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Jan. 28 Our Lady Peace 1998 U.S. Tour

February 26, New Haven, Connecticut, Toad's Place
February 28, Rochester, New York, Water Street Music Hall
March 1, Syracuse, New York, The Big Ballroom
March 3, State College, Pennsylvania, Crowbar
March 4, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Metropol
March 6, Pontiac, Michigan, Clutch Cargo
March 7, Cleveland, Ohio, The Odeon

More dates to come.
Jan. 27 Our Lady Peace will be performing on the 27th annual Junos Awards. The 1998 Junos are being held at General Motors Place in Vancouver on Sunday, March 22 at 5:00 p.m. local time. OLP has been nominated for the Blockbuster Rock Album of the Year.

For the answers to all your Juno questions, visit Juno Beat, the official 'zine of the 1998 Juno Awards.
Jan. 26 "There are too many egos and machismo in male music -- that's why most of the artists I look up to are female."
~Raine Maida

Read the full article titled 'Our Lady Peace on course' by Kerry Gold at
Jan. 23 As posted by Stacy in Clumsy Congress, Jeremy Taggart is featured in the February issue of Modern Drummer.
Jan. 23 The new video for 4 am has made its way over to MuchMusic. Watch for its premiere today, sometime after 2:00 p.m.
Jan. 20 Raine Maida: "I never thought about where we'll be until we played and I got $500 and I thought 'Oh, my God, that's not bad.' ... This tour is not about the fact that there are 10 or 15,000 people in the audience and that we put on a big show now. It still feels very small to us and very true to ourselves ... It's a small insight into the future."

Read the full article titled "The tortured success of Our Lady Peace" in The Globe and Mail, Monday, January 19, 1998.
Jan. 20 Raine and Mike on the anticipation before playing the Maple Leaf Gardens:

"I've seen every band in the world there - I think the hairs on the back of my neck will stand up," says Maida. Turner is equally flush. "Until I actually walk on stage I won't believe it. You've got to be kidding me. That's just too wacky. That's the place I go to see bands, not to play."

From the Toronto Star article "Peace on Earth, good will toward band" by Betsy Powell, Thursday, January 15, 1998.
Jan. 19 Only 15 winners flashed these.Thanks to everyone who joined Our Lady Peace, Online, Live, & Personal at on Sunday, January 18th. If you missed the event, or are already missing the event, it's archived in RealAudio and webcam images.

Get Online, Live, & Personal all over again. Visit the event archive, read about it in Steve Warden's Jan 19th Cracks in the Pavement report, and discuss away Clumsy Congress.
Jan. 16 Our Lady Peace will be on Live In Toronto on 102.1 The Edge, from their sold out, sold out concert in Toronto on Saturday night at the Maple Leaf Gardens.

In Toronto, dial your walkman, car radio, and stereo over to 102.1 FM.
If all you can here is fuzz or an easy listening station on 102.1, listen online at Virtually Canadian.
Jan. 16 Get Online, Live, & Personal with Our Lady Peace this Sunday, January 18th at 5:00 p.m. Eastern!

Our Lady Peace will be:
Online at with the help of Real Audio and a webcam.
Live from a secret Toronto location.
Personal by answering fan questions by e-mail, phone, and in person.

This is your chance to get up close with OLP over the Internet. Click here to get ready for the event.
Jan. 13 As reported by CrazyWak in Clumsy Congress, four Our Lady Peace videos made the MuchMusic Favourite Videos of all time for 1997 list.

Superman's Dead #5
Clumsy #22
Naveed #33
Automatic Flowers #47

Check out the full list of favourite Much videos here.
Jan. 13 As posted by WandaBear in Clumsy Congress ... Bill Welychka has put together a look at science fiction imagery in music videos, titled "Sci-Fi In Hi-Fi." The MuchMusic special includes full-length videos, artist's analysis on aliens and UFOs, new and archival interviews with Green Day, Foo Fighters, Goldfinger, Smashing Pumpkins, and Our Lady Peace. Spook yourself out on Tuesday, January 20, 8:00 p.m. Eastern on MuchMusic.
Jan. 12 Our Lady Peace's January 11th concert at the Molson Centre in Montreal has been postponed until February 11, due to the emergency situation in the city.
Jan. 12 Jeff Swanson, the winner of the OLP Online Reporter For A Day Contest, will be following around the band this Friday in the nation's capital. His job is to gather stories, secrets, and other surprises for the rest of us here at

But what's the story on Jeff? Click here to find out what he's packing and his favourite circus trick.
Jan. 09 Got a question for Our Lady Peace? Well your curiosity may get you an answer, a chance to talk to the band, or even a chance to see the guys up close, and in person.

Get Online, Live, & Personal with Our Lady Peace on Sunday, January 18th at 5:00 p.m. Eastern!

The band will be Online at with the help of Real Audio and a webcam. Live from a secret Toronto location. And Personal by answering questions by e-mail, phone, and in person.

Don't miss out your chance to get as close as you can to OLP. Click here right now to get involved.
Jan. 08 "We want to make sure that people don't ever get the feeling that we just have a couple of hits on the radio," says Maida of his band's success. "We're not a singles band. We want to be known as a live entity, and the way to do that is to tour.

"So, our focus for the next five weeks is putting on a definite Our Lady Peace show in arenas where people have seen anyone from Pearl Jam to Oasis to U2. We want to make sure people leave there feeling like they saw something that was a little bit different. That's the challenge."

Read the full article "They keep the Peace" by Kieran Grant at Jam! Music.
Jan. 08 The video for "Clumsy" will be featured on MTV's "12 Angry Viewers" today. Vote for it at Click here to do it right now.
Jan. 08 Rock on, eh?.Our Lady Peace are the cover story on this week's Eye, a weekly magazine in their home town Toronto.

(Mike Turner talking about packing clothes for a concert tour)
"Now I know not to wear colours on tour. They're too hard to launder," Mike says. "And Bruce Gordon from I Mother Earth taught me stuff, too. He was showing me how to roll my T-shirts instead of packing them flat. They get all wrinkled that way."

Click here to read the full article online.
Jan. 06 Our Lady Peace's 'Clumsy' is the #1 album of 1997 in 102.1 The Edge's Top 102 of 1997. A great accomplishment because 102.1 The Edge IS Toronto's radio edge of music, Toronto is the guys' home town, and musical greats like Radiohead, Oasis, Bush, and Sarah McLachlan were fighting for the honour.

