Extreme Pinball

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EA Logo Extreme Pinball, the follow-up to the award winning Epic Pinball is being designed and published through the combined efforts of both Epic MegaGames and Electronic Arts Inc. With tons of new features, Extreme Pinball takes PC pinball to the next level!

Medieval Knights            Monkey Mayhem
Medieval Knights
Monkey Mayhem

Extreme Pinball features the rich details and rules you'd find in real arcade pinball tables plus gorgeous, super-smooth scrolling graphics and awesome sound.

Here are just some of the improvements we've made over the award winning Epic Pinball:

Rock Fantasy            Urban Chaos
Rock Fantasy
Urban Chaos

System Requirements

Minimum RequirementsRecommendedAlso Supports
486/33486/66SB/SB Pro/SB16
VGA GraphicsLocal Bus VGA GraphicsGravis Ultrasound
8mb of RAM8mb of RAMPro Audio Spectrum

The Shareware Version of Extreme Pinball is available in the following locations:

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