04/04/97 -- We're hiring!

Sunstorm is actively seeking new Windows programmers, artists and level designers. If you'd like to break into the game industry, check our hiring page for details!

New Blood Add-On Under Development!

Sunstorm is proud to announce that we've reached an agreement to produce an OFFICIAL add-on for the hot new 3D shooter - BLOOD from Monolith Productions. Entitled 'Cryptic Passage', this add-on features an entirely new episode! Visit our 'Cryptic Passage' page for regular updates!

Two new titles ready to hit the shelves!

Check in at your favorite software retailer for two great new Windows game titles: Board Game Classics & Fisherman's Paradise.

Sunstorm begins biological research for its next fishing game!

Robert Travis ( level designer ) has just put the finishing touches on our office fish tank. It's got a great layout ( just like his levels ) but the fish don't seem to live too long.

03/17/97 -- Duke It Out In D.C. Makes the Top Ten Downloads!

Last week, Duke It Out In D.C appeared on the Top Ten Downloads at one of the net's most popular gaming sites, The Adrenaline Vault! It debuted at the number two spot, then the next day, took first place and spent the rest of the week there!

Duke Xtreme Now In Stores!

Sunstorm's Duke Xtreme Control Center is now out in stores! Featuring many different ways to change and customize Duke Nukem 3D, as well as containing 50 new never before seen levels!

02/25/97 -- Sunstorm Redesigns Webpage!

Started work on new Sunstorm Website! Once the new site is up, watch for some changes to the graphics in the next few weeks.

Duke Xtreme approved for pressing!

The hot new title 'Duke Xtreme' is approved for pressing and should be on the market in the next one or two weeks. Stop by your local retailer and pick up a copy... Wanna find out more about our products... see our products section.

02/24/97 -- Duke DC Ready To Go!

Completed initial version of Duke It Out In DC and sent it off to WizardWorks and 3D Realms for final approval and testing. If all goes as planned, Duke DC should hit stores in the first half of March!

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