Check out the TOP 102 according to 102 here.
Jan. 06 Find a blank tape. Our Lady Peace will be doing a very special acoustic performance on syndicated American radio show Modern Rock Live this Sunday, January 11 from 10:30 - Midnight Eastern.

They will be playing cuts from both 'Clumsy' and 'Naveed.'
Jan. 05 Dig into the cracks in the pavement with Our Lady Peace for the next three weeks. Radio host Steve Warden has joined the band on the road, with a digital camera and fingers that have promised to type and e-mail daily reports from the road. He will also be recording a weekly road diary for Canadian radio stations. The road trip began on January 5th and motors until the 26th.

Hitchhike a ride with Steve Warden and OLP. Check out the cracks in the pavement here.
Jan. 05 Check out the review of Our Lady Peace in the Much Year In Review at
Dec. 31 Look out for an Our Lady Peace video or two in MuchMusic's favourite videos of all time, on New Year's Day. The best of the best in music videoland were voted in by MuchMusic viewers like yourself back in early December.

For more details, peek in
Dec. 30 'Clumsy' is #2, numero deux, second, you get the point, on the top 10 selling albums of 1997 in Canada, according to The Record magazine, as of December 15, 1997.

1. Spice Girls, Spice
2. Our Lady Peace, Clumsy
3. Various artists, NOW! 2
4. Backstreet Boys, self-titled
5. No Doubt, Tragic Kingdom
6. Sarah McLachlan, Surfacing
7. Backstreet Boys, Backstreet's Back
8. Jewel, Pieces of You
9. Celine Dion, Let's Talk About Love
10. Celine Dion, Falling into You
Dec. 23 Forget your mother's back, step on the crack. Virtually follow Our Lady Peace on the road, with radio host Steve Warden. Daily reports, photos, and stuff you can only find out behind the scenes.

Click here to take your first step on the crack.
Dec. 22 Say hello to's Online Reporter For A Day - Jeff Swanson, from Kamloops, British Columbia. Agent Swanson will be making his way to our nation's capital in January to follow around the band for a day, and then live to make the rest of us jealous. Check out his winning entry in the contest area of tour experience.
Dec. 18 Visit Jam TV's Virtual Venue archives, and listen to some past backstage interviews with OLP from their recent American tour.

10/16/97 Interview with OLP by Brian Paruch

11/2/97 Interview with the band by Brian Paruch and a short acoustic performance of "Superman's Dead"
Dec. 17 Sony Music Imports in Canada has released the Clumsy single. The b-side is a rather rare acoustic version of "Superman's Dead."

"Superman's Dead"

Catalogue #: XEUK11 665131
Dec. 17 Take a sneak peak.
New photos on in the tour experience area.

Take the short cut:

Click here for photos from the short film shoot for the upcoming Canadian tour.

Click here for photos from LA's Troubadour, August 19th, 1997.
Dec. 15 Almost Acoustic XmasCheck out the photos from OLP's Yahoo chat on December 4, 1997 at the Almost Acoustic Xmas area of or in the Anything OLP topic area of Clumsy Congress.
Dec. 09 OLP fans in Detroit: So you want to cross the border to catch the last show of OLP's cross Canada venue tour at the Windsor Arena in Windsor, Ontario on February 10th?

All you have to do to purchase tickets, is whip out your credit card and call the Box Office at (519)252 6579.
Dec. 08 Digital NotesMediadome'ssm Digital Notes let you stay in touch with Our Lady Peace while they're on the road. They've set OLP up with the hardware, software, and Internet connections needed to send e-mail and pictures, and the guys have promised to keep Mediadome up to date on what's happening in their lives. Check out OLP's digital notes by clicking your mouse right here.
Dec. 08 The Much Music Spotlight shines on Our Lady Peace on December 30 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern. If timing isn't good at 7:00, the OLP video explosion airs again at 11:30 p.m. and 5:30 a.m.
Dec. 08 Only one day left.

Today's the last chance you get to think of 100 words explaining why you should be's Online Reporter for the band's January 16th concert in Ottawa. Click the wanted poster for the fine print.
Dec. 05 If you haven't done so already, take a step into the new Clumsy Congress, the official online community for Our Lady Peace here at

Talk about everything and anything OLP: ask questions, link to your OLP fan site, tell everyone how you met the band ... The new Clumsy Congress features new software that allows users to create an exclusive user name, password, and user profile, placemark favourite posts, and experience an organized yet still clumsy experience.

Click here to go there now.
Dec. 04 Check out how "Our Lady Peace hand-picks tour opener" by Karen Bliss at Jam!Music.

"The band collectively felt that B.T.K. is one of the most adventurous new Canadian bands," explains Maida. "That's why we wanted them to support us for the shows on the second leg of the Canadian tour."
Dec. 02 Our Lady Peace is already hard at work for their upcoming cross Canada venue tour. On Sunday, short films directed by the band were shot in a Toronto warehouse for the tour. They feature Sol, the man on the cover of both OLP albums, doing all kinds of stuff: reciting poetry, wearing a cape, at the end of a ladder ... We'll give you a sneak peak at what you can expect at the concert on the big tour screen soon, right here at
Dec. 02 What's your favourite video? Naveed? Superman's Dead? Automatic Flowers?

Vote for your favourite video of all time at Much Music, and then watch the results on January 1st.

Exercise your democratic right online here or by punching the following numbers on your phone 1 800 226 VOTE.
Dec. 01 Only one week left.Only one week left to think of 100 convincing words that will prove why you should be the Online Reporter for OLP's January 16th concert in Ottawa. Don't forget, you must be willing to follow around the band for a day, eavesdrop soundcheck, and hang out back stage. The deadline is December 8, 1997. For more details, click the wanted poster. 100 words not enough you say. Well, we just convinced you in a mere 76 words.
Dec. 01 Three more OLP concert dates to try on for size:

February 1 Regina, SK, Agridome
February 2 Lethbridge, AB, Sportsplex
February 10 Windsor, ON Windsor Arena

All dates are with BTK. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, December 6, 1997.
Nov. 27 Backstage interview with Our Lady Peace tonight on JamTV at 8:45 p.m.
Nov. 24 Forget listening to the radio for Our Lady Peace concert announcements. Seven more Canadian dates ...

