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A10 Silent Thunder
Actua Soccer
Battleship and Risk
Descent II
Doom I,II and mode-X games
F22 Lightning II
Fatal Racing
Grand Prix II
Indycar Racing II
Nascar 2
Mechwarrior II
Mechwarrior II: Mercs
Privateer II
Quake (and GLQuake)
Quake II (incl. GLQuake II)
Screamer II
Tombraider II

A10 Silent Thunder ()

Q Is A10-Silent Thunder rendition ready?

A: The version of A10 that comes with the Screamin' 3D is Direct3D. Unfortunately none of us can get our hands on it because it is bundle only. /Mike

Actua Soccer  (updated 20 June 1997) - ()

Q Is there a special version of Actua Soccer?

A:There is a update for the 3D-Blaster. But it will cost you.

"A special version of Actua Soccer has been released which supports the Creative Labs 3D Blaster Graphics Accelerator card. If you already have a version of Actua Soccer then you can upgrade for the nominal charge of:

£5 inc. post and packing (UK Only)

£7 inc. post and packing (Rest of World)

Just send a cheque / postal order (in pounds sterling) or credit card details (Access or Visa Only) along with your original copy of Actua Soccer and your postal address details to:

Gremlin Interactive Ltd Actua Soccer 3D Blaster Upgrade Carver House Carver Street Sheffield S1 4FS "

Battleship and Risk from Hasbro
(Updated 20 June) ()

Q: I can't get Risk and Battleships from Hasbro to run. All I get is a black screen.

A: This is the solution Hasbro recommends: "Try turning down the Video Acceleration in Windows itself. To do this first right click on My Computer, choose Properties, click on the Performance tab, and then click on the Graphics button. Move the slider to the left to turn off Video Acceleration. " You actually don't have to turn it off completely. Just leave it on the basic-setting (second from the left). Just don't forget to turn it on again after the game.

Hasbro has also released patches for both Risk and Battleships. I think they may fix the problems to.

Update! - There is now a patch for both Battleships and Risk at  

Descent II ()

Q:: Is there a verite-patch and can I download it from somewhere?

A: Yes. Get it at

Q: Descent II crashes when I try it in pure DOS-mode but works when I run it under Windows 95. Why?

A: Download the latest patch.


Q:: I have problems running Descent II with the V2x00 cards

A: You can try 2 things. First, rename the spd3d.uc file to spd3d.uc2 . This might help you run the game under a Win95 box. You can also try the which is suppsoed to help V2x00 owners to run Speedy3D games under Dos.

Q: I can get Descent II to run but it has a reddish picture?

A: I'm not sure why this happens yet.


Doom, Doom II and other mode-x games ()

Q: Doom and Doom II is really slow on my computer. Am I doing something wrong or shouldn't this card run them faster?

A: Doom and Doom2 is slow because ModeX is one of the VGA graphics mode that can't be fixed with RenUtil, and is god-slow on the Verite. RenUtil will fix most other Mode-X games, but on my P166 DOS Doom runs like a 486-25. What you can do is get the Win95 DoomII demo, swap out the wad for your commercial DOS Doom, and you'll get a very fast Doom2 along with an SVGA option.


Q: How do I know if a game uses mode-x?

A: This is an answer from longkan on the Creative Connection. I havent tried myself yet to see if this is right (I trust him ;-):

"Here's how to tell if a game is using ModeX (other than physically counting the number of pixels on-screen. :)If you use VTOOL /S:2, and an app/game uses ModeX or ModeY or any other variations based on Mode 13 (VGA), you will see about 4 to 8 little screens filling your whole screen.In such a case, you'll have to fall back to the default speed of /S:1. "

EF2000 (
Updated 18 July) ()

DID has released a 3D-patch for EF2000. This patch do only work if you already have installed the add-on Tactcom. North American users *must* buy the new V2.0-version or get the Tactcom-add-on from Europe to use this patch. The new v2.0 includes both Tactcom and this patch.

