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Emergent to Develop and Operate Internet Domain Name Shared Registry System (SRS)

SAN MATEO, Calif., November 4, 1997 --Emergent Corporation, the leading professional services firm in the area of scalable application design and development, today announced that it has signed a contract with the Internet Council of Registrars (CORE) to build and operate the new Internet Domain Name Shared Registry System (SRS). The SRS is the neutral, shared database repository that coordinates registrations from CORE and propagates those names to the global Internet Domain Name System (DNS). CORE has been working with the governing bodies of the Internet community to create seven new top-level domain (TLD) names (.arts, .firm, .info, .nom, .rec, .shop, and .web), and has named 83 companies to function as registrars for the new system.

Emergent was selected by CORE to oversee the design and operation of the new system's central database for a number of reasons. Commented Alan Hanson, chairman of CORE's Executive Committee and president of First Identity Net, Inc., one of the first approved CORE registrars. "Of the applicants researched, Emergent demonstrated not only a superior knowledge of the system and applications to be put in place, but also a depth of understanding regarding the security concerns surrounding the registration process. We are confident in Emergent's expertise to carry out the terms of the contract with accuracy and fairness and to the benefit of the entire international Internet community."

"Delivering scalable solutions is what Emergent is all about - and this project enables us to create a system that will be at the heart of the what is undoubtedly one of the world's largest scalable systems - the Internet itself," said Ken Rudin, CEO, Emergent Corp.

Curt Mayer, co-founder and chief technologist for Emergent Corporation remarks, "We have the technical capacity and an unmatched track record to design a secure, reliable, scalable solution for a community of users that is sure to grow to an enormous size with an enormous load in the years to come."

The Shared Registry System

The SRS is a centralized repository containing the database of domain name information and will be maintained and operated by Emergent Corp. Internet users will be able to register new Internet domain names with their choice of more than eighty 'registrars' worldwide. These CORE registrars will register names with this repository using a variety of user interfaces and charging a nominal domain name registration fee. The SRS then officially registers the new domain and transmits it into the global Internet Domain Name System. For a current list of registrars visit the following website: http://www.gtld-mou.org/docs/reg-results.html.

The SRS will be designed by Emergent as a custom application running on a pair of scalable Sun Microsystems Enterprise 450 servers using an Oracle database, and will be fully functional in Q198.

"This agreement marks a significant event in resolving how the Internet will govern itself," comments John Gilmore, co-founder of Top Level Registries, one of the 83 registrars within CORE. "The Internet community is successfully negotiating a transition from its original US government sponsorship and monopoly provision, to open and competitive services. Internet service providers went through this transition a few years ago, resulting in spectacular growth, low prices, and consumer choice. This contract will give Internet users the benefits of open and competitive domain-name registration services."

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