Jan. 13, 98 - Kingston, ON, Memorial Centre Arena (with Age of Electric)
Jan. 14, 98 - Hamilton, ON, Copp's Coliseum (with Age of Electric and Finger Eleven)
Jan. 29, 98 - Prince George, BC, Prince George Multiplex (with BTK)
Jan. 30, 98 - Grand Prairie, AB, Canada Games Arena (with BTK)

Feb. 5, 98 - Thunder Bay, ON, Fort Williams Gardens (with BTK)
Feb. 7, 98 - Sudbury, ON, Sudbury Arena (with BTK)
Feb. 9, 98 - London, ON, Thomson Arena (with BTK)

Tickets for all of the shows go on sale this Saturday, November 29 through Ticketmaster.
Nov. 24 Help Wanted: Looking for an Online Reporter to cover Our Lady Peace's January 16th concert in the nation's capital, Ottawa, for Must be willing to follow around the band for a day, eavesdrop soundcheck, and hang out back stage. No experience needed and forget submitting a resume. Just tell us why (in 100 words or less) you're the one for the job. Deadline: December 8, 1997. For more details, drop by the tour experience contest area of
Nov. 21 Plan a trip back here Monday. Why? Because we will be serving up all the details on OLP concert announcements in the following cities:

Prince George, BC
Grand Prairie, AB
Thunder Bay, ON
Sudbury, ON
London, ON

See you then.
Nov. 21 From Jam! Music
by Karen Bliss

"With sales of 600,000 for Clumsy in Canada, a sell-out arena tour on the horizon, an opening slot for the Rolling Stones in Quebec City and current breakthroughs in the U.S., Toronto rock band Our Lady Peace is most concerned with making its first-ever arena tour as personal as possible.

'We're trying to not make these big arenas seem like big arenas,' says lead vocalist Raine Maida, on the phone from Atlanta, GA, during a rare day off from opening for Everclear in the States. 'It's hard to do.'

While touring with Everclear, OLP's less hectic opening schedule is allowing Maida, guitarist Mike Turner, bassist/keyboardist Duncan Coutts, and drummer Jeremy Taggart to direct some short films to project on video screens for the Canadian tour in January."

Finish reading the news on the band's upcoming arena tour, crossing the Canada/US border, and opening for the Rolling Stones at Jam! Music.
Nov. 18 Boston Globe reporter Joan Anderman on Our Lady Peace, when the guys were in Beantown last Thursday: "With dark, roiling moods and slow rock burns, a photogenic lead singer who evokes Liam Gallagher and Bono, and a cranking cover of the Beatles' 'Dear Prudence,' Our Lady Peace seems destined for the superstar status they've already achieved in their native Canada."

OLP is on tour with Everclear until November 29.
Nov. 13 Beavis and Butthead were huh, huh, huhing Our Lady Peace's "Starseed" video on a rerun episode on Much Music last night. Like, yeah.
Nov. 11 Experience tonight's Our Lady Peace concert in the big apple, with Everclear, without leaving your computer.

Join the webcast at 8:00 p.m. EST at
Nov. 03 Remember, you read it here first.

7 - St. John, NB - Harbour Station
8 - Saint John's, NF - Memorial Stadium
10 - Halifax, NS - Metro Centre
12 - Montreal, PQ - Molson Centre
16 - Ottawa, ON - Corel Centre
20 - Winnipeg, MB - Winnipeg Arena
21 - Saskatoon, SK - Sask Place
22 - Calgary, AB - Saddledome
23 - Edmonton, AB - Coliseum
25 - Kamloops, BC - Riverside

All tickets go on sale this Saturday, November 8, 1997 at the following times:

9:00 a.m.

9:30 a.m.

10:00 a.m.
St. John
St. John's

For more information on ticket sales in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario, point and click your heart out
Oct. 28 Our Lady Peace's January 17, 1998 concert, at the Maple Leaf Gardens in the band's hometown Toronto, sold out in one day. Just last January the guys were touring universities.
Oct. 23 Our Lady Peace will be chatting it up online Friday, October 24th at 4:00ish on The AOL keyword is Much Music.

Offline fans can catch all the action by watching Much Music at the same time.
Oct. 20 Back in their home town ...

In more big OLP concert announcement news ... Our Lady Peace live in Vancouver, Monday, January 26th, 1998 at GM Place. Tickets go on sale this Friday, October 24th at 9:30 a.m through Ticketmaster.

Tickets for both shows can be purchased through Ticketmaser Online. More dates to come on November 3, 1997!
Oct. 17 Major concert announcements next week! Major. Check back Monday for more details.
Oct. 15 Our Lady Peace is once again #1 on the Much Music Top 30 Countown. The boys took the top spot away from Oasis last week.

Countdown the 30 best videos currently on the nation's music station at
Oct. 15 Our Lady Peace are Pollstar's Hotstar of the Week. Check out the feature on the band at The guys are also on the cover of the October 13th issue of Pollstar.
Oct. 14 Check out what Columbia Records' Daily Dish is dishin' out on Our Lady Peace:

Clumsy, Yet Skillful

Columbia Records band Our Lady Peace is striking big with Clumsy, the Canadian group's second album. According to SoundScan, Clumsy is currently #5 on the Billboard "Heatseekers Album Sales" chart; the album has sold more than 100,000 copies since its April 11 U.S. release date. With stateside success in the air, Our Lady Peace will tour with Everclear and Letters To Cleo beginning October 30 in Lawrence, Kansas.

"Superman's Dead," the first single from Clumsy, is garnering airplay at hundreds of alternative and rock stations across the country and is in the Top 10 alternative airplay charts in R&R;, Album Network, and Gavin.

Our Lady Peace recently walked off with two prestigious "People's Choice" awards at Canada's Much Music (the Canadian equivalent of MTV) Awards ceremony; OLP was voted "Favorite Group," while "Superman's Dead" was voted "Favorite Video." The title track from Clumsy will be featured on the soundtrack for "I Know What You Did Last Summer," the new teen thriller from the author of "Scream."

