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In spring 1998, I am teaching three courses.

Materials for other courses that I have taught:

Some other resources available on the Web are:
Trinity Classics Department Home Page
Trinity History Department Home Page
Warfare in the Ancient World
Some materials relating to Ancient Warfare.
University of Michigan
One of the best introductory pages for Classical Archaeology
Yahoo Ancient History Page
An excellent starting point for all matters Roman
Tables of Contents of Recent Periodicals of Interest to Classicists

Click here to return to the Trinity College Home Page. If you are interested in archaeological fieldwork, Cornell University provides a list of projects requiring personnel, or contact me or Martha Risser about the Caesarea project in Israel, which offers credit for Trinstudents.

Gary Reger and I recently organised a conference at Trinity in August 1997 on Regionalism in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor.

Hugh Elton, Dept. History, Trinity College, CT 06106