This is how you install the different versions:

English version

"Firstly, re-install Tactcom. Then when you have downloaded the zip file, unzip it and copy the tactpat.exe file to your EF2000 directory and run it from within Windows'95. Choose your 3D card type from the menu, and your files will be updated. Next, rename your EF2000 directory to Tactcom. You can run the game by double clicking on the EF2000.PIF file in the Tactcom directory. Don't run the EF2000.EXE! The Graphics+ upgrade will also upgrade your version of DOS EF2000 to DOS EF2000V2.0.  For those users in the USA who have purchased Tactcom from the UK, you will also be able to apply this upgrade.

If you experience any problems with the upgrade please read the Problem Solver below. However, if you don't find a solution there please contact our Technical Support Team"

German and French version

"Delete EF2000 from your hard drive and then re-install EF2000 but do not run it or set up the Preferences!
Apply the TACTCOM upgrade as described in the TACTCOM manual but do not run it or set up the Preferences. Now copy the zip file that you downloaded into your ef2000 directory and unzip it. You should now have a file called tacpatg.exe or tacpatf.exe (depending on whether you have the German or French version). Run this file and after a short pause you will be asked to choose either Rendition (Verite) or 3DFX (Voodoo). Choose the relevant option and after another short pause a DOS box should appear and the first part of the upgrade will commence (this may take some time).

Once the first part of the upgrade has finished the window titlebar will say Finished and you will see a message telling you that the patch was successfully applied. Close the window and wait a few  seconds, after which the second part of the upgrade will commence.

Once the second part of the upgrade has finished you will, once again, see in the window titlebar a message telling you that the patch was successfully applied. Now close this window. If all has gone well you should now see a message saying Upgrade Complete. Click the OK button and finally click on the Exit button.

Next, rename your EF2000 directory to Tactcom. You should now make a shortcut on your desktop to the EF2000.PIF file in your Tactcom directory. Now open a DOS box and go to the directory where you have installed the GFX+ upgrade. Once there, run the config.bat file and set up your preferences, sound and joysticks, remembering to save the settings when completed.

 Now you can run the game by just double-clicking on the shortcut you made earlier

If you experience any problems with the upgrade please read the Problem Solver below. However, if you don't find a solution there please contact our Technical Support Team"

F22 Lightning II ()

Q: I can't get F22 Lightning II, Grand Prix 2 or Mechwarrior II to run.

A: Download the file and run it before the games. It fixes some problems with VESA 2.0-games.

Q: "1st, I want to thank Paul, if he reads this, for his help. I dnlded the special Install patch for F22 and it enabled me to Install the game BUT with Vesa 1.0 not 2.0. Now it will not run - hit Icon to start game, screen flashes to black and then back to desktop. I have the F22 special patch with shortcut on desktop BUT I don't think it does anything, when you double click on it - a window comes up and at top says something like Vesa loaded - and after the program runs hit Ctrl/C to exit - BUT I don't hear my HD do anything, and as far as I can tell this patch does nothing (NO instructions on how to use - something about run TSR, what is TSR?).
Can someone Please help me?

TIA Michael" (via Creative Connection)

A: "It sounds like you have more of a problem that just the deal. You should probably first of all download the latest update/patch from Novalogic for f22. It fixes a few known problems as well as a few vesa bugs. Put the F2210018.EXE in a temp directory and run it. It will decompress, then when it's done. run install. when promted, specify the path to the directory where f22 is installed. Now your files will be updated "setup.exe, f22.bin, etc."
Next thing you wan't to do now is as following. Run a dos promt and be in a full size window. Copy the (vesa 2 utility) to your f22 directory. run and then setup. Select vesa 2 under video. save and run the game. Some times it seems as the f22,com resets and does not really stay resident. so you might have to run it again after exiting setup prior to running the game.

Hope this helps...


Fatal Racing/Whiplash ()

Q: Does a Rendition accelerated version of Fatal Racing/Whiplash exist?

A: A Speedy3D patch for Whiplash exists and can be downlaoded form my download page


Q: How do I get it ro run with my V2x00 card

A: Rename the spd3d.uc file to spd3d.uc2 . This might help you run the game under a Win95 box. You can also try the which is suppsoed to help V2x00 owners to run Speedy3D games under Dos.


Q: Does Whiplash (Fatal Racing) work on all Verite-cards or is it using a native Creativ 3D API?