The band' first album, Naveed, became a multi-platinum seller in Canada and ultimately sold half-a-million records around the world. Released earlier this year in Canada, Clumsy debuted at #1 on the Canadian SoundScan chart and hit platinum in that country within three weeks of its release. It has now sold more than 600,000 CDs in Canada.

Our Lady Peace formed in 1993 and, shortly thereafter, cut three demos (including their smash hit "Starseed") with Lanni in a Toronto studio. Those demos led to a deal with Sony Music some 14 months after the formation of Our Lady Peace. Released in 1994, the group's first album, Naveed (released on Relativity in the States), generated the Top 10 Modern Rock and Active Rock hit, "Starseed." Following the album's release Our Lady Peace embarked on a marathon round of touring, playing more than 400 shows to over half-a-million people as the band shared bills with Bush, Elastica, the Ramones, Sponge, Letters To Cleo, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, and Alanis Morissette.
Oct. 14 Our Lady Peace's MTV online chat on October 1 drew in more than 500 chatters.

If you missed the online gab session, the transcript will be posted at very soon.
Oct. 09 Experience Our Lady Peace's upcoming New York City concert, with Everclear, online.

Join the webcast on November 11 at 8:00 p.m. EST at
Sept. 30 Attend Our Lady Peace's sold out New York City show, at Irving Plaza, tonight online.

The show webcasts live at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. Jump into concert cyberspace at
Sept. 29 Our Lady Peace will rock Conan O'Brien with a performance of "Superman's Dead" this Wednesday, October 1, 1997, at 12:35 a.m. Eastern on NBC.

Double check local listings for time and channel.
Sept. 25 has posted highlights from the Much Music Video Awards. Online treats include photos of Our Lady Peace and other "super-duper stars" in the environment, plus a complete list of award winners.

It's all at Much Music's online MMVAs recap. (I, the voice behind this news, somehow managed to make my way into the poloroid with Damon from Blur.)
Sept. 25 AOL Users: Our Lady Peace will be chatting it up live at MTV online. The guys are all yours in cyberspace this Wednesday, October 1 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. Log yourself on at AOL, keyword: MTV.
Sept. 25 Our Lady Peace's NYC show, at Irving Plaza, on September 30 is sold out. That's a whopping 1,100 tickets gone in a mere hour and a half.

If you weren't in line or on the phone for tickets during the above mentioned 90 minutes, attend the concert online. The show will webcast live at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. Log on at
Sept. 23 Our Lady Peace are on tour in the US with Everclear from September 30 - December 1, 1997.

Get your tickets or plan a road trip for one of the following dates:

2 Milwaukee, WI - Modjeska
3 Chicago, IL - Metro
4 Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
6 Detroit, MI - St. Andrews Hall
7 Cincinnati, OH - Bogart's
8 Cleveland, OH - The Odeon
10 Pittsburgh, PA - Metropol
11 New York, NY - Irving Plaza
13 Boston, MA - Paradise
14 Providence, RI - Lupo's
15 Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of the Living Arts
16 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
18 Atlanta, GA - Cotton Club
19 Nashville, TN - 328 Performance Hall
20 Memphis, TN - New Daisy Theatre
21 Dallas, TX - Deep Ellum Live
22 Austin, TX - Liberty Lunch
24 Phoenix, AZ - Gibson's
25 Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre
26 San Francisco, CA -Fillmore
28 Portland, OR - La Luna
29 Portland, OR - La Luna

1 Seattle, WA - Moore Theatre
Sept. 19 Our Lady Peace scooped up two People's Choice Awards last night at the Much Music Video Awards. The band now proudly owns the title of Favourite Group and Favourite Video for "Superman's Dead."

OLP accepted the Favourite Video MMVA with the boy from Superman's Dead video, Ryan Dennis. After receiving both People's Choice awards nominated for, they performed the last live song of the evening, Superman's Dead, in the spaceless Much Music parking lot stage.

Raine Maida talked with John Williams of Jam! Showbiz, re-emphasizing the fact that Canadian music can definitely compete on a global scale. "'This year in particular really sets a precedent for Canadian music. It's the first time Muchmusic has had an international awards show. To have acts like [Bush and Blur] here that compete around the world and feel that Canadians can compete as well is very impressive.' He added that it is a 'healthy sign for Canadian music.'"

If you missed "the ultimate schmooze-fest," avoid any stess over the matter because Much Music will be reairing the madness at many point(s) to come.
Sept. 18 The Much Music Video Awards fun all goes down tonight, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, live from the Much environment.

Do your homework before the awards: vote for the People's Choice Awards, place your online bets on who will pocket each People's Choice award, and memorize the list of awards and their nominees.

I (the voice behind these words) will be at the awards tonight, and promise to deliver a full report. See you there.
Sept. 17 The song "Clumsy" will be on the soundtrack for the movie "I Know What You Did Last Summer." The album will be available for your CD player on October 14, and the film on your local movie screen on October 17.
Sept. 17 What Steve Morse had to say about Our Lady Peace in the Boston Globe's Rock Notes column, September 12th:

"Peace At The Lagoon"

"Our Lady Peace, currently hot on the charts with 'Superman's Dead,' played a potent set from aboard a boat in the lagoon behind Cambridgeside Galleria last Saturday afternoon. The free WBCN-promoted gig was attended my 3,000-plus fans who ringed the lagoon and heard a high decibel performance. It had some of the treble-rich urgency of U2 mixed with raw, Smashing Pumpkins-like vocals, capped by a sex appeal that had many young fans lining up to meet the band and drool over autographs. I had seen Our Lady Peace once before - opening for Van Halen at Great Woods - but the group has improved markedly."
Sept. 17 From Tulsa, Oklahoma's newspaper Tulsa World:

"Working in the same super-serious but not self-righteous vein was Our Lady Peace singer Raine Maida. In a stunning song like
'Car Crash,' Maida and guitarist Mike Turner seemed to trade
duties; Turner bent a voice out of his guitar strings, making them sing with a plaintive wail, and Maida howled a chilling tale as if he were strumming his own vocal chords. Maida, too, effectively broke character when he ordered the band to cease in the middle of the title track to the new album, 'Clumsy,' just so he could say to a security guard grappling with crowd surfers, "There's no reason to put anyone in a headlock, man. It's just all about the music here."
~ Thomas Conner
Sept. 12 George Vale, the producer of Our Lady Peace's 'Superman's Dead' video, has been nominated for a Much Music Video Award. Watch the MMVAs live on Much Music this Thursday, September 18 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.
Sept. 08 AOL users, Duncan has been spilling his touring guts out on Rolling Stone on America Online. Snoop through the Our Lady Peace tour diary at American Online, keyword: Rolling Stone on America Online.
Sept. 02 Be prepared to share Our Lady Peace. The guys have entered the Billboard top 200 at #175 with their album 'Clumsy.'

