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Eidos' rapid growth is a reflection of its position as a cutting edge video technology company and a leading entertainment software publisher.

By developing the synergy between its video compression technology and the ever increasing demands of the computer games market, Eidos is uniquely positioned for dynamic growth.

The acquisition of Domark Software, Simis, Big Red and more recently of the CentreGold group (including US Gold and Core Design) has created a formidable development resource. Eidos Interactive fuses years of gaming experience and expertise. By consolidating a diverse pool of talent and ability and empowering it with significant financial investment, ground-breaking titles will be released on all formats.

Eidos Interactive is the publishing umbrella under which all the development studios operate.

Eidos Technologies is a world leader in video compression software solutions with particular applications in video telephony and CD ROM publishing.

Eidos Interactive
Development Studios:

    Eidos Interactive Studios:
    Specializes in Role Playing Games, resource management and strategy titles for the PC.

    Core Design:
    Superconsole development center with an eye for creating fast moving arcade action and fighting titles. Core's games combine the very best in exhilarating gameplay and breathtaking graphics.

    Experts in flight-simulation technology. Simis began developing weapons systems for military clients and are now applying their wealth of experience to PC and Mac flight sims and games.

    Big Red Software:
    Free spirited game developers who take an alternative look at gaming genres and add their own distinctive 'off the wall' style. Expect serious speed and above all great entertainment from any games they produce.

Eidos Interactive USA

651 Brannan Street, 4th Floor
San Francisco
CA 94107

(415) 547 1200
(415) 547 1201 (fax)
(415) 547 1244   (Tech Support)

Eidos Interactive UK

Wimbledon Bridge House
1 Hartfield Road
London SW19 3RU

0181 636 3000
0181 636 3001 (fax)
0121 356 0831   (Tech Support)

Eidos Technologies UK

Wimbledon Bridge House
1 Hartfield Road
London SW19 3RU

0181 636 3000
0181 636 3001

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