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This page is essentially (as it states clearly) a page of links. I created this page a long time ago, as a semi-replacement for a bookmark file, it's grown into much more. The results are here before you.

This Page is very long. A way around scrolling down like there's no tomorrow is by clicking on the headings below:


  1. Search Sites
    1. Regular
    2. Non-Regular
  2. Browsers & Providers
  3. Lots o' Sites
    1. Good sites to go to
    2. Computer Manufactureres Sites
    3. Big corporations and their sites
    4. Sites for Software
    5. Sites for News
    6. Books and Magazines Sites
    7. Music Sites
    8. Movie/TV Sites
  1. US Government Sites
  2. Pakistani Sites
    1. Some Pakistani Sites
    2. LUMS Faculty web pages & directories
    3. Friends and Acquaintainces' Sites
  3. Favourite TV Shows & Movies' Sites
    1. X-Files' Sites
    2. Star Trek Sites
    3. Star Wars Sites
    4. Babylon 5

So let's begin, here are them links!

But first, click here for: BSc class of 1999, Class picture

Search Sites


good for advanced searches
good for natural language querys with keyword weightage
very powerful options, great for advanced searches
large number of databases
good categories to search through
for highly rated "Green Light" sites
good, powerful engine
World Wide Web Worm
good search site
good site, tied in with AltaVista
Study Web
Tourbus recommended site for research searches


Searches lots of engines, really well
From the maker of Dogpile, great ways to customize your search - can sort by domain name too!
All 4 One
Altavista, Lycos, Webcraler & Yahoo!
Highway 61
7 search engines used including: Excite, Hotbot, Infoseek and Lycos
8 engines but you can use only one at a time
9 engines, the most accomplished of them all
6 engines used
Savvy Search
28 engines, but slow
good, but best for research purposes
well, more a current events site instead of a metasearch
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Browsers and Providers

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Lots o' Sites

Good sites to go to

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Computer Manufacturers Sites (a few major ones)

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Big Corporations' and their sites

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Sites for Software

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News Sites

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Books and Magazine Sites

See ZD Net for huge list of computer magazines there
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Music Sites

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Movies/TV Sites

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US Government Sites

See Armughan's Home Page for US Military sites
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Pakistani Sites

Some Pakistani Sites

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LUMS Faculty Web pages and directories

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Friends, Relatives and Acquaintences Web Pages

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My Favourite T.V. Shows & Movies

X-Files Sites

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Star Trek Sites

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Star Wars Sites

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Babylon 5

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