A: Here is an answer from Curt who runs the playtoday-site :

I've believe that this game uses the Creative Labs' proprietary API.
It's CGL, or CGI ... something like that. Anyway, if that's the case, no other board will run it. Only the Creative Labs card has the ability to run games using this API. (CGL never caught on, however)
There is one way to see if a DOS port is using the Speedy3D API (which means that any Verite card can run it). Simply look and see if the microcode file is in the directory. Look for the SPD3D.UC file in the game directory."

Q: How do you get the CGL-patches to work?

A: Ok, here a answer on that:

"I got the whiplash patch to work(at least speed up the game, not any enhanced features though) by copying the vrit*.cgl file from the 3DB bonus cd in the /rebmoon directory to whiplash/fatdata and deleting the vrite165.cgi in the fatdata directory. The only problem I see is that it cannot display the main menu or race results, I fixed that problem by changing to VGA resolution right when the race is about to be finished and then it displays the menu and such, then in the menu I turn it back to SVGA for the next race. The Game is really fun when it runs fast, I love it!
Christopher "

Q: What does the CGL-patch do?

A: I don't have Fatal Racing/Whiplash but from what I have heard it just speeds the game up. It does not add any graphics-enhancements.

G-Police ()

Q:: In the demo, I have problems with the transparency. Does this exist in the full game?

A: No, the full game runs beatifully on the VXXX cards.

Grand Prix II ()

Q:: Here is a good tip on GP II. Remember that you may have to use the f22.exe-utility to get it to run.

A: "I replaced in my computer (Cyrix P166+, MicroStar 5128 (430HX), 32MB Ram) the S3 Trio64 PCI with the 3D Blaster (PCI) and when I ran the GP2 it was much slower than before. I found that the problem was the Auto Detail witch counted the machine speed really wrong. I fixed the proplem by configuring the details and frame rate manually. I wonder why the Auto Detail/Frame thinks the machine is REALLY slow? Is there any 3DB patches aviable to GP2?
/Sasler "

Indycar Racing II ()

Q:: I can't get Indy Car Racing II to work on my V2x00 card!!

A: Ok, there are a few things you can try. Get the from my download page and try it and see if it works. Also try renaming the spd3d.uc to spd3d.uc2. Then try the and see if you can run it under DOS. Colin Taber mailed me this great step-by-step solution. you can also find it at


Hello ICR2 drivers!

If you've got a new Diamond Stealth II or Hercules Thriller or other video board based on the v2x00 series of Rendition chips, you know that it is not fully compatible with the Rendition version of Indycar II by Papyrus. Unfortunately, there is the same problem with the rerelease of the game as CART Racing. The main problem is that the mirrors appear square, and the cars ghost really badly in the lower part of the mirror, which is where they always are. This makes the game almost undriveable if you rely on your mirrors in a race. Also the area of the cockpit above the dash doesn't appear at all - cosmetic yes, but it detracts from the simulation.

Stefan at Rendition put together a partial solution, which if implemented in the manner described below, has worked 99% of the time to solve most of this problem. I don't know who originally figured this out - I'm just attempting to present it here in an intelligible form for other users. There are basically two steps to make.


First of all, you have to edit the indyfast.bat to get it to run even with the screwy
mirrors. (If you are running from WIN95, either quit to a DOS session or make sure you
change the properties of 'indyfast.bat' to DOS-only after you edit it.) I suggest you
backup your original indyfast.bat to another name

Here's what that file should look like (note: if you're using CART racing, all the
places it says "indycar2" or "indy", you will find the letters "cart"):

@echo off
rem INDYFAST.BAT - Runs Indycar Racing Rendition in DMA mode
rem DMA mode is faster than FIFO mode, but does not work on some machines
rem * Expects game executable indycar.EXE in game directory
rem * Currently expects 9/10/96 version of SPD3D.UC
rem * INDYCAR2's DOS4GW will not work if Quake's QDPMI is installed
cd c:\indycar2
rem Only use this if your machine fails to recognize the correct amount of
rem memory installed on your board. Set it to the number of megabytes.
rem Display Rendition logo
echo INDYFAST.BAT: Redirecting output to file 'INDYCAR.DMP'
mode co80
REM echo INDYFAST.BAT: Displaying file 'INDY.DMP':
REM echo.
REM echo.


