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Bosses of the Egg

To find the final bosses' lair, you must successfully explore the repeating maze of passages inside the Egg. To find the solution, return to the Library in Mabe Village (at map location 1-L). Read the book in the lower right corner of the library called Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint Island. If you have the Magnifying Glass, you will be able to read the ancient script. The information in the book will tell the solution to the maze in the Egg.

The final boss of the game transforms into many different forms. The following list describes each of the forms and gives you help on defeating them.

First form: To defeat Giant Gel, avoid its attacks as it bounces around the room. Whenever it is touching the ground, attack it using your Magic Powder. Three hits from your Magic Powder will defeat it.

Second form: To defeat Agahnim's Shadow, avoid his attacks as you try to reflect his fireballs back at him using your Sword. Five reflected shots will dissolve Agahnim.

Third form: To defeat Moldorm's Shadow, avoid it as it bounces around the room. Use your Mirror Shield to fend off its assault and hit it in the tail with your Sword. It will require more than a dozen hits to defeat Moldorm.

Fourth form: To defeat the Shadow of Ganon, equip your Sword and Pegasus Boots. Avoid his attacks as you repeatedly charge him with the Boots. Even though he attacks relentlessly, he can be defeated by about twelve hits.

Fifth form: To defeat Lanmola's Shadow, avoid its attacks as it chases you around the room. Whenever you get the chance, hit it with the Magic Rod. It will only take one hit from the Magic Rod to defeat it.

To defeat DethI, equip the Bow and Roc's Feather. Jump over the arms as they rotate around the room. When the eye in the center of the body opens, shoot it with your Arrows. Be very careful, as it takes more than 20 hits to vanquish DethI and reveal the secret of Koholint Island.

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