Upcoming American concerts:

Sept. 6 Boston, MA, WBCN - The Camberidge Side Galleria Lagoon
Sept. 7 Tulsa, OK, Mohawk Park
Sept. 9 Pompano Beach, FL, House of Rock
Sept. 12 Augusta, GA, The Whippin' Post
Sept. 13 Charlotte, NC, WEND
Sept. 14 Norfolk, VA, WNOR
Sept. 18 Toronto, ON, MMVA
Sept. 20 Phoenix, AZ, The Edge
Sept. 30 New Haven, CT, Toad's Place
Aug. 29 Edgefest goes West this weekend. The summer festival of Canadian talent is in Edmonton today, in Saskatchewan tomorrow, and in Winnipeg on Monday.
Aug. 19 Our Lady Peace will be performing one song live at the Much Music Video Awards on September 18, 1997. The guys have been nominated for two People's Choice Awards, Favourite Group and Favourite Video (Superman's Dead.) Vote for them at the Much Music web site.
Aug. 19 Treat your ears, eyes, and computers to Our Lady Peace live online from LA's Troubadour tonight at 8:00 p.m. Pacific. The Siren event will feature interviews with the band, Real Audio, Real Video, Webcam, and toll free fan call-in access. To talk it up with OLP, call 1-888-SIREN-97 in the U.S. and 310-271-8307 everywhere else.
Aug. 19 Our Lady Peace steps into the Much Music spotlight on Tuesday, August 26, 1997 at 7:30 p.m. (Eastern.) Repeats at 11:30 p.m. and on August 27th at 5:30 a.m.

Be one of five lucky ducks to win a pair of tickets to see Our Lady Peace at LA's Troubadour Tuesday, August 19th.

Email to win!

Contest Rules
1) No purchase necessary.
2) Contest is open to all ages.
3) To enter, simply e-mail
winner will be notified within 24 hours of the event/show
4) Contest open to LOS ANGELES residents only
Void where prohibited or restricted by law.
5) Employees of Sony Music Entertainment, other divisions of Sony
Corporation of America, the respective concert venue and their families are not eligible.
6) All interpretations of the rules and decisions by Columbia Records is final.
7) Winner must be able to attend the show that they have won the tickets for. No substitution of prizes. In the unlikely event that the show is canceled, rescheduling of the event will be the responsibility of the promoter. If the event is not rescheduled, Columbia will make all attempts to compensate winner with tickets to another Columbia act or a like value prize, to be determined.
8) Total value of tickets not to exceed $100.00
9) Transportation not provided.
Aug. 11 Our Lady Peace will be beating the odds on MTV this Thursday August 14 at 11:00 p.m. The band will be performing on/in Oddville. The episode also guest stars Hill Harper, Valerie Galloway & Richie, Cinder-fellas Jose & Arturo, Roland Moussa's UFO Toy, and The Cross-Eyed Fourniers.
Aug. 05 "You always have to make music so that if no one decided to buy this record it's something that we can have in our CD collection and we'll always be proud of." ~Raine Maida

Get Spring 97's Extreme (WNY & S. Ontario's New Music Magazine) and memorize the rest of the interview with cover boys Our Lady Peace.
Jul. 31 In this corner, undefeated Much Music Combat des Clips champions Our Lady Peace.

And in this corner, Prodigy.

Cast your vote for this week's combat. E-mail Much Music at COMBAT@MUCHMUSIC.COM, and glue yourself to the TV this Sunday for the fight.
Jul. 30 Rumour has it that an Our Lady Peace newsgroup,, is now in existence. E-mail your newsgroup administrator and demand that it be added to your newsgroup list.
Jul. 30 Our Lady Peace were in New York city last week, taping a performance for an upcoming episode of MTV's Oddville. Visit for the odds and ends on the show.
Jul. 30 Avoid scalpers, service charges, and maxing out your credit card. Enter for your chance to win a pair of tickets to eye witness Our Lady Peace live at one of five Edgefest West dates. Visit the contest area of for fine print reading, a skill test, and your online entry ballot.
Jul. 30 Much Music has announced the People's Choice nominations for their upcoming 1997 Video Awards. People's choice meaning that rather than complaining all evening about how (insert artist) should have won (insert video award), you are able to help decide who deserves some of the honours. This year Much, clearly understanding that music is unisex, is using genderless classification. This means they've tossed the traditional male and female designations in the same trashcan you can find books like "Science for girls." The Video Award fun all takes place on the corner of Queen and John, in Toronto, on September 18, 1997.

Drum roll please. The 1997 Much Music Video Awards People's Choice Nominations:

Best Artist
Bryan Adams, Sarah McLachlan, Amanda Marshall, Alanis Morisette, Neil Young

Favourite Group
I Mother Earth, Our Lady Peace, The Tragically Hip, The Tea Party, Moist

Favourite Video
The Tea Party's "Temptation," The Tragically Hip's "Gift Shop," Sarah McLachlan's "Building A Mystery," Sloan's "Everything You've Done Wrong", Our Lady Peace's "Superman's Dead"

Favourite International Group
Fugees, Bush, No Doubt, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls

Favourite International Artist
Alanis Morisette, Celine Dion, Toni Braxton, 2Pac, Beck

Pay attention to Much Music to find out the who, what, when, where, and how on voting.
Jul. 25 The spotlight will be on Our Lady Peace this Sunday on Modern Rock Live, a syndicated American radio show. The guys will be answering questions from fans and playing songs from 'Clumsy.' Americans, turn on your local radio stations; Canadians, run for the border.
Jul. 24 The original venue for Edgefest Edmonton sold out in four days. The festival will now rock Commonwealth Stadium on August 29th.
Jul. 24 Just added: Check out Raine's and Mike's guitar picks in tour experience.
Jul. 18 Who better to direct a music video than the band themselves? Our Lady Peace took the DIY approach early this week, and directed their very own video for 'Automatic Flowers.' Its a performance video filmed in a rehearsal room, located in Toronto. This is the band's first time in the director's chair. Watch for the video, soon.
Jul. 11 Our Lady Peace recently played with a band who they are fans of, Faith No More. Both groups were part of a free concert event that took place in Tampa, Florida on the Fourth of July, hosted by radio station WXTB 98 Rock. Other bands on the lineup included Mighty Joe Plum, Cool for August, Naked, and Creed.
Jul. 08 Just posted: Never seen before Edgefest photos of Our Lady Peace. Exclusive snap shots from the tour bus, sound check, and stage.