The concept is simple. I'm no expert, but here's the deal. The speedy3d acceleration
process uses a file called spd3d.uc (located in your Indycar2 directory) to instruct the
Rendition chip what to do. Using the patched indycar2.exe included in Stefan's patch
(, available at
Bjorn's 3d World), you have to boot the game twice, once using
the original spd3d.uc, and then with the patched spd3d.uc2 file. The trick is, you have to
rename the spd3d.uc2 file to spd3d.uc as well. So you're in essence swapping the uc files,
which you have to boot the game twice to do. Clear enough?

What I did is copy the two uc files (original spd3d.uc and patched spd3d.uc2) to a new
folder called MONKEY, then made a few batch files to run it easily.

Step-by-step instructions:

1.Put spd3d.uc and spd3d.uc2 in a subdir called MONKEY in your ICR2 dir
2.Create two batch files, as follows, in your INDYCAR2 directory:

a. text of MONKEY1.BAT

del spd3d.uc
copy monkey\spd3d.uc spd3d.uc
call indyfast

b. text of MONKEY2.BAT

del spd3d.uc
copy monkey\spd3d.uc2 spd3d.uc
call indyfast

3.Make sure indycar2.exe, indyfast.bat, monkey1.bat and monkey2.bat are in your INDYCAR2 dir.
4.From INDYCAR2 dir type monkfix1 (copies first uc file to ICR2 dir, boots the game)
5.Exit ICR2 game
6.From INDYCAR2 dir type monkey2 (copies first uc file to ICR2 dir, boots the game)


This should work. Let me know if not. If it's not working at all, you probably have the
wrong indycar2.exe and spd3d.uc files to begin with. Email me to report problems or ask
questions. Also, the graphics ontrack midscreen will show a little distortion in the distant
horizon on the track -- the tire tracks looks a little blocky... Press Alt-A to turn on
anti-aliasing, which worked for me. Others say things are still a bit off for them. I also
notice a lot of funny transparency problems on my Stealth II with helmets, dust and some of
the scenery - they sometimes flash in a chrome-like sort of way. But this is far less
irritating than mirrors you can't use.

Apparently you have to go through this monkey business every time you boot up DOS. If you
quit the game but stay in DOS, you just have to run indyfast and it still is patched. I found
that if I played the game, then returned to WIN95, I had to do the whole deal again. Anyone
with a report on this aspect or any other aspect of this problem, feel free to email me - I'll
post the important bits for others. For instance I'm not sure if this all works from WIN95
without quitting to a DOS session.

Thanks to lopik and to Rich, who posted key bits of this info to me.

See you on the track!!!

Colin Taber
Snake Racing (great setups!) (ICR2 league, great competition, run by yours truly)





How to get all the 3D-enhancements for the unaccelerated version of IRCII and how to update your IRCII so all tracks get 3D-Enhanced

a> Convert non-enhanced Indy tracks to enhanced Indy tracks

I don't claim any credit for this - I'll simply pass on a link to you, and would ask that if you use it on your tips page that you provide appropriate info on who runs the web site (I have no doubt that you would do this anyway)

b> Get your hands on the files required if you have a 3d blaster which doesn't come with enhanced ICR2 in order to not only get increased frame rates, but also enhanced tracks.

Once again, a link

go to track editing and grab the rendition graphics for Flat Glen.  These are the textures that are required.  Instructions are also available.  Again, if you use this info - please acknowledge the legends who are providing the info and not me.  I just thought I'd give something back for all the information you've given me. ------------

Ok, I have now got mail from people who has said that the new patch still doesn't work with a Cyrix. Sierra is apparently working on it. The issue seems to be that the Cyrix 6x86 doesn't support DMA-buffering. ICR II doesn't check this and uses it when it's using DMA-busmastering.

Q: Ok, what is the deal with this new patch???

A: Well, I really don't know. I posted this on the Creative Connection. :

"Ok, I was one of the first to announce the "new" patch. But now, as KB already has posted, something seems fishy about this patch. I found out that it was out on one of the sites that lists new patches. When I downloaded it I saw a new name ( or icr2rend.exe depending where you get it) against the "old" one ( When I read the text-file it indead seemed as the patch really was new although the date seemed wrong. I quote:

For Rendition Video Cards Version 1.0.2-RN1 Build #58 Patch 12/3/96


and more:

" Patch Changes

This patch allows users of Cyrix computers to use the Rendition version of IndyCar Racing II. The original version of the Rendition version would not work with those systems. If you had the original Rendition version, or you got a new .exe file from the Intergraph BBS to allow the game to run on your Cyrix, you need this file. If you got a new .exe file from the Intergraph BBS, adding this patch will fix a problem where you could have 6 million laps in a single race."

