What's up in the Looking Glass Flying Circus ?

Well the Flight 2 team is ready to get going and start work on some new projects. The problem is that part of the team wants to improve Flight 2 and the rest want to do an air combat sim. The managers here at LG decided to take the easy way out and keep everyone happy by hiring some more flight sim fanatics and starting both projects. (BTW if you have Flight Sim art or coding experience check out our job page.) So if you're into civil aviation sims let us know how we can improve on Flight II by taking the Flight III survey and if you've been dying to see the amazing Flight Unlimited technology in an air combat sim then take our Flight Combat survey. If you're into anything you can fly on a computer then take both ! Note - Flight III and Flight Combat are being developed for the Windows 95/98 operating system.

Flight Combat survey Take the Flight 3 survey
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