Check out the OLP Edgefest Kodak moments at
Jun. 27 Our Lady Peace stop, rock, and rolled London, Ontario yesterday at Summersault '97. The summersault was a warm up to this summer's Edgefest. The concert featured Our Lady Peace, The Tea Party, I Mother Earth, Age Of Electric, and Finger Eleven. The sold out festival exploded London's Western Fair Grandstand (which also serves as a race track).

Our Lady Peace
Day of June 26, 1997

1:00 Check one, two. Check, check one, two. Sounds checked out include Naveed, Superman's Dead, Clumsy, Let You Down, 4am, and Carnival.

2:30ish Raine and Duncan join London radio station FM '96 at the fair grounds, where they are broadcasting live. Its announced that 250 tickets will be released at the box office for tonight's sold out show.

3:00 break

5:50 All four members arrive at London radio station The Hawk, for a radio interview/acoustic performance on London Live. The band warms up before their on-air performance with Naveed and Clumsy, as around 15 OLP fans watch anxiously through the station's front windows.

6:30 30 or so OLP fans and Hawk listeners join the band in the front studio area of The Hawk.

Acoustic set list:

Automatic Flowers

During the interview, the DJ mentions to the band that the queen is in town. "She's on the guest list," comments Mike. Rumour has it that she was spending her afternoon golfing. Jeremy makes an offer, "I'll caddie for her."

As the questions and answers rap themselves up, Raine concludes by explaining why the 'world's a subway.' "The world is going round so fast, its hard to get on board. We're inundated in media."

10:00 Our Lady Peace take the stage. They wow fans with a tight, power performance that will soon leave Edgefesters thirsty for more all summer long.

11:02 After endless chants of "We Want More", the guys return for a two song encore.

Hit tour experience for Summersault concert photos.
Jun. 24 Last week, Our Lady Peace beat up/out (take your pick) The Backstreet Boys on Much Music's Combat des Clips. This week, OLP take on the Spice Girls. Cast your vote, victory is determined by you, and watch this Sunday.
Jun. 24 The Western Edgefest line-up has been announced. Concert rats in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg will be treated with:

On the main stage:

Our Lady Peace
The Tea Party
Collective Soul
I Mother Earth
Philosopher Kings

On second stage:

Redd Kross
Econoline Crush
The Age of Electric
Finger Eleven
Sara Craig

Tickets go on sale for the Vancouver show, August 25th at the Vancouver Thunderbird Stadium, this Thursday, June 26th. The early-bird ticket price is $25.00 (plus service charge).
Jun. 18 Direct from Columbia Records' Daily Dish:

"Our Lady Peace did a warm up show before playing the Edgefest show at the Tralfamadore Cafe in Buffalo New York. At 10:30, OLP took the stage to play in front of the sellout crowd of about 350 people. They opened with 'Supersatellite' then launced into a blistering set which included ' Big Dumb Rocket,' 'Naveed,' 'Car Crash' and 'Superman's Dead' (which they blew a speaker singing).

Then they slowed it down for a bit and played 'Carnival' and '4am'. After that it was time to sing 'Clumsy' but the keyboard wasn't working so Raine sung it all alone. As he was singing the crowd was right along with him singing it word for word so he had us sing the chorus. When 'Clumsy' finished he stopped and told us that we knew the words better than he did. The keyboard started working again so they did Clumsy over again. They wrapped things up with 'Automatic Flowers' and 'Let you Down.' The crowd started to make more noise as chants of OLP, OLP could be heard. So they came out and did an encore of 'Starseed' and ended it with a 10 minute rendition of 'Tomorrow Never Knows.' This concert was awesome as OLP rocked out big time and if this concert is any indication of what Edgefest will be like then we're in store for an awesome show."
Jun. 16 Edgefest is going west.

August 25, Vancouver, Thunderbird Stadium
August 27, Calgary, Race City Speedway
August 29, Edmonton, Telus Stadium
August 30, Saskatoon, Saskatoon Place
September 1, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Stadium

Check back for more details on ticket prices and sale dates.
Jun. 12 Here's what the Cincinnati City Beat rockcrit had to say about Our Lady Peace's live show on June 10:

"....It was refreshing to hear something as ambitious and non-pandering as this creative, somewhat new entry into the music lotto. The band's debut for Columbia, 'Clumsy,' comes off like an enigmatic mix of Radiohead's eccentric melodicism, the late Jeff Buckley's transcendent vocal soar and an occasional Shudder to Think-like interstellar song structure shift. All the while, though, the band reel these smart tangents into their own singular realm of Pop. Gone are the incidental Pearl Jam comparisons from their debut, 'Naveed.' Our Lady Peace is the rare band that has the foresight and hindsight to expand their musical vision after signing to a major label. Not resting on the big success that came with touring with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant behind O.L.P's smash single, the quasi-Middle Eastern, Vedder-esque blow out 'Starseed,' this Canadian quartet has become full-blown sonic artists with 'Clumsy,' showing potential for longevity in this fickle biz. And, despite the existence of Barenaked Ladies, Canadians recently showed some taste when 'Clumsy' debuted at No. 1 on the Canadian chart when released earlier this year."