They specific talk about the patch on the integraph-site ( so it should not be the same. But when you compare the dates and sizes of the file inside the archive it is exactly the same.When I run them both reports 1.0.2-RN1 Build #61.

Ne1 got it running on his Cyrix?


Q: How do I get 3D-blaster support with Indy II?

A: If you have the full version of the game, and didn't get the enhanced version bundled with your card...Then you certainly shouldn't:
get the ICR2REND.EXE patch from Sierra, unzip it into your Indycar directory.

And then you shouldn't :
place a SPD3D.UC microcode file into the same directory.
Because you'd have the enhanced version.

from Luke Peterson (Poons) (thanks for the tip!). You can find the spd3d.uc file in the same directory as tombraider if you have it installed or you can simply download it from my files-page

Q: I have ICR2 that came with the Screamin'3D. The box screenshots show clowds in the sky while racing, but I've never seen a single clowd in the game (except in the begining intro) Does anyone have clouds in the sky while they race? and How do you turn the clowds on?
: -RJB

A:The clouds are only on certain tracks; IIRC they are the tracks labeled as "new" There is a toggle (Alt-W) that will allow you to show certain weather effects, such as darkness or overcast. Hope this helps.
Mark Rouleau

Q: I can't use the DMA-version of Indycar Racing II with my Cyrix 6x86. The only way to play the game is to run the indysafe.bat.

A:Well it doesn't seem to work yet. Sierra is working on a patch.

Nascar 2 ()

Q: I know there´s suppose to be a patch for Nascar 2, where is it?!

A: The game is rendition ready from the beginning! Just run the nasrend.exe or use the renddma.bat (all comes with the game). For all you Nascar-fans out there I can recommend Eric Busch's Nascar Setups Page (

Q: Has anyone having problems getting the little movie to play when you run renddma.bat or n2.bat?? The game just skips over it..
Does anyone have a solution?


A: Just add the following to renddma.bat:

smackply D:\intro.smk /U1 /N

Be sure that this is the first line, before the nasrend -dma line.

Update (26 April) - There is a new patch out that fixes some bugs. You'll find it at Sierras site.


If you have problems running Nascar 2 with your Stealth II then try the or try renaming spd3d.uc to spd3d.uc2. I played it with the Thriller 3D and had no problems getting it to run. I did however have the new expansion pack installed.

MDK ()

Update - 13 June - Shiny has released a RRedline-patch for MDK. If you have some problems with it try this: Brad came up with an interesting suggestion. He has noticed that MDK automatically jumps to a refreshrate of 85 Hz. If your monitor can't handle this you will have problems. The solution is to start MDk with the following command: MDKRED.EXE -ref###, where ### is represented by your screen's refreshrate. For example, if you prefer to run MDK with 75 Hz, then type the following. MDKRED.EXE -ref75 .

Update - 26 April - Shiny has released new beta -D3D-patches for both the demo and the full game. The American version will have D3D built in. you'll find links to the patches on my files-page.

Q:The screen looks blue or I can't get the game to run.

A: First, be sure that you have the right patch. There is at least 3 different patches (german version, English version, demo). Then try to change the brightness-setting in the game.

Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries ()

Activision has released a "final" D3D-patch for Mechwarrior II: Mercenaries . It's a great patch that fixes a lot of things and runs faster. But there is a problem with lock-ups after finishing a mission. Mack got a sloution for this problem:

Greets all,

I’ve come across a work around (er, sort of anyway) that allows the Stealth II card to work with MW2:Mercs and the new patch. To recap the problem, whenever you exit any mission during the game Stealth II owners get hit with a invalid page fault error with mercswin.exe and get booted back to windows.

