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Ten Things to Watch Out for in the Future
According to Jim Carroll - Author of Surviving the Information Age

The number of full time jobs will begin to dramatically shrink

The era of the job for life has clearly come to an end and the concept of the job is becoming irrelevant as well. A new way of thinking is emerging in the corporate world, built upon a reluctance to increase staff levels with the result that we are becoming an economy of consultants who sell their skills and talents to business on an as needed basis.

Companies will hire the best talent they can, regardless of where that person might be

In the wired world, the only thing that counts is knowledge. If the knowledge is accessible from anywhere in the world, then companies will find themselves in the position of being able to choose the best talent and expertise they need to do a particular job from a group of global, skilled consultants. The impact? A new era of career competitiveness is about to unfold as a number of highly skilled workers sell their capabilities and talents to a global audience of business organizations.

Lifestyle choice will come to dominate career decisions

Because they can supply their skills from anywhere through the tools of the wired world, this elite group of individuals calls the shots. They will make lifestyle decisions that will let them service their national and global client base from a rural electronic cottage thus enjoying the fruits of the wired economy at the same time as they watch their children grow up. A new era of career decisions based upon lifestyle choices is upon us.

Where people work from won’t matter

In the good old days, there was a simple rule that the world of business operated by – people lived close to the place where they worked – a rule that is clearly and unequivocally changing as a result of the wired world. The matter of location is quickly becoming irrelevant, with the explosion of telecommunication networks, fax machines, voice mail and e-mail and other methods of communication. The office of the future will look like your bedroom – because it will be.

Business competition will increase dramatically

The real impact of the wired world? We are on the precipice of a new competitive economy which is not level – the impact of disintermediation and "wired competition" are playing havoc will old-school business strategies. The continued evolution of the wired world will mean that senior management – not technical staff – must take charge of steering their organizations through an increasingly complicated networked economy.

A generational battle for economic control and survival is upon us

It won’t be easy -- our economic systems are increasingly characterized by baby-boomers and the older generation, comfortable in their unchanging ways – and who are now faced with a new, wired and technically sophisticated Generation-X. Increasingly, economic survival is dependent upon mastery of technology – and it should be obvious who has the upper hand in this game!

Business and government will face an unprecedented consumer and electorate revolt

Armed with new and powerful information technologies, the wired consumer is discovering that a unique and unprecedented power and influence over the decisions and activities undertaken by traditional business organizations and government. Executives will come to appreciate and respect the raw, naked capability of the wired world – and will struggle to comprehend how they can level the playing field.

Just in time knowledge will be crucial to success

With an increasingly complex world, the ability to access and comprehend knowledge will become an increasingly important survival skill. Those who can change their capabilities and skill "on a dime" through just in time knowledge, will be the true survivors in the coming wired world.

Opportunity will come to strategic thinkers

Embracing the "wired world" is about more than building a Web site. Business success will come to those business executives who recognize that the emerging networked economy is all about re-engineering business relationships through the use of information technology, which when successfully done provides real, sustainable and profitable competitive advantage.

There will be a number of high profile business failures

There are those who think that success in the wired world is all too easy. Those organizations which believe they have mastered the wired world, by jumping in with much enthusiasm but little commitment, will discover rather sheepishly that business success comes not from technology, but from management vision. Their failure will be embarrassing, hilarious and sad at the same time.

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