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    In March of 1997, Viz Comics' long-running series SANCTUARY will come to its dramatic conclusion! Illustrated with gritty, realistic, and erotic drawings by Ryoichi Ikegami, the world-renowned artist of CRYING FREEMAN, SAMURAI CRUSADER, and MAI, THE PSYCHIC GIRL, SANCTUARY is the erotically charged saga of political corruption, the yakuza crime syndicate, and two handsome, ruthless young men. Author Sho Fumimura's previous work includes the action-packed series FIST OF THE NORTH STAR.

    As children, Hojo and Asami survived the horrors of the Cambodian killing fields together. After emigrating to Japan, they resolved to transform their adopted country, to create a kind of "sanctuary" for themselves. Asami took the high road, becoming a politician, and Hojo took the low, rising to the top ranks of the Japanese yakuza. Deputy Police Chief Ishihara set out to expose their ingenious machinations, but instead fell hopelessly in love with Hojo...

    Hojo has launched a scheme to turn the yakuza into a legitimate business, and Asami is attempting to amend the Japanese constitution to force Japan's apathetic public to become more involved in the political process. The two have reached the gates of their Sanctuary, but at great personal cost. Finally, as Asami's health continues to decline, they travel to Cambodia together to contemplate the starting point of their quest.

    SANCTUARY PART FIVE, #13: It's been a long road to Sanctuary -- don't miss the last step of the way!

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