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This site is given as a Christmas present from myself (Christopher Pirillo) and my fiancee' (Gretchen Hundling) to the rest of my immediate 'Pirillo' family. As more and more Pirillos contact me to have their links placed here, it will grow into a resource for Pirillos the world over. For the time being, I'll work on getting some pictures up and other resources which my family finds entertaining.

Joseph Pirillo

Joe is currently the longest-standing city council member of Altoona, Iowa. A veteran of the Vietnam War, he grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, and returned there after a short stay in Michigan with his wife, Judy. He enjoys building sturdy VCR stands and then painting them black. On a good day, you might see him riding his Goldwing motorcycle across town. On a bad day, you will probably find him in front of the television (or quite possibly surfing the Internet).

Judyth Pirillo

Judy is the only female in this somewhat testosterone-ridden family. When she has free time on her hands, she volunteers for the Animal Rescue League of Central Iowa. She's also president of the "Friends of the Altoona Library" committee, so it's apparent that she loves reading. When the weather is nice, she'll sit outside on her big, wooden swing to read. She'll also ride with her husband, Joe, when he goes flying down the highways on his Goldwing.

Click Here to See Joe & Judy on their Goldwing

Christopher Pirillo

Chris is a recent graduate of the University of Northern Iowa, graduating magna cum laude with a degree in English Education in 1996. He is the first son borne of Joe & Judy on July 26th, 1973. Currently, Chris owns his own Internet business & edits and distributes a free Windows 95/NT e-mail newsletter to 80,000+ people from around the world. When not doing things with his TKE (Tau Kappa Epsilon) fraternity brothers, he's usually designing websites and playing on the Internet. If you have any questions about this site, he'd be the person to ask. This October, he'll be marrying Gretchen Hundling. To find out more about Chris and his newsletter, visit Lockergnome.

Click Here to See Chris & Gretchen

Adam Pirillo

Adam is pursuing a degree in commercial graphic design at Des Moines Area Community College. He's the second son borne of Joe & Judy on February 9th, 1976. You might know Adam by his nickname, 'Frojive.' How did he get that name? Well, take a look at his hair sometime and you'll stop asking questions. If you want to get ahold of him, e-mail him... he might be out attending or DJ'ing a Rave right now.

Benjamin Pirillo

Ben is having a ball at the University of Northern Iowa while attempting to get a degree in Physical Education. He's the third son borne of Joe & Judy on September 23rd, 1977. Like Chris, Ben is a member of TKE International Fraternity, and is currently serving as the Historian officer in his chapter. Ben enjoys playing games on his Sony Playstation, and he's just beginning to learn his way around a PC.