Here’s a workaround that works most of the times. On my machine anyway. I go to video options and select software emulation. I then go into instant action and select any mech and launch a mission. I enter the game only long enough to eject and end the mission. The game doesn’t crash of course. I then go back to video options select Stealth II, with all features enabled, and start the game. On my machine the game doesn’t crash anymore when exiting a mission so I finally get to play the darn thing and look at all the purty graphics. I don’t know why it works or how it works it just works. Give it a try. I hope that helps my fellow Stealth II owners until Diamond or Activision comes up with a more permanent solution. Luck to you all.


MotoRacer ()

* Delphine has released a new "polygon-patch" that might improve speed and graphics for you. Try it out.

* Do you want to check the framerate? Then start the game with motor.exe -ijklmnop and then in the game press cntrl F1 (once or twice) and you will see the framerate in the left lower corner.

Privateer II ()

Q: Privateer II lock's up when the first video is played.

A: Download the latest patch from It will fix the video-problems. This is what the FAQ says:

"* Rendition based Movie lockups

Video cards using the Rendition Verte chipset will usually lockup during the OSI logo. This is because the video mode the movie player uses is not supported by the video card. The solution was to write a special movie player specifically for these cards. To activate this mode, type "DARK -svga" at the command line. This will use the SVGA movie player specifically written for these cards. The following cards are affected: Canopus Total 3D, Sierra Screamin' 3D, Creative Labs 3D Blaster, and the Intergraph Intense 3D.

NOTE: While the movie player will no longer lock up, some cards will exhibit palette flashes while movies are playing."

Quake ()

Q: Is there an accelerated verision of Quake for the Verite and if so, how can I get it?

A: Yes, there is a version of Quake for the Verite. It is called VQuake. you can download the patch that patches the shareware or registered version of Quake. It's great, it's fast and it's here now.

Q: Does Quakeworld work with the accelerated version?

A: Nope, Quakeworld is a new version that runs under directX in Win95. As it looks now no VQuakeworld seems to be planned :-(. You can however run GLQuakeWorld

Q: What is GLQuake?

A: GLQuake is a verison of Quake that is written in the Open-GL-API. Rendition cards now have a miniGl-driver that let's us run GLQuake to.

Q::Can I play GLQuake?

A:Yes. Rendition has released a set of miniGL-drivers that will let both V1000 and V2x00 cards run GL-games. Be prepared though that V1000 owners won't get good speed.

Q:Ok, how do I play GLQuake?

A:Ok, go to my FAQ-page and follow the instructions. Unfortunately many V1000 owners can't get it to work and I'm not sure why.

Quake II ()

Q: Is there an accelerated verision of Quake II for the Verite and if so, how can I get it?

A: Yes, there is a version of Quake II for the Verite. It is called VQuake II. you can download the patch that patches the full game. This version is optimized for the v1k-boards and do not include coloured lightning.

Q: What is GLQuake II?

A: GLQuake is a version of Quake that is written in the Open-GL-API. Rendition cards now have a miniGl-driver that let's us run GLQuake II to. You need the latest miniGL-drivers if you want to use the latest 3.10 patch for Quake Ii from Id.

Q::Can I play GLQuake II?

A:Yes. Rendition has released a set of miniGL-drivers that will let both V1000 and V2x00 cards run GL-games. Be prepared though that V1000 owners won't get good speed.

Q:Ok, how do I play GLQuake II?

A:Ok, go to my FAQ-page and follow the instructions. Unfortunately many V1000 owners can't get it to work and I'm not sure why.

Screamer II ()

Q: I can't get Screamer II to run in High-res mode

A: Get the new patch: scr2fix.exe.


Q: Does a accelerated version of Screamer II exist?

A: Yes. Virgin has released a new version called Screamer Rally that includes CGL support. With that game a patch for Sceramer II has been released. Get it from my download page. There have been reports however about problems with the steering after applying this patch.


Tombraider ()

Q: Is there a patch for the Verite?

A: Yes, there is a patch out for download for the Verite. The latest version right now is the final version. The patch is called The game looks very good with the patch. It's faster than SVGA and still much nicer to look at.


Q: I can't play Tombraider with my V2x00 board ..

A: You can try 2 things. First, rename the spd3d.uc file to spd3d.uc2 . This might help you run the game under a Win95 box. You can also try the which is suppsoed to help V2x00 owners to run Speedy3D games under Dos.