In System Shock, biological engineering and automation merge in a raging storm completely
out of human control. An indentured hacker, you awake from a healing coma on board the space station Citadel
only to find yourself in the twisted aftermath of a mutiny.The crew has been mutated beyond recognition to serve SHODAN, a ruthless computer that controls station operations. With your neural implant, you can "jack" into cyberspace (SHODAN's realm) to steal clues to the mystery.

Creeping past armies of cyborgs and robots, you find hardware that grafts to your power
suit and neural apparatus, including infrared cyber-eyes, jump-jet boots and an arsenal of weapons. Multi-function displays pump information to the screen, describing
artifacts, warning of biohazards and radiation, analyzing targeted foes, and decrypting cyberspace messages.
Shaking from adrenalin and information overload, you scarcely have time to think before SHODAN unleashes yet
another terror. There's no time to rest when your foe doesn't sleep...

Key Features

  • Hear all logs and e-mails as you unravel SHODAN's strongholds by using clues from the station's former inhabitants.
  • Play directly from the CD and enjoy an enhanced introduction and endgame!
  • See animated texture mapping in over ten breath-taking levels that explode with Super VGA clarity.
  • Marvel at the smooth, 3-D, first-person viewpoint as you lean around corners,jump, float in zero gravity, look up or down, crawl through shafts and climb ledges.
  • Experience the most sophisticated physics system in a computer game, complete with variable gravity, recoil effects, explosions and moveable objects.
  • View realistic lighting effects: pools of light, regions of shadow,flickering lights and flashes.
  • Careen through the labyrinths of cyberspace, the computer's realm, as you steal information, hack systems and combat cyber-creatures.


  • Computers: Intel486*/33+ MHz, Pentium or 100% compatible with double-speed CD-ROM drive (486/66+ with 8 megs RAM, local bus video card for SVGA, full speech)
  • Sound Devices (and/or Digitized Speech and Sound Effects): Sound Blaster, Ad Lib, Pro-Audio Spectrum or 100% compatible
  • Music Boards: Sound Blaster, Ad Lib, Pro-Audio Spectrum, General MIDI MPU-401, Wave Blaster or 100% compatible
  • Graphics Supported: Standard VGA, Super VGA (VESA driver required)
  • RAM and HD Storage Requirements: 4 megs RAM (8 for SVGA, full speech); 25 megs hard drive space
  • Playing Time: 35+ hours