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Mysteries of the Sith
LucasArts revisits Jedi Knight with an expansion pack.

Come February, Jedi Knight fans will have a fresh new game to play, in the form of Mysteries of the Sith, a new expansion pack from the Rebels in San Rafael.

Heading the development is Stephen Shaw, previously involved as a lead programmer in both Full Throttle and the recently completed Outlaws.� Ever since finishing the Old West shooter, Shaw and his team have been at work on the JK expansion pack, which explains why it will be available so quickly after the first game's release.

Much of the content for the new package is inspired by the Star Wars series of novels by Timothy Zahn, Shaw indicates. And the storyline is focused on a new character drawn from Zahn's work.

Several years after Kyle defeated the seven Dark Jedi in the current game, he is an established Jedi Knight with a solid reputation. Players begin the game portraying Kyle again, and this is the manner in which we meet the new character, his aspiring apprentice Mara Jade.

Jade soon becomes the main character, after Katarn departs to investigate a new Sith temple. While waiting for Katarn, she undertakes two new missions: one to investigate a pirate group, and another to deal with a Hutt crime boss, Ka' Pa. Ultimately she then goes on to challenge the Sith, attempting to locate the now missing Katarn.

The new pack contains 14 single player levels, divided into four stories or "chapters", and 15 multi-player levels with some new multi-player options. A new death match game, called Kill the Fool With the Ysalamiri, adds a Force-negation effect to the multi-player mix.

Some of the new multi-player levels are set in such well known Star Wars locales as the Imperial Throne Room, the Carbonite Chamber, Cloud City, and Tatooine. Adding to the arsenal are a carbonite gun (similar to the Freeze Ray in Duke Nukem 3D), remote sequencer, a repeating blaster cannon, and the BlasTech BH-35 electroscope, a long-range weapon.

New force powers for the Jedi on the go include Force Push, Chain Lightning, Lightsaber Throw, Force Projection and Far Sight. New monsters are also in the works, including the Rancor, Imperial torture droids, and undead Sith warriors.

-- by the PC Gamer staff

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