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    In the twenty-sixth century, after civilization as we know it and most life on Earth have been destroyed, the remnants of humanity, dubbed "People," live in horrid, squalid slums controlled by computer overseers. Some, like Grey Death, seek to better their circumstances by becoming "Troopers," warriors rewarded for their labors with the promise of earning the status of "Citizens," who enjoy the comforts of the splendid "City." But what is their real reward at the end of the battle?

    GREY is an action-packed drama that will make you think while your heart pounds! Cotranslator Gerard Jones writes, "Despite all the elaborate battles, titanic machines, screaming sound effects, baroque terminology, and intricate penwork, GREY is ultimately a very sparse, almost minimalist manga series... Grey Death is the story... He is the hero, the would-be liberator of the world, the revealer of truth. The characters in Grey are walking corpses, moving though a world of windowless corridors and animate machines that lead them toward the same destination, the final dehumanization. The story of Grey is not one of man triumphing over his creations, but of a systematic collapse in which the machines destroy themselves."

    In his introduction to the series, acclaimed science fiction writer Harlan Ellison comments, "GREY is a wonderful adventure story that uses ideas in the best possible fashion: as motivational impetus for a crackling good tale of survival and the development of a fascinating character. And if Grey himself is less than lovable, it is an important comment on how a society mad for war can debase and chill its citizens. GREY is also a powerful statement about the demeaning caste systems we create to keep others 'in their place.' And all of this, in stylish pictorial presentation."

    GREY PERFECT COLLECTION VOL.s 1 and 2, reprinting the classic science fiction graphic novels, are due in June and July from Viz Comics.

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