Here are some other services offered by
Staten Island Community Television:

CTV also provides other services such as Videograms, Staten Island residents can fill out a simple form and have FREE electronic messages about any event or organization, cablecast on channels 34 and 35 during all non-video programming hours. Categories of submission include, Events, Meetings, Volunteer, Kids, Services, Religion, Membership, Animals, Sports, CTV Mailbox, Learning and Miscellaneous. To request a Videogram form, call (718) 727-1414.

CTVi, is an interactive information service which lets you use your touchtone phone and your TV, tuned to channel 56, to access a variety of information such as NY city Transit information, employment listings and information about community civic and cultural organizations. Tune into Channel 56 on Staten Island Cable and dial (718) 727-0235 to get interactive!

There are two programs that we produce which do not require any training, yet they allow individuals or community groups to get a message out to the community. The first is "Speakers Corner" a LIVE, monthly, open forum program, which provides residents with five minutes of air time to speak about any topic, issue or concern that they choose. Reservations for "Speakers' Corner", are accepted after the 1st of the month by calling Lance Armstrong at (718) 727-1414. The other program is "It's Your Message", during this program we allow Staten Island residents to tape a thirty second public service message which will be incorporated into CTV programming during the month that it is taped.

CTVr ("CTV Radio") is Staten Island Community Television's Audio-Only Public Access channel. CTV producers have the opportunity to create Audio-only programming, live or taped, and cablecast it over our channels.