, magazines, journals, personal experience and user input. In the future, content will become dominated by the latter. You should consider yourself warned that not everything found here is truth, in fact there might be some outright untruths. Hopefully the former will outweigh the latter, but the latter is not zero.

Furthermore, the subject of this site are living entities, which much like you and me, don't follow all the rules. Each case is unique and there are rarely conditions which apply 100% of the time. Cichlids are some of the most temperamental fish I can think of and will alter their environment to fit their needs, not yours.

Keep these things in mind as you are looking for information on this site. I and the users who are gracious enough to share their knowledge with the rest of us take no responsibility for actions taken based upon the content of this site.

Thank you for your time and enjoy!

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