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World exclusive: Dune 2000
Intel Announces Graphics Chip
STB, Diamond, and Real3D to build cards based on new Intel740 2D/3D graphics chip.
Mysteries of the Sith Demo!
Gamecenter's got the exclusive demo premiere of LucasArts' latest!
The Gamecenter Awards for 1997!
Twelve genres of the finest games under the sun in 1997--including Game of the Year!
Online Gaming--Present Tense
Ten Internet-based games that are actually worth your while.
Game News
¤ Intel Announces Graphics Chip
¤ Creative Slaps Back
¤ Jedi Knight Mysteries of the Sith Demo
¤ SimCity 3000 Retrofitted
¤ Pass the ThunderBird
¤ Secret Shopper Visits S.F.
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Sneak Peeks
new! First look: Dune 2000!
new! Master the universe: Star Wars Rebellion
¤ Volition's Descent: FreeSpace
¤ Top secret: X-Fighters!
¤ Ultima IX, Might and Magic VI, and more
¤ Blood II exclusive!
¤ First look: SimCity 3000
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new! The top ten online games
¤ The Gamecenter Awards for 1997!
¤ Hellfire! Our strategy guide
¤ New Prey design journal
¤ A winter's feast: 50 free new games!
¤ The GC holiday buying guide
¤ The X-Picks: 1997's best and worst so far
¤ The 10 most innovative games ever
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new! Gamecenter Hardware Awards
new! EO90 19-inch monitor
new! Extreme Feedback
¤ CH Products' Gamestick 14
¤ Altec Lansing speakers tap USB
¤ Control freaks--48 controllers reviewed!
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new! Descent to Undermountain
¤ Fighter Ace
¤ Shipwreckers
¤ Nightmare Creatures
¤ Man of War
¤ Frogger 3D
¤ Red Baron II
¤ Quake II
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new! MDK (PSX)
new! Tennis Arena (PSX)
new! Robotron 64 (N64)
new! Quake (SS)
¤ Masters of Teras Kasi (PSX)
¤ Mass Destruction (PSX)
¤ Bomberman 64 (N64)
¤ Coolboarders 2 (PSX)
¤ Enemy Zero (SS)
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new! GC Mailbag: Rant, rant, rant!
¤ GamerX: Respect gamers or die!
¤ Game Point: Your online gaming comments
¤ GC Mailbag: Costs, kicks, and kudos
¤ GameGirl: The truth about PC repair people
¤ Game Point: Online gaming...the bottom line
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February 12, 1998
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