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Seek and Destroy Seek and Destroy
Seek and Destroy from Safari Software. Execute strategic missions against the enemy in either a tank or helicopter. Features a smooth 360 degree battlefield, tons of action, multiple weapon upgrades and configurations, beautiful explosions and mass destruction.
Highway Hunter Highway Hunter
Highway Hunter is a fast, frantic and furious arcade blast fest from a development team in Moscow, Russia with 256-color scrolling, reminiscent of the classic Spy Hunter.
Line Wars II Line Wars II
Incredible 3D space action game from Safari Software. Play alone or battle your friends in modem and network play! Cruise through a true 3D environment in the Deneb star system, toasting pirate ships as you progress through 3 killer missions! Supports SVGA , Sound Blaster, & more.
Traffic Department Traffic Department
Traffic Department is an action adventure in a city of the future. You're part of a small police force and you must defend the city while the plot unfolds. Great cinematics! (Voluntarily rated "R" and includes a "PG" option for younger audiences.

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