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The Borland Curriculum Grant Program

Borland introduces the Curriculum Grant Program to acknowledge colleges, universities, and K-12 schools for using innovative technology in their courses. This grant provides one (1) year software licenses for Borland's programming languages and development tools to support computer science, engineering, information techology, math, science and business courses. In exchange for the software licenses, faculty agrees to provide curriculum materials so that other faculty visiting our Web site will be able to reference them.

Table of Contents

Grant Description and Requirements
Each department (listed below) within a school is eligible to apply for a grant. The grant application and supporting materials must meet the requirements detailed below to be eligible. (Please note incomplete applications will be returned)

Borland will provide up to 30 software licenses legal for one (1) year, at no charge under this grant program. You may select one product or a combination of any two products for a total of 30 licenses. Schools will be required to purchase the installation or server copy of each of their selected software applications from their college store or local reseller.

The awarding of grants require course materials to be classified by a specific instructional discipline. Categories for traditionally classifying curricula covered in the technical areas are Computer Science, Information Technology, and Software Engineering.

Course must support at least one of the following categories of discipline

  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Math & Business
Schools will be required to purchase the installation or server copy of each of their selected software products from their college store or local reseller.

You Must Provide:

  • Detailed course description (Course outline or syllabus which includes a week by week agenda) Example
  • Textbooks and materials used for course must be included in the course outline.
  • URLs for any related course material already available or to become available
  • Email addres, if applicable
  • A softcopy of your course outline or Syllabus saved to a 3.5" disk as either:
    • filename.txt (preferred)
    • filename.rtf (word document)
  • Printd copy (hardcopy) or your course outline or Syllabus

PLEASE NOTE: Your grant will not be processed without meeting the criteria above: All materials you submit to Borland will become property the of Borland. Borland may use, reproduce, display and distribute your course description, outlines, syllabi or book list. Borland will not change the content of your submission, but reserves the right to change the format. Borland may publish your URL links or other references to your electronically-distributed materials. Borland may authorize others to do any or all of the above.

Faculty Qualifications
Full-time faculty in any department responsible for any of the following may apply:
Teaching programming or the use of programming for problem-solving activities, software engineering, or other information technology curricula involving programming tools. These departments include but are not limited to Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Math, Science and Business.

Grants can be selected from any of the following products or a combination of any two (2) products for a total of 30 licenses of the following Borland software programs:

Note: Multiple applications per school will be accepted. However, the Borland Curriculum Grant Program will accept only one application per department within each college or university The licenses provided under this grant are for Academic Use Only.

How to Apply
Mail a sample of either your course syllabus/course outline, textbook listing, and URL address information in both hard and soft copy (PC .txt and .doc format) and a Signed/Printout of the completed grant application form to:

Borland Educational Sales
Curriculum Grant Program
100 Borland Way
Scotts Valley, CA 95066-3249

Important: Please remember to sign and date application. Applications will not be accepted for review unless you submit the signed printout of the completed grant application form, and the sample course syllabus or other course materials we will post on our Web site. We will confirm receipt of your application by either phone or email.

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