Meanwhile, the national music press has been copping the Our Lady Peace buzz. Here's a bit of what this month's Musician magazine (the one with Aerosmith's Joe Perry on the cover) had to say about the group:

"If there's one word to describe the O.L.P. sound, it is conviction. (Raine) Maida's singing can cut through a crowded concert hall like a buzz-saw through cardboard, and his intensity's equaled by the instrumental side of the band. They've carved a niche for themselves with their heavy, drone-oriented sound, making them hot on the Canadian circuit."
Jun. 10 Our Lady Peace won the Contemporary Music-Recording Canadian Campus Entertainer of the Year award at this year's COCA festival, sharing the honour with Big Sugar. The Campus Entertainment Awards banquet took place Sunday, June 8 in London, Ontario as part of the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities (COCA) convention.

The Campus Entertainment Awards nationally recognize artists, agencies, and services who have been selected for outstanding performances in the college and university market. For the complete dish on the awards and conference, visit the COCA site.
Jun. 09 Summersault '97, a warm up to Edgefest featuring Our Lady Peace, I Mother Earth, The Tea Party, Age Of Electric, and Finger Eleven, is sold out. The festival is on June 26 in London, Ontario at the Western Fair Grandstand. If you don't have tickets, you'll have to tumble your way in by winning. For your chance to win a pair, faithfully listen to London's FM 96 or enter their web contest at

May 30 Our Lady Peace has been nominated for two awards at this year's Canadian Organization of Campus Activities festival. The band is up for the Contemporary Music-Recording Canadian Campus Entertainer of the Year and the COCA Campus Entertainment Award (this prestigious award goes to the performer or performers selected as Canada's favourite campus act).

The Campus Entertainment Awards Show nationally recognizes artists, agencies, and services who have been selected for outstanding performances in the College and University market. Winners are voted on by member schools, and then announced at the awards show during COCA, on Sunday, June 8th. For more details on the awards and conference, visit
May 28 Our Lady Peace will be crossing the border this summer, to perform oodles of American radio show and club dates.

Dates, cities, and shows:

May 26 Chicago, IL - House Of Blues/WRCX Show
May 27 Detroit, MI - 89x Show
May 29 Cleveland - Peabody's
May 30 Toledo - The Asylum

June 1 Hartford - WMRQ Show
June 2 Burlington, VT - WBTZ Show
June 3 Washington DC - 9:30 Club
June 6 NYC - CBGB's/McGathy Show
June 7 Detroit, MI - WRIF Show
June 10 Cincinnati - Top Cats
June 11 Buffalo - The Tralf
June 12 Grand Rapids - WKLQ Show
June 21 Salt Lake - X96 Show

July 4 Tampa, Fl - WXTB Show
July 6 Albany, NY - WQBK / The Edge Show
July 26 Sacramento - KRXQ Show
May 26 Our Lady Peace will be rolling into London two days before Edgefest starts. OLP will be performing live with I Mother Earth, The Tea Party, and Finger Eleven at Summersault '97 on June 26 at the Western fairgrounds. The event is a warm up to Edgefest, presented by local London radio station FM 96. Tickets are currently on sale.
May 20 Our Lady Peace grace the cover of this month's Access. Visit for an excerpt from the magazine's feature on the band, titled "Model Citizens".
May 12 Tickets are now on sale for Edgefest dates in Eastern Canada. Our Lady Peace is headlining the summer music festival with I Mother Earth, Tea Party, Cake, Holly McNarland, Collective Soul and BTK. A second stage will tentatively feature Age of Electric, Glue Leg, Finger Eleven, Kinnie Starr and Sara Craig.

Eastern Edge dates include:

June 28 Molson Park, Barrie
June 29 Blue Bonnett Park, Montreal
June 30 Lansdowne Park, Ottawa

Western dates in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver will soon be scheduled for late August. There may be two warm up shows prior to the Barrie date ... stay plugged to buzzwords for more details.
May 06 Our Lady Peace are continuing their visits to radio stations across Canada this week. The band has already stopped at stations in Toronto, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. The band will visit London, Ottawa and Montreal this week. OLP is set to performing a couple live acoustic songs while also chatting with fans.

Stations and times confirmed include:

London: FM96, The Hawk (week of May 5)
Ottawa: The Bear, CHEZ, KOOL-FM and Energy 1200 (week of May 5)
Montreal: CHOM, MIX96, CKOI and CKMF (week of May 5)

Apr. 22 With the release of �Clumsy� in the USA and Europe, Our Lady Peace fans in the rest of the world will soon learn what Canadian fans have known since the new year: �Clumsy� rocks! Our Lady Peace will be seeing a bit of these other nations in the near future as well. Fans in the Detroit area will want to tune into 89X as they will be giving away tickets to see the band at a club in Detroit on May 2. Our Lady Peace will be back in Detroit as part of 89X summer show on May 28, opening for Beck. On June 7, another Detroit station, WRIF, will be bringing the band back for one more show. Fans in Europe will have plenty of exposure to the band in the near future. The band has press and promotion days lined up among some festival dates in Europe. Press days include May 13 in Cologne, Germany; May 14 - Hamburg, Germany; May 20 in Paris for Television; and May 22 and 23 in Paris for more press.
For the festival dates, please see below. Good luck and have a safe trip guys.
Apr. 21 Our Lady Peace will be visiting radio stations across Canada to help promote Edgefest �97 which they are headlining. The band will be visiting radio stations in Toronto, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, London, Ottawa and Montreal in the next few weeks. The band will be performing some live acoustic songs at some of the stations. Stations and times confirmed at this point include:

CFNY (The Edge), April 21 at 6:00 PM
Q107, April 22 at 6:00 PM
The Mix, April 22, time to be confirmed
Niagara Falls
The Planet, April 23, time to be confirmed
St. Catharines
HTZ-FM, April 23 at 6:00
CHIQ, April 24, time to be confirmed
CITI FM, April 24 at Noon
CJKR, April 24 at 3:00
CJKR (The Next Generation), April 24 at 4:00
CFOX, Z95, CBC all on April 25, times to be confirmed
Rock107, CJAY on April 29, times to be confirmed
The Bear, Power92 on April 30, times to be confirmed
FM96, The Hawk, week of May 5
The Bear, CHEZ, KOOL-FM and Energy 1200, week of May 5
CHOM, MIX96, CKOI and CKMF, week of May 5

Contact the stations for more information and for times that are not listed
Apr. 21 Outdoor music fests are a big part of Canadian summers and this year is going to be no exception as Our Lady Peace gets set to headline Edgefest '97. The traveling show will kick off at Barrie's Molson Park on June 28th, move on to Montreal's Blue Bonnett Park on June 29th and end up at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa on June 30th. Tickets for these shows go on sale on Saturday April 26th and there is an early bird price of $19.50.

