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Hello world!! I have updated my web page. Shock horror. All it has extra is a bit of animation (check out those blinking smileys and wobbly background), a scrolly message, some music (Mike Oldfields Incantations Finale), a counter and loads more bullshit. You probably need Internet Explorer 4 to appreciate all this.

I am a bit pissed off because I have had to cancel my holiday to Egypt because of terrorist activities. I may have said in my previous web page that overthrowing governments was a cool thing to do but violence is not the way. It doesn't endear anyone to your cause at all. The best way to topple a dictatorship is through propaganda and subversion. No army can fight an idea if it's worth believing in. And the tour company I booked with "Titan Tours" are a bunch of immoral fascists who only want to give us 40% of our money back and after we paid for cancellation insurance as well. They would rather send us to Egypt and risk our lives then give us our money back. Avoid this company!!!!!!!!!

This page is still just a test for now. I may put something worthwhile on here at a later date. Why not try this links to some of my favorite sites. They might even work.

Click on the link Orbital Home Page

Click on the link Mike Oldfield Fan Page

Click on the link Reboot Page

Here is an updated list of cool things to do:-

Hello Mary!


Now I have bought a groovy new laptop full of fun windows 95 stuff, I may get back into some programming and put some downloads here.

Here for a limited period only is the first program I ever wrote on the ZX Spectrum. You will need to find a spectrum emulator to run it. Do a web search you lazy git, it will be well worth the effort:-

Download (3K) Here


The Prisoner is the best thing that was ever on television. Click here for the best quote.


Do you giggle like a schoolboy whenever someone says the 'F' word? If so you need to visit my mini Alexi Sayle page for some truly inspired swearing. Click here.


Maybe you think this page with its flowing backgound is a bit too psychedelic? If so E-mail - Click here to try

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