Other bands joining Our Lady Peace on the main stage are I Mother Earth, Tea Party, Collective Soul and BTK with more acts to be confirmed. The second stage will tentatively feature Age of Electric, Glue Leg, Finger Eleven, Kinnie Starr and Sara Craig. Again, more acts are to be confirmed.

Edgefest '97 will hit western Canada in August. Full details will be announced at the end of June for the western tour that will likely make stops in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

Stay tuned for more details!
Apr. 18 Our Lady Peace fans take notice. Make sure that you come and visit on Monday morning for important news! The site will be the first place to hear it!
Apr. 09 European fans of Our Lady Peace will want to keep their eyes open for the single version of �Superman�s Dead�. The single�s b-side will feature �Let You Down�, a previously unreleased track and �Starseed� from the bands debut album �Naveed�. The catalogue number you may need is EPC 664331. The single will be availabel in Canada, as an import on April 21, 1997.
Apr. 07 MuchMusic�s number one video for last week was �Superman�s Dead� by Our Lady Peace. The video was directed by George Vale and has been in heavy rotation at MuchMusic for 10 weeks. The video for �Clumsy� should be at MuchMusic in the coming weeks. Be sure to watch here next week for some exciting, huge news from the band.
Apr. 04 The title track of Our Lady Peace's Clumsy is set for release to video stations in Canada. The video was shot March 18 by director Matt Mahurin. Clumsy should be on the shelves in the US on April 15, the same day Superman�s Dead will be hitting the radio airwaves there. The band is currently busy showcasing their talents for industry people. They performed in Spain on March 21 and will be in New York on March 27.
Feb. 18 Congratulations and thank you to the fans for making Clumsy a platinum album so quickly! Watch for Our Lady Peace in the MuchMusic (Canada) Spotlight on February 27.

Feb. 12 Our Lady Peace fans from across the country will be able to ask questions and have them answered during The Transparent Humans Radio Hour. Check with your local stations to see who is airing the special and then call 1-888-308-9455 to ask the band your questions. The broadcast is set for Wednesday, February 12 at 10:00 PM EST. Some of the participating radio stations include CFOX, ROCK 107, THE BEARS (OTTAWA AND EDMONTON), CITI, CFNY, Q107, HTZ-FM, CHOM, C98 and CKRW in Whitehorse.
Feb. 12 The contest to win tickets to the private show is now closed! We will post the list of winners as soon as they have been confirmed.
Thanks to everyone for your overwhelming participation.
Feb. 11 The Transparent Humans Radio Hour will now also feature a performance from the band. The songs, expected to be done acoustically, can be heard live on radio stations across Canada on February 12 from 10 -11 PM ET.
Radio stations that are confirmed to be broadcasting the special include: CFOX (Vancouver); ROCK107 (Calgary); The Bear (Edmonton); CITI (Winnipeg); CFNY (Toronto); Q107 (Toronto); HTZ-FM (St. Catharines); The Bear (Ottawa); CHOM (Montreal); C98 (Saint John, NB).
Jan. 31 Just confirmed...Our Lady Peace is doing a closed, all ages show in Toronto for their family, friends and fans.
Jan. 30 The special entitled "The Transparent Humans Radio Hour With Our Lady Peace", will air on February 12 from 10-11 pm ET. Listeners from across the country will be able to speak to the band directly via a 1-800 number. Listen for your local station to see if they are broadcasting the special, and if they are not,call them and tell them that you want them to. For more information, click here
Jan. 29 Clumsy has debuted at #1 on the Soundscan chart. The Soundscan chart is based on retail sales in Canada, and is the new equivalent of the Billboard chart. Essentially what this means is that Clumsy is the hottest selling record this week in Canada, including foreign and domestic releases. Heartfelt thanks must go to the fans who have supported the band and have helped make them number one!
Jan. 21 Our Lady Peace release their sophomore album today!! The follow up to Naveed seems destined to succeed as it has shipped Gold (over 50,000 units). The first single "Superman's Dead" has been at radio for a month while the video debuts this week.
Jan. 20 The video for "Superman's Dead" has been added into heavy rotation at Muchmusic and medium rotation at MusiquePlus. Watch for Our Lady Peace on the covers of ACCESS, CAMPUS CANADA, and CANADIAN MUSICIAN in the coming months.
Jan. 20 We've just received word of an upcoming Our Lady Peace radio special. This special looks like it will air sometime in February with the band taking questions from a live audience, from callers, and from people who have sent in questions via the internet. Got any ideas on what you want the band to talk about? They would love to hear them; send in your questions or ideas to:
Jan. 16 OLP are currently rehearsing their new songs live, and are also in the midst of a media blitz; watch the dailies in your area next week for articles and interviews with the band.
Jan. 15 The video for Superman's Dead is in the final stages of completion. It is scheduled to arrive at Much Music early next week, so keep an eye out for it on 'The Nation's Music Station'.
Jan. 09 During a break in rehearsal, Our Lady Peace took part in a special event. They held an online press conference for the Canadian campus media. The media was invited to join the band for 60 minutes to ask questions about the new album, touring and whatever else journalists ask when working on an article. Watch for the transcript to be posted on the site in the coming weeks but in the meantime, check out a university paper for the night's q&a session.
Jan. 06 What the band thought was going to be a routine video shoot this past weekend turned out to be a bit of a "freeze" fest. Nobody told the band that the venue chosen for the shoot had not been heated since the mid-80s and as such, they were just a tad cold during the two days. But not to despair; director George Vale, who has worked with the band on all their previous videos, captured a visual interpretation of Superman's Dead on film. Watch for the new video for on Muchmusic at the end of January.
Jan. 02 Our Lady Peace is getting set to shoot the video for Superman's Dead. The video will be shot over the next couple of days in an abandoned Toronto warehouse.
Dec. 16 The first single from the upcoming Our Lady Peace album, Clumsy, debuts on Canadian radio today. The title of the single is Superman's Dead. The album is set to be released in Canada on January 21st, 1997 and will be released in other countries beginning in March.
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